Wintering and Emergence

Wintering and Emergence

Wintering and Emergence 13 Moons Mentorship – 6 moon cycles.  

Samhain 2024  (Nov 1st)  – Beltane 2025  (May 1st)

13 moons wellness programmeAs the days shorten and the nights draw in we begin this years  13 moons mentorship re- connecting with ourselves, seasonal living and the elements of Earth and Air.  At this time  the Earth element  is strong, encouraging us to go within as we explore seasonal living,  gently letting go of the year as the trees release their leaves. This is the time to re-connect with your authentic self.

What’s included?

During the first 2 moons cycles  we revisit our life lessons and life purpose with a personal numerology  reading and a Wheel of the Year oracle reading to gently step forward  and identify your intentions for 2025.

Each month during the wintering period I will be introducing you to traditional plant medicine, exploring the wisdom and benefits of 6 plants to improve your wellbeing and I invite you to include them into your life to feel how they can nourish  you and how you can use them to build your own natural wellbeing toolkit (more about this below).

January brings my 1st  seasonal cleanse of the year supporting the colon to clear the way as we shift and prepare for emergence. With this comes hair analysis for food sensitivities, nutrient depletions , a personal affirmations, recipes and zoom support plus my exclusive WiseWoman box filled with naturopathic support and a personalised energy remedy.

Together we ebb and flow with the moon – using rituals & self reflective practices as she waxes and wanes noticing how the moon influences our internal and external seasons, energy and emotions.

As the days lighten around Imbolc (February) we begin emergence with a seasonal body treatment and move into the element of Air.  Of course we continue to eat the seasons but spend time working with 6 sacred symbols.  Let me explain their meanings to you and show you how to use them for empowerment.

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During March the Spring Equinox brings balance as we focus on the powerhouse of our digestive system – the liver with my 2nd seasonal cleanse of the year.  It is time to reboot and re-balance the solar plexus, our digestive system, methylation, detoxification and hormones.  Once again you receive seasonal recipes, hair analysis (metabolic screening and emotional wellbeing), a personalised energy remedy and my exclusive Wisewoman box plus zoom support, meditations and so much more.

We complete this half year 13 moons Wintering and Emergence programme  with a one day  practical workshop developing your home remedy skills making balms, lotions and potions and complete the day with restorative yoga nidra here in Stroud, Gloucestershire.

wisewoman goddess course logo by Justine Evans, Hormone AlchemistPut simply Wintering and Emergence introduces you to seasonal living and traditional wisdom.  I include a personal numerology reading, a Wheel of the Year Oracle card reading, 2 hair analysis which assesses food sensitivities, nutrient depletions, digestive/metabolic screening and emotional wellbeing in addition to 2 seasonal cleanses, show you how to eat and live the seasons, traditional moon, symbolism and plant wisdom.  You also receive exclusive wisewoman boxes, personal affirmations, energy medicines and zoom meet ups in addition to seasonal recipes and membership to a private what’s app group and so much more.  All this for only £650

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Justine Evans ND is a Wisewoman, Hormone Alchemist and Seasonal Wellbeing Expert.  She is a registered Naturopath (with the GNC); has a degree in Nutritional medicine and is a member of the ANP. More about her can be found here

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Just for your interest the 2nd half of my 13 Moons Mentorship programme is Flourish and Harvest which has a more  “functional and nutritional therapy focus”.   Registration will be open early 2025  but  watch my video below for a taster of what I have in store for you.  If you are ready to immerse yourself in my intuitive living programme then please sign up for my complete 13 moons wellness programme here  which includes Wintering and Emergence plus Flourish and Harvest 

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