An edible rainbow of fresh vegetables to boost your immunity. Justine Evans

Nutritional therapy for hormone health

My  nutritional therapy has a naturopathic approach.  I  consider  both seasonal  and environmental health  (calendar  season plus your personal season (puberty, motherhood, menopause, retirement)  plus where you live and your life as a whole.  I discuss your   past and current symptoms,  your present diet and lifestyle including your nutritional intake and absorption before  building a  practical dietary and lifestyle programme recommending positive change to enable hormonal and endocrine balance. My  friendly down to earth nutritional therapy approach combines  the option of functional laboratory tests (additional charge),   in-house health screening  and naturopathic reasoning. 

"My “Hormone MOT”  costs from £250 which includes the initial consultation, Asyra health screening, dietary and supplement recommendations and a shorter follow-up appointment as well! Thereafter I charge £85"

Research shows that nutritional therapy may help alleviate many hormone and endocrine symptoms including:

  • Puberty, pre-menstrual symptoms, endometriosis/fibroids/polyps, menstruation irregularities, peri and post menopause hormonal balance and much more
  • Fertility –preparing for pregnancy, unexplained infertility, conceptual health, recurrent miscarriage, pregnancy and post natal health in addition to assisted conception including ICSI, IVF, IUI, GIFT and throughout pregnancy and motherhood. I am founder of Creation Fertility

  • Immunity and auto-immune related health issues including hypo and hyper thyroidism, anaemia and other immune related illnesses
  • Nervous system – adrenal exhaustion, fatigue, burn-out, depression, stress, anxiety, panic attacks and insomnia
  • Ageing and skin health
  • Concentration and memory
  • Cardiovascular health including cholesterol and blood pressure
  • Digestive disturbances which impacts on hormonal health
  • Consultations: Always necessary to understand the underlying cause, together with understanding your goals and aspirations. My objective is to provide a unique and achievable nutritional therapy programme to restore hormone balance.
  • Prior to our meeting or your SKYPE consultation you will be asked to complete a lengthy questionnaire. Please email this back to me prior to our meeting or bring a printed copy with you to the consultation together with copies of any medical or nutritional evaluation tests you may have already had and any supplements or medication you may be taking
  • I consider the use of complementary therapies including womb yoga, reflexology, healing, exercise, Spagyric energy remedies and meditation. I refer to other mind/body therapies or for further functional orthodox testing when necessary. For instance this could be to a GP or consultant, counsellor or psychologist or organising private laboratory tests such as a hormonal profile, a stool analysis, liver function or tests for parasites/bacteria etc. My approach offers plenty of support and a free copy of “Create Health”, which is a great aid to restoring and maintaining well-being.Please note: The initial consultation takes about 1.5 hours and my fee includes the first “follow on” consultation. All children under 16 years of age must be accompanied by a parent/guardian.

Call me, Justine Evans ND, B.Sc Nut.Med hormone alchemist and fertility expert now

07747 133170 to arrange a consultation!


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