London Clinic

Based on the Surrey/Middlesex/West London border near Twickenham.

Limited appointments available  - please phone or email for upcoming availability.

Stroud Gloucestershire Clinic

My satellite clinic in Stroud has appointment times available upon request.

Please phone or email your requests. I also run "Learn Tarot" courses from Stroud

Online Clinic Appointments

Availability for naturopathic and nutritional therapy zoom consultations, Hormone MOT's,  Asyra hair analysis, tarot and card readings, Reiki healings and intuitive healing plus 1-2-1 meditation  Tuesday - Thursday most weeks. 

A visit to my wellness clinic is more than an appointment – it’s a complete wellness experience. I am a registered naturopath (GNC);  a degree-qualified nutritional therapist  (BSc.Nut Med) and have many bodywork qualifications plus over 28 years clinical experience.  In addition to my "traditional medicine approach" which includes a seasonal approach to health I utilise functional medicine, Lifecode GX nutrigenomics & energetic Asyra EDS/biofeedback screening.  Please note all forms of functional laboratory testing incur additional fees.

Services are available via zoom but I hold in-person clinics in London and Gloucestershire.

Naturopathy and Nutritional Consultations

All consultations include:

  • An initial 90-minute consultation to assess current symptoms, dietary model and lifestyle factors.
  • A supportive nutritional therapy and lifestyle plan. Your nutritional plan will be tailored to your needs and lifestyle to make it easier to implement. My naturopathic clinical approach includes onsite health screening; I find this service invaluable and highlights areas for us to work on immediately. I also include Asyra energetic remedies/tinctures within your programme without an additional charge. Functional testing will be considered and recommendations made where appropriate.
  • My initial consultation fee also includes your follow-up appointment 6-8 weeks later to assess symptoms and make any tweaks to your dietary and supplement plans.

Body Therapies

Body Treatments

These include a short consultation but exclude nutritional support. All body treatments are tailored to suit and generally take 1 hour to 90 minutes. They often include womb healing/wrapping, reflexology and/or lymphatic massage with far infrared therapy or some form of combination. Additional tarot and intuitive healing treatments are also available.

Also - always check out my signature seasonal treatments available!

Intutitive Treatments

These include a short consultation but exclude nutritional support. All of my healing appointments,  oracle card and tarot readings, 1-2-1 meditation classes, healing and body treatments are tailored to suit.  Appointment length varies but on average they are 1 hour although many treatments are 90 minutes. They often include a combination of womb healing/wrapping, reflexology and/or lymphatic massage with far infrared therapy. Reiki healing, card readings, shamanic journeying and tarot readings are also available.

Booking an appointment

Please phone or email me to book an appointment.  I accept payments via paypal, bank transfer, credit card or old-fashioned cash.