Woman sitting down meditating on a lawn

“Meditation helps find the silence between thoughts”

Meditation focuses on breath, posture, visualisation, chant/mantra, music or mindful movement to eliminate “monkey chatter”. Also called yoga for the mind it is a naturopathic approach to wellbeing.


Provides tools and techniques to manage stress, depression, weight loss and encourage hormone balance. By focusing on the present it helps train the mind. Physically it supports the reduction of prolactin and cortisol and is a great form for stress reduction. In essence it is a natural tool to obtain well being and harmony.

Meditation is a journey of self discovery; it is non competitive but takes practice

Types of meditation:

  • Guided, sometimes called visualization. You are taken on a journey to form mental images of places or situations
  • Focus – using breath, chant, movement, mudra or mantra
  • Postural – using poses and mudra’s (hand positions)
  • Mindful – develop an awareness of the present through silence, walking or focusing on the flow of your breath
  • Spiritual – spiritual development

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