Seasonal Health Cleanses 2020

My seasonal health cleanses have been designed to incorporate  natural and link with the seasons.    Each  seasonal health cleanse is different –  focusing on  the internal organs and emotions appropriate for the season.  As you will notice, all of my seasonal health cleanses connect with naturopathic philosophy, nutrition, emotional wellbeing and complementary  therapies.  

Springtime:  it is a time of new beginnings.   Quite simply it is time to “Spring clean” focusing on the liver.  This amazing  organ orchestrates safe detoxification,   processes toxins safely, enables hormone balance,  helps us release anger, bitterness and  stores nutrients for us.

Summer:  with the warmth of the summer months we can focus on the kidneys and cleanse using plenty of raw food and juices.

Autumn:  It is time to prepare for the winter months.  During this seasonal health cleanse we focus on the spleen and immune function  choosing warming seasonal foods and aromatherapy.

Winter: A time for retrospection,  encourages release we can begin anew.    This season we focus on the colon using cleansing seasonal foods, fibre and movement.

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Winter Seasonal Health Cleanse – January 2020.

Friday January 10th  – Sunday January 12th 2020

We begin 2020 with a short seasonal health cleanse post the festive season. Traditional medicine does not consider the colder winter months suitable for cleansing but after Christmas and New Year most people feel  cold, heavy, lethargic, sluggish, tired, bloated and depleted.  In Ayuvedic terms we call this “Kapha”.  With this in mind, I have developed a short cleanse as a “pick me up”  to restore a little balance!    It’s  “Justine style” so not specifically Ayuvedic although we are increasing “agni” (digestive fire) and utilising warming  seasonal foods and cleansing Kriya breaths and yoga techniques to help restore balance.

This cleanse includes

Recipes for  an alkaline balancing, colon cleansing smoothie daily.

Eating healthy warming colon and kidney cleansing seasonal food.

Including a natural remedy  and tongue scraper to  support detoxification, ease the liver and kidneys and cleanse the bowel (included in price).

Enjoying  daily kriya  breath work to support the cleanse. ( provided via video).

This is a simple cleanse which does not require too much cooking. A slow cooker is perfect if you have one!  I share videos, recipes and support you throughout via my closed facebook page or what’s app group.

Will you be joining me?   It’s only £35 including shipping.  Buy it here


Spring seasonal health cleanse:  21 day  Liver Spring Clean   March 21st  – £100. Bring the spring back into your step.  Cleanse, detoxify and rebalance

The 21 day hormone cleanse is suitable for  anyone who wants to  enjoy a deep cleanse.  (exceptions are early pregnancy, acute health conditions or diabetes type 1). 

  Particularly suitable for students, can be used as a short preparing for pregnancy cleanse or  as an aid to recover from miscarriage, failed assisted conception, rebalance after contraception removal,  as an aid to reduce PMS symptoms & menstruation disorders, PCOS.  Also excellent if you are  within the peri-menopause years or looking to lose abdominal weight. 

The significance of the Spring Equinox  represents new life, new beginnings, emerging seeds and the return of illuminating light! 
Just as the length of day and night is equal, this time represents our own need for balance of the yin/yang and male/female energies.  It is a time of renewal, new beginnings and  growth  ushering a spring to your step; encouraging focus and  stepping forward into new, fresh, positive ways.
  Chinese medicine also connects Spring time with the LIVER which as we know is a powerful organ for detoxification and hormone balance.  So I invite you to this naturopathic 21 day  hormone cleanse.

This amazing 21 day programme comes complete with

  • Closed facebook group support
  • 21 days of nutrition supplementation included within the price
  • Healthy seasonal recipes
  • Liver enhancing exercise programme
  • An introduction to the 5-2 diet plan to ease liver burden
    • Mindfulness programme

Are you looking to “re-boot” yourself?

 Register on the Spring Liver Cleanse here

 If you have any questions please contact Justine Evans ND, Hormone Alchemist and Fertility Expert by email  


Summer Solstice – June 21st 2020 – 7 days incorporating a 3 day juice fast £125

With the warmth of the sun we focus on the kidneys. This AMAZING 7 day Summer solstice juice fast

Includes 3 DAYS preparing your body  BEFORE a fully led  3 day full Juice Fast

Organic juicing ingredients and recipes are included within the  cost and will be delivered to you for juicing/blending (not supplement based)

Closed facebook group  includes on line yoga asana practice and mindfulness

e-mail me for full details.  Investment: £125


Amazing testimonial  from one of the participants

 My  experience on Justine’s Solstice Summer cleanse was enlightening, I would even say life changing. It is easy to follow, and Justine helps you every step of the way, supporting and giving delicious smoothie recipes, as well as live video talks. All the required, measured ingredients are delivered to your door, making the whole thing very easy. Donna meanwhile supports with her video yoga classes. It is entirely up to you how far you want to take your cleanse. I decided my 3 areas of concern were caffeine, alcohol and sugar, so cut all of those out from the beginning of the ten days. Oh boy, did I have some headaches! But then, on day 4, I felt amazing, and I just kept on feeling better. So much energy and positivity! I started skipping every morning, and doing daily yoga, I feel like a different person. Not once did I feel hungry during the ten days. At work I snacked on nuts and seeds as well as drinking the smoothie, in the evening I would eat a delicious salad, but as I said, it’s entirely up to you how far you want to take it. Ten out of ten, thank you Justine x, C Williams , Stroud 2018

Equinox Cleanse: 

Join me for a  mind/body approach to a 10 day  Equinox cleanse ! 

October 16th – 26th 2020   £150. to secure your place!

Time to focus of immunity  & blood sugar balance  we  link with the spleen meridian, warming foods and aromatherapy to  gently cleanse and regain trust in the future. Chinese medicine believes guilt is stored in the large intestine so we help the spleen meridian release,  forgive  and  let go by including a gentle colon cleanse .  Let’s  restore our self worth  and sow the seeds for the future.

No fasting but we do enjoy a juice/smoothie daily & a sensible eating plan to restore body and soul.  PLUS  you receive: an organic veggie box delivery, natural colon cleansing product; an aromatherapy essential oil blend,  an energy remedy made specifically for you, recipes, closed facebook group and  yoga asana practice.

The spleen meridian  physically is associated with the spleen, pancreas and immune health.   By emotionally  balancing the spleen meridian  we metaphysically release anxiety about the future and once balanced  regain trust and have  faith and confidence for the future.  I feel this is so important  during this change of season as Mother Nature cycles  onwards, releasing and preparing the  way to  sow the seeds for transformation.

Join me for a  mind/body approach to a 10 day  Equinox cleanse !  

£150. to secure your place!

This  closed face – book  equinox cleanse focuses on  gentle naturopathic support  and daily interaction.   I include all this!

To Nourish

Herbal tea recipes for hormone balance, colon cleansing and immune support PLUS  an organic  fresh seasonal ingredient box for  delicious autumnal warming soups  to  cleanse the colon and build immunity through out the equinox cleanse.   This is not the season for  fasting so I  provide  a  sensible eating plan  and immune boosting natural recipes to feed the spleen, colon and your soul PLUS a natural colon cleansing product  all within the price.    Whilst these are not the recipes  I will be sharing here are some ideas for you to consider home remedies for immunityLet’s eatBroths and lunar digestive healingautumn remedies

To Nurture

Daily naturopathic exercise connecting  with Mother Gaia supports this  equinox detoxification.  This specific sequence of yogic exercise helps  balance the chakras,  reverse the aging process,  encourages a balanced mind-set & restful sleep,  supports emotional and mental health, encourages flexibility and improves strength and coordination.  I shall be demonstrating 5 simple exercises which you can include daily.


The equinox cleanse includes a bottle of  hormone balancing essential oil  (creation essence) to  wear daily (included in price).  The aromatherapy blend includes  rose, clary sage, geranium,  jasmine, frankincense,  cedarwood and bergamot essential oils in a carrier  to support you both physically and emotionally.  Creation Essence and  can be applied to the skin directly.  Each bottle has been imprinted with  love and  positive healing  vibration.

I also include a  personal “vibrational  flower”  energy  remedy made specifically for you  for this equinox cleanse.  I shall make the remedy personally  for each of you  using hair analysis  and  Asyra biofeedback (included in the price).  The  remedy’s vibration is to identify and release any conscious  or unconscious blocks.

 Join me for a  mind/body approach to  seasonal  cleansing to secure your place!

Justine Evans ND


Justine Evans ND BSc Nut.Med –  Registered Naturopath, Nutritional Therapist, Fertility expert, Hormone alchemist and founder of Creation Fertility. A multi-dimensional approach to health, blending western nutritional science with traditional alchemy and yogic philosophy.