Iodine for hormone health

Iodine for hormone health

Hello there.  You may already be following my monthly guidance to help you build a hormone happy life step by step but; if you aren’t; then at each new moon I draw cards from the Creation Fertility Toolkit . Together we  then focus on their guidance for 29 days.  Watch this video to hear this months new moon guidance or carry on reading.

 Wow – important and strong guidance today focusing on iodine, the environment,  and  our hormones from an emotional, physical and environmental perspective.

In short:  The Goddess Durga  has come forward to help protect and guide us from conflict and our human tendencies towards anger, deceit, greed (think the 7 deadly sins). This representation of Shakti energy encourages us speak our truth with detachment, wisdom, determination and respect for all. 

The Protection card has once more appeared.  Can you remove yourself from all negativity protecting yourself throughout this moon cycle from draining people/media/experiences/toxins?  This card suggests you cleanse your aura  daily and become proactive in planet/environmental global care.

The final card is card 23. Organic foods. This month we specifically focus on sea foods – fish, sea vegetables, sea algae, shellfish, sea water – their contaminants, plastics, fishing methods, season, benefits and the importance of the mineral IODINE which is contained in many seafoods and essential for hormone health.

We are connecting with Durga’s strength to help build fearlessness and patience (something we all need right now); link our heart with our brain before speaking/acting to enable change; act with courage and clarity, maintain our sense of humour, protect all mankind  and the environment from negative energy and vices—arrogance, jealousy, prejudice, ego, hatred, anger, greed and selfishness); eat well but sustainably to protect the planet.   This month I have designed a little ritual/exercise for you to complete and a Durga meditation.  Download them and see how you get on.

Download the template  HERE for the  August New Moon Ritual 

Durga Visualisation (approximately 20 minutes)

printable copy of these notes pdf

Durga: Card 26. New moon card from Creation guidance cards

Durga Shakti GoddessThe Hindu Goddess Durga  is known as Warrior Shakti.  She is a beautiful warrior goddess who symbolizes the positive energy of feminine energy/power and brings courage, determination and protection.   It is believed that she is the combined form of Kali (who I consider adolescent primal Shakti energy who has found her voice; shouts it out but without much thought!  Kali is very raw energy/freedom); the Goddess Lakshmi – (love, beauty, kindness and compassion) and finally Saraswati (goddess of knowledge, music, art, wisdom, learning). Durga’s name means fort or “place that is protected”.   This amazing painting is by our resident artist Sam Foreman who has designed all the Goddess and moon cards for Creation Fertility Toolkits.  You can buy prints of her paintings and gift cards at .

When you look at her you see her she is depicted as a warrior woman with 8 arms and riding a lion.   Her arms carry weapons/mudras which represent her attributes (and ability to multi-task). When I drew her this month I sensed strength for justice and truth. She holds no fear.

  • Sudarshan chakra (spinning disc around the index finger) – In mythology, the spinning disc is described as the most powerful weapon of the cosmos and symbolizes dharma; aka as duty or righteousness.
  • Conch symbolizes happiness and the vibration “OM”.
  • Sword symbolizes eradication of vices and knowledge. It is time for discernment.
  • Bow and arrow symbolizes values. She reminds us when we face difficulties we must walk our talk.
  • Lotus Flower symbolizes working towards success with detachment.
  • The club is the symbol of Hanuman symbolising devotion and surrender. Whatever we do in life we do with love and trust in the outcome.
  • Her Trident/Trishul symbolizes courage to help us face the challenges in our life.
  • Her mudra hand position enables forgiveness to ourselves and others.

If you look at  this picture (© Sam Foreman/Creation Fertility) Durga is riding a lion but  she is  sometimes shown riding a tiger. The lion is a symbol of courage; protection and animalistic tendencies (anger, arrogance, selfishness, greed, ego, selfish desires, jealousy, desire to harm others etc.) Her riding the lion reminds us to control these qualities, so that we are not controlled by them. When you see her riding a tiger it symbolizes unlimited power and protection.

Listen to a Durga visualisation here:

The yoga pose for this month is The Goddess Pose

Here is an illustration of the goddess pose but you can watch a Goddess pose and short summer yoga sequence via video  by Donna Gerrard which has been inspired by the energy of Durga.  

Goddess Pose Step-By-Step

From Mountain pose (Tadasana), turn to face the long edge of your yoga mat and step or hop your feet wide and parallel, approximately 3 feet apart.  Turn your toes out and your heels in, creating a 45 degree angle with each foot.

On an exhale, take a deep bend in your knees, moving toward bringing your thighs parallel to the ground and your hips in line with your knees. The knees have a tendency to bow inwards as they bend, so ensure that your knees remain stacked directly over your ankles.

Extend your arms out at shoulder height and bend your elbows to 90 degrees with your palms facing away from you. Spread your fingers wide and draw your shoulder blades into your back.

Keep your core engaged and draw your low ribs into your body. Lengthen your tailbone down toward the ground and keep your shoulders stacked directly over your hips.

Press down evenly through the soles of both feet and remain in the pose for up to 5 deep breaths.

To come out of the pose, extend your legs, lower your arms and step back to Mountain pose.


Ensure that your knees are pointing in the same direction as your toes to help protect your joints. If necessary, adjust the placement of your feet.

If you have any shoulder injuries or limitations, fold your palms together at heart centre as opposed to extending the arms.

To explore a deeper variation of the pose, try lifting up onto the balls of your feet while keeping your thighs parallel to the floor and your knees over your toes.


August new moon reading – Card 5. Protect for hormone health

An important card this year.  This is it’s 2 appearance (March)  despite the oracle cards containing 42 different cards.  It reminds us to  “protect” ourselves and not be drained by outside influences.  In this reading it also has a strong connection with protecting the environment.  I feel a strong connection with the sea within this reading; pollutants; conservation and sustainability; eating seasonally and with forethought.

It asks:

Are you feeling drained by situations or people or politics?

Are you feeling toxic?

Do you consider and actively protect the environment? 

Do you eat seasonally and organic?  Make responsible food choices; eating sustainably?

Do you cleanse your aura daily?

What can you do to protect yourself  – emotionally, physically and environmentally?

I found this a very interesting card to draw again this month – especially when we have been asked to work with Durga.

Connected words: Who or what is draining you? Protect the environment. Conservation. Sustainable; toxic foods and people/media. Aura cleansing.

IODINE for hormone health card 23: Organic foods. 

The final card I drew this month is card 23. Organic Foods.  Again this card is very important  – this is it’s 3rd appearance already (March, June and now August).  As I read the cards I felt the guidance message for this month was clear and once again was drawn to consider sea foods  in particular environmental contamination and toxins from sea foods (not only environmentally but it’s impact on hormonal health), the importance of eating seasonally; and consider methods used to catch/fish. I was guided to discuss the nutrient Iodine and it’s association with hormonal health – considering algae, shellfish, seaweeds and sea vegetables plus fish and sea water.

Iodine and hormone healthIODINE: Iodine is an essential mineral commonly found in seafood, dairy and some veggies and fruit. Did you know  30% of the world are deficient?

Who’s likely to be iodine deficient? Pregnancy;  breastfeeding;  residency in countries where there is little iodine in the soil. This includes South Asia, Southeast Asia, New Zealand and most European countries.  Those who live in land locked countries or do not live or go to the seaside regularly; people who don’t use iodized salt; vegetarians; vegans; people who are dairy free

13 Symptoms of Iodine Deficiency:

Tiredness and fatigue: low iodine levels may leave you feeling tired, sluggish and weak. Your body needs iodine to make energy

Hair loss: An iodine deficiency may prevent hair follicles from regenerating.

Dry, flaky skin: iodine helps skin cells regenerate;  helps your body sweat and hydrates skin cells

Coldness: Iodine helps generate body heat

Memory: An iodine deficiency may cause you to struggle to learn and remember things.

Menstruation issues: heavy or irregular periods. This is because unbalanced hormone levels maybe unable to regulate the menstrual cycle.

Fertility: Women with moderate to severe iodine deficiency may have a more difficult time conceiving

Heart: An iodine deficiency may slow your heart rate, which may leave you feeling weak, fatigued, dizzy and at risk of fainting.

Goitre: Swelling in the neck, or a goitre is a common symptom of an iodine deficiency and happens when your thyroid gland is forced to make thyroid hormones when there is a low supply of iodine in the body

Pregnancy and breast feeding   Iodine is especially important for pregnant and breastfeeding women because they have higher needs. An iodine deficiency during pregnancy may cause foetal stunted growth and brain development.

Weight gain Low iodine levels may slow your metabolism and encourage food to be stored as fat, rather than be burned as energy. This can lead to weight gain.

Hormonal disturbances including hypothyroidism. The thyroid gland uses iodine to produce the thyroid hormones, thyroxine, T4, and triiodothyronine, T3,

Menopause – as you will note from the symptoms of iodine deficiency are closely linked with peri menopausal symptoms – not really surprising.  I often see iodine deficiency; sub clinical thyroid; adrenal fatigue and fluctuating oestrogen levels impacting during this stage of life.

Iodine is also believed to act as an  anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory, apoptotic, antiviral, and antibacterial agent.

The recommended daily intake (RDI) is 150 mcg per day. This amount should meet the needs of 97–98% of all healthy adults.  Pregnant  woman need 200 mcg daily and lactating women need 290 mcg daily

Iodine and hormone healthThe sea-foods below are excellent sources of iodine

Seaweed: Kombu, kelp, dashi, wakame, nori, dulse, hikiki, bladderwrack

Sea veggies: samphire, sea lettuce, irish moss, agar agar, arane

Algaes: spirulina, chorella, seagreens and blue-green algae

Fish: tuna, cod, haddock, Atlantic halibut, pollack  Sea Salt: Iodinised

Important to remember:  Protect the planet!

Fish in season during August in the UK: cod, coley, crab, dab, dover sole, grey mullet, haddock, halibut, herring, langoustine, lemon sole, mackerel, monkfish, pilchard,  plaice, pollack, prawns, red mullet, salmon, sardines, scallops (queen), sea bass (wild), sea bream, sea trout, shrimp, squid, whelks: (

Download this pdf to ensure you buy happy and healthy fish ( UK)

Or look at this list of guides from WWF Make better seafood choices

Or watch this video if you are USA based to help you MonterayBayAquarium Seafood watch.

You may also be interested in joining the campaign against plastics in water

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printable copy of these notes pdf

August New Moon Ritual

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