Why Tarot

Why tarot?  It seems a bit weird doesn’t it that I am a registered naturopath and nutritionist but also a tarot reader!

For as long as I can remember I have always been connected to Spirit in some format.  As I child I loved nature, insects, animals, plant life, flowers and the seasons.  I saw “energy and Spirit”.  No wonder I became a naturopath.  Anyway, this is who I am and continue to follow my path, honouring the wisewoman tradition which incorporates all of our senses, seasonal living, natural foods and ingredients, cycling with  internal ebbs and flows and often forgotten; but true connection with ourselves and our innate wisdom.  Tarot, naturopathy and healing – whether Reiki or any of the many other modalities dove-tail beautifully and are an integral part of this philosophy.  I love the way oracle cards in their many guises  including tarot guide and heal at a level that science really cannot master nor understand.  Tarot is such a yin practice – deeply intuitive and metaphysical.

why tarot For almost 25 years I have been integrating my work as a naturopath with nutrition,  healing, body work and  oracle cards. I have even published my own oracle card deck (around 2014) which integrated nutritional therapy, crystals, intuitive guidance, the moon, yogic philosophy with reproductive health.  This oracle deck is called Creation Fertility Guidance if you wish to explore them.   Anyway, apologies I am digressing a little here.  So back to why tarot?


Why Tarot?

why tarot Shortly after I moved to Stroud in 2020 the “pandemic” arrived. It was a deeply challenging time for many of us including me.  All that “tower energy” with unexpected chaos, restriction, fear and change combined with yang Emperor energy in its shadow form.  I found myself referring to my tarot cards more and more for guidance and support; they became a good friend and an invaluable ally to help me get through – &  also many online clients.  And what a wonderful experience that was – I found that healing and oracle readings worked beautifully over the internet. I was shown time and time again that it  was not necessary to be face to face in a room for tarot readings  and reiki healing to work their magic! What a gift.  Previously I had always believed these energies needed face to face meetings.


Why Tarot

why tarot As lock-down melted away I began to see that how I worked before no longer matched who I had become.  Whilst my clinical practice in Twickenham continues (and I love it) the initial lockdown  had gifted a new online clinic to me  – adding tarot readings, healings, online naturopathic, health screening and nutritional medicine to my  online presence rather than  seasonal cleanses alone.

Tarot guidance throughout this period worked its yin magic; encouraging me to let go, welcome new opportunities, evolve and grow – not only through deepening my tarot reading skills but encouraging me to honour this yin approach and balance it with yang science.  Tarot has helped me open up, recognise that the heart really knows the truth and  adapt to new ways of working. Through tarot The Empress nurtured me as I developed new approaches embracing my naturopathic philosophy;  listening to my heart  and creating my NEW wisewoman courses.  Yet another gift from tarot.

Why Tarot

wisewoman goddess courseIn May 2022, living in Stroud, Gloucestershire  I felt discombobulated – in fact this feeling lasted for most of the year. I had a physical clinic in Twickenham which I attended regularly and enjoyed, an online clinic which was bobbing along and keeping my internet skills up to date, plus running 4 on line cleanses per year following the seasons (well attended and an excellent approach to maintaining health) yet I felt a lacking.

I was taking time to journey with the Empress developing  my wisewoman goddess course. On the surface everything was good – in fact more than good.  Yet somehow, something was missing and it was personal.  So I headed for my tarot cards.  They advised that I was not feeling part of the community. I had been a Hermit, was behaving like a 4 and 5 of cups and  indicated I could do with a little empowerment from the Magician.  It was time to be the Fool and take a giant leap of faith.  Offer a short in person weekly tarot group in Stroud; do it now and share it on a local community social media page I was advised. I did this and within a few moments 7 people had signed up.  Wonderful. Another gift from tarot and my Learn  Tarot school was created.  Just like that.  And this is Why Tarot.  It helped me find my feet in Stroud and my place within my local community.  It has encouraged me to welcome new opportunities, meet some truly wonderful people (who have become friends) and consider Stroud my home. Tarot has guided me to recognise how much I love mentoring and facilitating, particularly energy medicine. It is highlighted that I am both scientist and traditional medicine woman.  Both are honourable; neither one better than the other.  Traditional ways hold their place alongside western medicine; heart is equal to head. It gives me great pleasure to help people master their own tarot reading skills, work with Aquarian energy and re-connect their innate inner wisdom and understanding.


My next Learn Tarot group begins October 2023 in Stroud. Sign up now

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In person tarot workshops  follow the seasons – one per quarter – dates to be confirmed.

Autumn: Reflect and grow

Winter: Positive news – a years forecast

Spring: Building momentum – Build and purpose

Summer: Chart of Origin, life lessons and more

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Justine Evans ND – Hormone Alchemist is the Founder of Creation Fertility products and wisewoman courses.  Justine offers a multi dimensional approach to  hormone health blending Nutritional Therapy with alchemy, the traditional ways and yogic philosophy. Call 07747 133170 to book an appointment with her now on line, in Twickenham or Stroud. 

Disclaimer: This article has been written for inspiration and education purposes only. It is not intended to treat, diagnose or prevent any disease and it does not replace evaluation, diagnosis, or treatment by  your qualified health care professional.


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