June guidance, Solstice ritual and cleanse

June guidance, Solstice ritual and cleanse

As some of you may already know  this year I have been offering monthly guidance to support hormone balance and help you achieve a healthy lifestyle.  I also offer 4 amazing seasonal cleanses each year; details of which you can read about in any of my past blogs.

The easiest way to follow my lifestyle guidance is via Facebook as I offer live videos as each new moon and share recipes and much more regularly.  If you are not a facebook fan then here is some support.

June hormone guidance

Here is this month’s  video guidance.  I am suggesting you dance your cortisol away and also nourish yourself using my summer cleanse.



Solstice Ritual for June:

Here is my solstice ritual for you.  You will need a piece of paper and a pen or some colouring pencils/ paints.  Take time to enjoy this practice.  I recommend you spend some time preparing some space for you.  Burn some incense, begin with Donnas breathing techniques or yoga practice or sit outside under the warmth of the summer sun.  We are releasing the last 6 months and calling in/identifying projects and abundance for the coming 6 months.

Solstice Ritual

Summer Cleanse

We have enjoyed a  wonderful week for this summer cleanse & completed it with a 3 day juice fast.  Here are Donna Gerrards yoga techniques for you to enjoy daily.

Donna Gerrard introductory breathing techniques

Donna’s summer cleanse yoga asana practice 1

you can also see the yoga videos Donna Gerrard Yoga

June’s recipes to enjoy:  Each serves 1

Nutty Avocado smoothie:

Half an avocado – stoned and peel removed

Half a courgette

Zest of a lime plus the lime flesh.

A few ice cubes.

Top with plant milk or coconut water (if you have some) plus half a teaspoon omega mix.

Blend until smooth. Add more milk or water to suit your taste. This has made me about 3 of these tumblers and it’s super limey, smooth and filling.


Energy Explosion – this is a juice rather than a smoothie:

Energy ExplosionQuarter pineapple skin removed

2 handful broccoli shoots

2 carrots

Quarter lemon and peel

Juice and drink.  It makes about 12 oz depending on the type of juicer you own.

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Justine Evans ND, BSc. Nut Med is a hormone alchemist and fertility expert.  Justine’s approach integrates nature, cycles and seasons with  functional medicine & Eastern philosophy. Call 07747 133170 to discuss your needs.

The featured image of the sun is called “Touched by the Sun” and has been  commissioned by Creation Fertility It is one of Sam Foreman’s beautiful paintings and comes from the Creation Fertility Guidance Cards.  The Creation Fertility Toolkit, its prints & greeting cards  can be purchased via my Etsy shop