Positivity is power

Positivity is Power

Hi everyone and welcome to this month's hormone inspiration with me, Justine Evans ND.

Before I begin this month's hormone inspiration let me remind you that this focus actually take us up to 4th September  - that's 2 moon cycles. I have decided to take August off for some well needed R&R.

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This month the cards are really reminding us that we are beings of light.  Let me show you how you can raise your vibration by listening to your physical and mental bodies - remember positivity is power.

The cards this month from the Creation Fertility Oracle cards are

Card 13: The Law of Attraction and Card 8: Menstruation.

The Plant of the month is Vitex Agnus Castus .  I have discussed this is on my sister website creationfertility.com  Please follow the link to read more about it.

Positivity is Power with The Law of Attraction 

I love synchronicity - all these demonstrate the law of attraction and  all “appeared” to me this week.

Everything in the universe is made of energy. What differentiates one form of energy from another is the speed at which it vibrates. For example, light vibrates at a very high frequency, and something like a rock vibrates at a lower frequency but a frequency nonetheless. Human beings vibrate but our thoughts and feelings determine the vibration frequency. Our vibrations go out into the world and attracts energy to us which moves at a similar frequency. This is one of the ways that we create our own reality, which is why we can cause a positive shift in our lives by raising our vibration. (Daily Om)

When others see light, they resonate to it and begin to awaken to its presence within themselves. So, when you clothe yourself in the armour of light you help yourself and you help many (Sharon McErlane)

Our reactions are often a reflection of how we feel about ourselves. When we don't feel good about ourselves, we're more likely to take things personally and react negatively.  Focus on the good and, little by little, the goodness will slowly filter through to your thoughts and feelings. (Brahma Kumaris)

Are you beginning to understand how positivity is power now?   I was pondering on this when I recognised that raising our vibration was the recurring theme for this year. Just to recap

January:  Goodness within and gratitude,  February: Law of Attraction,  March:  a mantra – Sut Kar Ta  (heart opening and connecting with unconditional love to vibrate at a higher frequency), April: Sun meditation  for warmth, determination and positivity, May: I invited to to start Setting intentions,   June: Mantra Sa Ta Na Ma to change our unconscious mind and thought forms to serve us better. Now we arrive at July: returning to the Law of Attraction but this time we are connecting it with our seat of creation – the womb.

The Law of Attraction is simply this – you are what you think.  Positivity is power, negativity attracts negativity, a clear mindset and goals help positive forward movement, love breeds love, caring for yourself, others  and the environment offers wellbeing, laughter brings joy, gratitude brings peace... you get the picture………….

Positivity is Power - here are my suggestions for July and August:

If you have been following my guidance since January then this is a great time to congratulate yourself. Well done, you are shining your light!

Positivity is Power Exercise

To begin let's make a list of words which activates a high vibration.  Here are some examples:

Positivity      abundance    heart            alive          celebrate         light      thank you    self-trust        belonging   comfort     acceptance      trust      create          easy               dream          support     bright              healing  imagine       connect          re-birth        success     skill                  stable    secure         skill                 ability           welcome   safe                 plenty    compassion                       fulfilment      beauty     joy                   nourish  freedom      peace             tranquillity    Source     serenity           vitality

Now add some which you associate with  the law of attraction  and the uterus/sacral chakra, examples are: 

Yin            expression          nurture               cyclic               wisdom      Divine      Goddess              lunar/moon        intuitive           wise        feminine  inner cycles         rhythms              release             build              create      intuitive               balance              renewal            passion          gratitude embrace              love

OK - let's make some affirmations with the words - here are some examples (taken from some of the Creation Fertility Oracle Cards) to help you

I attract my goals and work towards them with enthusiasm

I love and accept myself

I actively nourish my (fertility/reproductive/mental/emotional/sense of humour/energy etc)

I am blessed with love

I welcome fresh growth and renewal in my life

From menstruation comes the opportunity of pregnancy

From release comes renewal

I embrace freedom

I trust in the outcome

All is well

My love is my power

I create my life

I take time to notice my internal rhythms

Continue to build your own set of affirmations based on the words above.

positivity is power jar

Now fill an jar wit these positive affirmations to help you remain “in the light” and attract all that you seek.

By the way, within the hormone inspiration zoom group we discussed perhaps using a triangular affirmation to represent the yoni Shakti mudra. Nice idea.

Anyway, continue to read more to put everything together.

Positivity is Power -  now let's connect the Law of Attraction card with card 8.  Menstruation

Fundamentally menstruation connects us with our cyclic nature and seat of creation – the womb and sacral chakra.

“We are lucky enough to inhabit a body whose intelligence is shaped by cyclical flows.  This naturally empowers us to be guided by the higher wisdom connected with cosmic rhythms and elemental patterns” (Uma Dinsmore Tuli – Yoni Shakti)

Last month  I received an attunement called the rite of the womb (I shall be offering this soon by the way). As already mentioned the womb is not a place to store pain and fear, the womb is a place to create so let’s create using the law of attraction!

Let’s begin by taking a moment to express Gratitude to ourselves for being female – we are lucky enough to be born female – we can experience birthing and maintain humanity and we are born with the inherent ability and connection to yin energy.  Of course we need  some yang to maintain balance but yin is creative, expressive, intuitive, nurturing, cyclical and WISE. It connects with Goddess, the Divine Feminine and lunar energy.    I could, of course, say so much about this and my feminism and goddess energy would love to hold court here but let’s return to “inner cycles” and spend a moment in deep gratitude for being female.

So, let me explain how you may like to re-connect and explore your inner cycle – This is an observation exercise to recognise imbalances and thereby change your frequency to attract balance.

If you menstruate then this can apply to your womb bleed but if you don’t, like me, then I am asking you to re-connect your  inner non bleeding cycle.

Watch out for:

Your energy levels high/proactive/building/stable/introvert

Your mind set and emotional state– positive and outgoing, sensitive and introverted, sexual, balanced, confrontational/easy going, focused/dreamy, obsessional/creative flowing/congested, able to concentrate. Headaches, vivid dreams, sleep,

Your Exercise consistency and resistance.

Digestive: bloating, want to eat/fasting, food craving,  constipation etc

How to do this:

Simply amend/complete the hormone tracker which you can download here. Track your menstruation, mindset, emotions, digestion and hormone cycle.   Focus on your needs –  remember this is working with the law of attraction - so if you are trying to conceive then this will be the focus of your attention, if it's connecting with non bleeding inner rhythms then connect with this. The outcome of this exercise is “Ahhh, I notice how I flow” not “oh no, I am not in balance”

Putting it all together to change your vibration - positivity is power!

positivity is power jar

Pull an affirmation out  daily

Visualise sending it into your womb centre to transmute or heighten your daily uterine energies whether physical or emotional – this will help create a higher vibration.

(An example here is you recognise you are very positive with high energy – use your law of attraction affirmation to flow stronger – you  recognise pain or stagnancy – send the affirmation in to transmute the energy and raise the vibration)

If this doesn't work for you then maybe doodle your mantras into a womb template.


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