Autumn cleanse 2023

Autumn Cleanse 2023

Join me, Justine Evans ND  for a  mind/body approach to a 10 day  autumn  cleanse!


Autumn Cleanse: Wednesday October 4th -13th 2023 £85 to secure your place or BUY HERE!

Support your  hormones and immunity with this years autumn cleanse

  •  Prepare for winter, boost your immunity and strengthen overall health using plant medicine, diet and traditional forms of medicine

  • Enjoy beautiful warming recipes using natural foods to support your spleen and immunity for the coming months.  Let me share my knowledge with you – showing you how Mother Gaia naturally  offers you the foods you need each season to feed you emotionally and physically

  • To sow seeds for the future you need to identify them first!  I share mindful exercises and meditations connecting with traditional medicine to help you  sow your personal pathway for 2024!   

  •  Within your wisewoman box you receive:  your own personal energy remedy based in a Spagyric tincture (worth £20), your own personal affirmation plus natural herbs and cleansing support from my garden.

  • I include hair analysis using my in house biofeedback machine to identify   nutrient deficiencies  AND food sensitivities.  This is worth £150 alone!  All I need is about 30 strands of your hair from your hairbrush or cut from the nape of your neck or body to perform this test.

  • I include 5 zoom meet ups to over the 10 days.  I love sharing my knowledge and mentoring you through the cleanse.  Your spleen undertakes a huge workload as does your whole lymphatic system and it’s only right we offer it some nurturing and respect.

  •   I offer live meditations and mindful exercises to calm and cleanse mind, body and spirit.

autumn cleanse 2021Between the Autumn Equinox  (September 23rd) and Samhain ( October 31st /halloween)  my  last  seasonal cleanse  for 2023  focuses on the spleen and colon  meridian to support  emotional well being, boost your  immunity and maintain hormone balance.

Why cleanse now?   Cleansing  with the seasons helps us to connect  and cycle with nature, welcome the season and prepare for the winter months.  The autumn cleanse offers warming foods and a sensible eating plan throughout plus much much more.  This is not the season for fasting!




autumn cleanseThe spleen meridian  physically is associated with the spleen, pancreas and immune health.   By emotionally  balancing the spleen meridian  we metaphysically release anxiety about the future and once balanced  regain trust and have  faith and confidence for the future.  I feel this is so important  during this change of season as Mother Nature cycles  onwards, releasing and preparing the  way to  sow the seeds for transformation.

This particular  autumnal cleanse dives deep –  we connect deep within to support our immune system.  Through  restoring  your sense of self worth  you are able to sow the seeds for your future and  enjoy the winter months  planning new beginnings.

Join me for a  mind/body approach to a 10 day  Autumn Cleanse ! 

 October 4th – 13th 2023 to secure your place or BUY HERE!

My autumn cleanse  focuses on gentle naturopathic support and daily interaction.  I include

full recipes and a shopping list 

5  zoom groups (optional)  – for  gentle naturopathic support , meditations and interaction 

Hair analysis to identify nutrient deficiencies and food intolerances (biofeedback)

Your own bespoke vibrational energy remedy and affirmation to support you throughout the autumn cleanse 

Cleansing support – dried herbs and plants from my garden  to bathe/shower in to  support the autumn cleanse


To Nourish –

Herbal tea recipes for hormone balance, colon cleansing and immune support Plenty of recipes including delicious  one pot meals and tray bakes plus  warming soups to build immunity.

This is not the season for  fasting so I  provide a sensible eating plan  and immune boosting natural recipes to feed the spleen and your lymphatic system, colon and soul.

I also include hair analysis and a bespoke energy remedy using biofeedback.


To Nurture

Autumn cleanse with Justine Evans ND

1.  Connect with Mother Gaia  to boost  immunity and connect with the autumn season.   My mindful practices include connecting with the Goddess, acupressure exercises and mindful meditation to  encourage a balanced mind-set, restful sleep,  support emotional and mental health and improve strength and coordination.



2. Hair analysis and a   personal “vibrational ”  energy  remedy made specifically for you  using a   remedy based on your  hair analysis and  Asyra biofeedback (included in the price).  The  remedy’s vibration is to identify and release any conscious  or unconscious blocks and imprinted within a Spagyric medicine tincture.



 Join me for a  mind/body approach to a 10 day  Equinox cleanse ! 

October 4th – 13th 2023

 BUY HERE to secure your place!

Testimonials from  past cleanses

“I love doing your cleanses.  It’s like pressing that magic reset button.  I’ve lost 2lbs already and it’s motivated me to continue to look after myself” Anne, summer 2023″

“Thank you so much, it has been a marvelous experience for me. The recipes were fantastic- absolutely delicious, and the Zoom sessions were so lovely, supportive, and nurturing. It’s great value for money and I can’t wait to do more with you”  Katherine 2023

“I finished the liver cleanse this weekend and have really enjoyed doing it. So much so, that I really don’t want to go back to eating and living the way I was before this, and the winter detox. I have more energy, sleep better, and my skin is so much clearer, with the redness on my cheeks fading. One of the upsides is that I have lost over two stones since the beginning of January without having to go hungry at all. I coped with the intermittent fasting better than I thought and have enjoyed the juices and smoothies.
Some dark stuff did come up, but with the help of Donna Gerrard’s yoga and breathing I was able to deal with it, and send it on its way. In fact I have loved the yoga so much I have enrolled on a local beginners class to start after Easter.Thank you so very much Justine and Donna”  Lynda April 2019

“The solstice cleanse was really well organised with only the best organic ingredients being sent.  The recipes were delicious and the yoga exercises really relaxing.  I loved every second, although I was ready for food by day 4!  And I lost half a stone! Thank you Justine! Suzi Woking 2018”

T&C’s apply:  Sorry but my autumn cleanse is not suitable if you are recovering from a surgical procedure, are type 1 diabetic or in the early stages of pregnancy. If you have not worked with me before I will require you to complete a health questionnaire before signing up for the cleanse.

Justine Evans ND is a Registered Naturopath, Nutritional Therapist,  Hormone Alchemist, Medium and Seasonal Wellbeing Expert.  Working with the  the moon, cycles and the seasons she supports hormone health with nutritional medicine and traditional  healing methods. Call her on 07747 133170 to book an appointment now.

Disclaimer: This article has been written as personal opinion and guidance only and should not be construed as medical advice.  I am not a medical doctor.