Chamomile, mookaite and chant

Chamomile, mookaite and chant

(Sa Ta Na Ma)

June’s new moon hormone guidance

An interesting month this month. I think both the  oracle cards  plus the  Spagyric plant for the month reflect eclipse energy.  This moon cycle I am encouraging you to be gentle with yourselves, balance your chakras and change your thought processes with a powerful mantra and mudra!

Plant of the month: Chamomile

“Sit with me, feel my reassurance, embrace my calmness, take a moment to rebalance”.

Chamomile refers to a range of daisy like plants that has been used as a traditional medicine herb for aeons.

asthma, colic, fevers, inflammations, nausea, nervous complaints, children’s ailments, skin disorders, as an anti-bacterial, muscle relaxant, anti spasmodic,  sedative, anti-peptic, antifungal, anti-allergenic.  It has been called a mother’s herb due to its ability to soothe most problems from nappy rash to teething problems, upset tummies to frenzied screaming fits, hyperactivity to lactation. It is believed to cleanse the kidneys and liver, support the spleen, soothe nerves,  calm urinary infections and help PMS, PCOS, Endo, miscarriage and even cancer.

Did you know the word “matricaria” , part of the botanical name for Roman chamomile derives from the Latin word mater or matrix meaning womb……………so you know where we are going with this!

There are 2 forms of chamomile:

Roman chamomile  a perennial which grows close to the ground with small blossoming flowers  (think chamomile lawn). This form is mainly used as an essential oil.

German chamomile  – (Matricaria chamomilla) is an annual plant which is grows about a metre high and is sweeter than Roman chamomile. This is the one we use in Spagyric remedies but it is also used in teas, tinctures and more.

The plant’s healing properties come from its daisy-like flowers which contain volatile oils as well as flavonoids. Nutritionally it contains B1 (niacin), choline, coumarin, magnesium, selenium, iron and zinc. There is extensive scientific research confirming it’s therapeutic benefits which include:

Hormones: As you may have already worked out it’s an endocrine regulator  – supporting depression, childbirth, menstrual pains, PMS, dysmenorrhoea, blood clots,  throbbing pains, irritability, mood swings, tiredness, ovary and breast cysts, vaginal mycosis and helps regulate the adrenal and thyroid axis.  It’s a  real winner!

Nervous system:  Soothing. It takes the edge off frazzled nerves, eases vertigo, otitis and restlessness.  It’s a go to for anxiety, insomnia and helps digestion. Emotionally it calms the “moaners” and wonderful for babies who want to be cuddled all the time.

Painkiller and sedative: eases irritable pain – often used for downward moving pains.  Emotionally this connects with people who display sharp reactive anger.

Digestive: calms a nervous stomach, soothes inflammatory digestive conditions, eases acute digestive disorders  including acidity, IBS, colic and diarrhoea.

Decongestant: reduces phlegm so useful with head colds, excessive mucus and sinus issues.

Skin:  soothe skin rashes including eczema, psoriasis, irritations, atopic dermatitis, shingles, minor burns, nappy rash and sunburn. Use as a lotion or add as an oil to a cool bath to ease itching, rashes and skin inflammation.

Gardening: good companion plant. It thrives in dry conditions and is called the “ plants physician” due to its ability to revive flagging plants and  encourage transplanted plants to root successfully.  Harvest:  morning or evening on hot dry days. Dry carefully.

Magical and energetic benefits of Chamomile

Chamomile is connected with “mother energy”. It supports, and comforts with mother energy bringing maternal protection and communication. The triple Goddess Brigid used chamomile  to soothe and bless the inner child and blesses you with new beginnings. It’s blue/white aura brings Divine/Virgin Mary/Our Lady’s Mantle energy- for me this is unconditional love and compassion which in turns brings peace, serenity and light to my soul.  A wonderful aroma and energy to calm all sense of fretting or fear.

Good for chakra balancing . Blue is the colour for the throat chakra so think communication!

Inspires an open heart towards love and compassion.

Use for dream work – divination, scrying, prophetic dreams and spiritual connection.  Mercury is the messenger of gods and acts as a go-between for earth and heaven, hence it’s connection with the spiritual realm.

Chamomile has a reputation for attracting good fortune, especially in monetary matters.

German chamomile is the Spiritual plant of Germany.

Culpepper connects it to the  planets mars and mercury

Ayurveda connects it with bitter, pungent and cooling properties.

How to use Chamomile this moon cycle :

Tea:  Drink for nervous conditions, general relaxation. It helps reduce spasms, can be used as an anti-inflammatory, reduce fever, ease lumbago, rheumatic problems and rashes, support digestion,  reduce allergic symptoms, helps clear phlegm, ease morning sickness during pregnancy, increase lactation when breast feeding and reduce menstrual cramps. Cool chamomile tea and use a a mouthwash to heal sore mouth sores and prevent gum disease.

As a salve, cream, lotion or compress – use for hemorrhoids and wounds, skin issues, sore nipples, improve healing.  Add in  an oil form to a cool bath to ease itching, rashes and reduce skin inflammation.

Use as an eye wash for conjunctivitis,  inflammation and infections, tired, sore or dry eyes. Use chamomile tea bags as a compress in cold/tepid tea for topical support.

As a vapour –  Add a few drops of tincture or essential oil to your pillow or aromatherapy diffuser to ease sleep, pain, anxiety, restlessness, depression, reduce phlegm, help breathing and allergic reactions, ease skin inflammations and sinusitis.

As a Spagyric tincture: Its anti-inflammatory and antispasmodic actions relax the smooth muscles lining the stomach and intestine. I use it to calm Crohn’s, stress related flatulence, heartburn, nausea, diverticulitis,  irritable bowel, gastritis , ulcerative colitis, inflammation, to gently encourage bowel movements, soothe skin rashes (including eczema), as an antihistamine or simply as a relaxant. I can make up a Spagyric blend or specific tincture or cream for you – simply email

Essential oil –  extracted from the chamomile flowers it is generally considered a safe  essential oil (not recommended  during pregnancy or if you have strong allergies to the compositae  plant family (including such flowers as daisies, ragweed, asters and chrysanthemums). Both Roman and German Chamomile essential oils are middle to top notes in aromatherapy. Soothe bladder inflammations, cystitis, vaginal infections or PMS systems in the form of an essential oil or  spagyric tincture or tea.

Chamomile essential oil blends well with neroli, clary sage, bergamot, patchouli, lavender, jasmine, rose otto, benzoin, marjoram, lemon, ylang ylang and geranium.

Make a therapeutic bath  or foot soak  or vagi steam this month with a combination of dandelion leaves and flowers, chamomile flowers, lavender, rosemary, mint leaves and peony flowers.


Mookaite crystal:

Mookaite is a form of Australian Jaspar which comes in all the colours of the Earth from ochre to deep red and purple.

As you would expect from Jaspar it sustains and supports you during times of stress, bringing tranquillity and wholeness.







  • An excellent worry stone, mookaite sustains and supports you during times of stress.  It is soothing and nurturing
  • Jaspar aligns the chakras, balances yin and yang,
  • clears electromagnetic and environmental pollution
  • provides a useful balance between inner and outer experiences.
  • connects with the Mother Gaia herself and the base chakra.
  • when meditated with or held is used to help see insights into difficult situations and stimulate the imagination
  • promotes determination and helps you see a project through. It encourages positive progression .
  • supports circulatory, digestive and sexual organs, stabilises the immune system, heals wounds and purifies the blood.

How to use Mookaite this moon cycle:

Place the mookaite under your pillow.  This is believed to nurture you while you are asleep, offering comfort and releasing worry. Palm stones  and Tumble stones can be purchased from this link

Carry the mookaite stone with you throughout the day, touching and holding it when you are looking for comfort

Wear in jewellery and recite the Sa Ta Na Ma mantra with it. You can use the creation fertility bracelet which contains moonstone, mookaite and carnelian.  This leads me  nicely on to this month’s mantra





Card 9.  Sa Ta Na Ma mantra

This month brings this beautiful kirtan mantra to our focus..

Sa Ta Na Ma is associated with the cycle of creation

Helps rearrange the subconscious mind  – break habits, addictions and change our thought processes.

Is a Kundalini sanskit kriya which has many interpretations

Repeat out loud by singing, then whisper it and then repeat the mantra in silence.  Singing represents  action,  whispering represents the inner mind and silence (repeat the mantra mentally to yourself)  represents your spiritual voice.


Sa is the beginning, infinity

Ta is life, existence, creativity  (manifests from infinity)

Na is death, change, transformation of consciousness

Ma is rebirth, regeneration and resurrection which allows us to consciously experience the joy of the infinite.

Agelessartsyoga explains that the Sa Ta Na Ma Meditation has been scientifically proven to increase all aspects of cognitive function, (perception, thinking, reasoning and remembering), reduce stress levels , improve short term memory and also reduce the risk of developing Alzheimers. Did you know it stimulates 84 acupressure points in the palate of the mouth when you repeat it?

Part 1.   Repeat the mantra. There are 3 options here.

6 minute practice – this will probably equate to 1 round of your mala bracelet (21 beads)

1 minute out loud, 1 minute whisper, 2 minutes silently, 1 minute whisper, 1 minute out loud

12 minute practice– this is recommended by the Alzheimers Research and Prevention foundation and probably workable for most of you.

2 minutes out loud, 2 minutes whisper, 4 minutes silently, 2 minutes whisper, 2 minutes out loud

30 minute practice.  Personally I just repeat as I wish but here is a suggestion

5 minutes out loud, 5 minutes whisper, 10 minutes silently, 5 minutes whisper, 5 minutes loud


Part 2: Once you have become used to repeating the mantra then you can add a hand mudra into the practice.  

Connect each finger to thumb as you say each of the sounds. Rajendar Menen in his book the Healing Power of Mudras explains:

The thumb: represents the earth and fire element, the stomach and worry

The index finger represents the element of metal – the lungs, large intestine and emotions of grief, sadness and depression. Self worth and heart chakra

Middle finger: element of fire, the heart, small intestine, circulatory and respiratory systems, and the emotions are impatience and hastiness. Throat chakra and responsibility.

Ring finger – element of wood.  Connected with the liver, gall bladder, nervous system and corresponds to anger.  Root chakra and relationships

Little finger – water, the kidneys and fear. Communication and the 2nd chakra

Having said this kundalini yoga considers the mudra differently.   

SA – index to thumb –  Jupiter, and the connection brings knowledge, expands our possibilities and releases us from limitations.  By connecting these two fingers we increase the air element within which helps create positivity and calms the nervous system and endocrine system.

TA – middle to thumb –  Saturn/element of space  The thumb and middle finger to encourage patience, wisdom and purity and supports “space” internally to encourage intuition, detoxification and relieve congestion.

NA – ring finger to thumb. Uranus.  Connecting the tip of the thumb and the ring finger brings us vitality and increases the earth element.  This encourages endurance, strength, healthy body tissues, bones, muscles, tendons and inner organs.

MA – little finger to thumb.  Mercury. Clear communication whilst reduces the water element.  This helps balance hormones, reduces water retention and allergic responses including  watery eyes, runny noses and loose bowels.

Feel the pressures on the palate as you enunciate each word along with the pressure on the pads of the fingers

Going Deeper: Part 3:  Add an L shaped visualisation

Now visualize energy coming into the crown of the head, and then  out through the third eye.

This helps

cleanse thoughts

reduce headaches

awaken the pineal and pituitary glands which are our primary hormone-producing centres.

Bringing it all together.

Prepare your space.  Ensure you will not be interrupted. Get comfy. Now take a few full deep cleansing breaths. Inhaling through the nose and exhale through the mouth.  Sign as you exhale.
Close your eyes and rest your hands gently in your lap. When your body feels ready start .
Sing Sa Ta Na Ma moving your fingers through the mudras as explained whilst visualizing the energy drawing in through the crown and out through the brow.
Now repeat this process but whisper the mantra.
Move on to the mindfulness of silence. Continue the mudra and visualisation practice.

Return once again to the whisper, then slide into the singing. Once completed release the mudra and visualisation.

Inhale deeply.  Draw the arms wide and up above the head. Wiggle your fingers, shake your hands vigorously, move your body  and return to the present. Bring your hands down as you exhale.
Here is a simple version for you to listen to  performed by Tera Naam. Sa Ta Na Ma mantra

I hope you have enjoyed this months hormone inspiration  – here are a few more suggestions for you

sign up to become a member of my monthly hormone inspiration zoom group .  

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Justine Evans ND B.Sc Nut. Medicine is a Registered Naturopath, nutritional therapist, bodyworker, meditation teacher and healer. In tune with mother nature, western medicine, the seasons and Eastern philosophy Justine offers a multi dimensional approach to fertility, hormone  and pregnancy health.    email or call 07747 133170

Disclaimer: This article has been written as personal opinion and guidance only and should not be construed as medical advice.  I am not a medical doctor.


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Mookaite crystals:  The crystal bible – Judy Hall

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The Canadian Alzheimer’s Research & Prevention Foundation is recommending the meditation as a daily practice to slow down the effects of Alzheimer’s

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