Introducing 13 Moons Wellness Programme

Hello there  – I am so excited to be introducing my Wisewoman 13 Moons Wellness Programme.  This new programme has been gestating for a while now.  I have been so excited to launch it but it has taken time configuring just how to share my knowledge in a format that works for most people.  I am so happy that it is ready at last.  As the title suggests – it is a year of intuitive living encompassing  the seasons, nutritional medicine, naturopathy plus Western science.  Let me explain a little more.


Why am I launching my 13 moons wellness programme?  Well, it seems to me that we – as a population  have “detached” from Mother Gaia, the Elements (Earth, Water, Fire, Air),  our FOOD, plants for their health benefits, the importance of the land plus our internal and external seasons.  Each week in clinical practice I am noticing this more and more.  We simply trundle off to the supermarket or restaurant to buy foods dependant on our wants rather than needs.  We use medicines and supplements to regulate deficiencies or health concerns, go to the gym for exercise rather than connecting with the elements and have no idea about energetic cyclic shifts – such as equinoxes, solstices or  how the moon influences us emotionally and physically. We have detached ourselves from our internal and external cycles.  It appears that we are seeing ourselves more as machines than living organisms and have forgotten the importance of traditional medicine and self -care.  And so – my 13 Moons Wellness Programme has been launched to address this “lack”.  It is time to DIVE DEEP, RE-CONNECT, EXPLORE, SELF-NURTURE; EDUCATE , EXPERIENCE AND FLOW WITH THE SEASONS” .   I would have LOVED to launch this programme in November as the wheel of the year turns but 2023 energies seem to be willing me to begin January 2024.  I can’t give too much away at this moment but here is a short summary of what to expect:

My 13 Moons Wellness Programme integrates Western science with traditional wisdom.  It is both digital and in person.  There are 2-3 physical in person workshops (Stroud and Twickenham), 4 seasonal online cleanses which include zoom group interaction, 2 personalised seasonal signature body treatments (Stroud and Twickenham), 4 hair analysis screenings (one with each season);  4 wisewoman boxes delivered to your door,  your own personal numerology reading, 1 x nutrigenomics DNA test; it’s interpretation with  a  personalised nutritional programme

13 Moons Wellness Programme: Nutritional Therapy

Fundamentally Mother Gaia provides foods with each season to support our health and wellbeing.  Over the 13 moons I will be introducing you to

Seasonal foods  – I shall explain why Mother Gaia provides them, how they influence your  health and organs, how and why to include them and maintain your health.  Of course I shall also be offering seasonal recipes  each quarter.

4 seasonal cleanses  – throughout the 13 moons wellness programme I shall be incorporating my seasonal cleanses which focus on specific organs to maintain your health.  The 1st cleanse is for 7 days during  January 2024 and then each cleanse flows with the shifts in season  – the Spring equinox,  the summer solstice and once again around the Autumn equinox.  Each of my cleanses comes with online zoom circles, hair analysis, recipes and  wisewoman boxes full of seasonal loveliness!  More about these can be found with my news pages including my Autumn cleanse 2023 which begins October 4th!

Botanical Plant Magic – over the 13 Moons Wellness Programme you shall be introduced to 13 plants for their nutritional wisdom, healing and uses.


13 Moons Wellness Programme: Naturopathy

The Five Elements – Naturally we connect with the elements, Earth, Air, Fire, Water. Each season connects with an element and I shall be introducing this concept to you using nutritional therapy and naturopathic techniques which you may consider “traditional wisdom or Eastern philosophy”.  During the in-person workshops  (available in STROUD and LONDON)  we shall be focusing on practices connected with the Elements including how to make and use compresses, thermotherapy, mindful breathing and relaxation, plant tinctures, balms and so much more.  The fifth element is “Ether” sometimes called spiritual, cosmos or interconnectedness. We shall be covering this too!

The Moon  – our bodies are around 70% water.  The  moon influences water, breeding, menstruation, birthing and death.  She not only influences us but also bacteria/crustaceans/pollination/birds/seasonal changes/the tides/our micro and macro environment/biorhythms/sleep and energy.   I shall be sharing this understanding with you using  science, rituals & moon medicine!

Numerology:  Over the 13 Moons Wellness Programme I shall be offering your own personal numerology. For those of you who have not come across this technique before it is an ancient science  founded on the concept that all living things have qualities based on their number vibration. Essentially, through working with your birth name and date of birth  your life lessons and life purpose can be identified.  We all carry our own unique life story!

Body Treatments:  Yes, you will be invited to receive 2 seasonal signature treatments within the 13 moons wellness programme.  Each treatment will last around 90 minutes and be relevant for the seasons.  Body treatments are available in Stroud and Twickenham.

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13 Moons Wellness Programme: Science

I trust you are beginning to be getting excited!  As explained before I am integrating western science within this programme! Within each season I shall be including some scientific analysis – all included within the price.  This includes

Hair analysis using biofeedback

Winter:  Digestive and metabolic screening

Spring: Hormones and emotional screening

Summer: Environmental sensitivities

Autumn: Nutrient deficiencies and food sensitivities.

In addition I am offering Nutrigenetics testing.  This fundamentally is DNA testing and completes my 13 Moons Wellness Programme.  DNA sequencing has opened the door to personalised approaches to health and fitness.  I have found this form of functional medicine so useful within my clinical practice and  use it regularly   To complete this amazing 13 Moons Wellness Programme you will be invited to choose 1 TEST (there are 10 to choose from) to have analysed.  I shall provide you with it’s interpretation and also provide a personalised nutrition programme based on your results.  Nutritional genetic testing simply tells you what your body pathways are brilliant at and what they would like a little bit of support doing!

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If you would love to sign up but need a payment plan then please email me  Earlybird fee is only available for a limited time!

Justine Evans ND is a Registered Nutritional Therapist and Naturopath.  Read more about her here


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