Intentions, shiva’s and mandrake

Intentions, shiva’s and mandrake

Hello there, the new moon (in Taurus) began on Tuesday and so I pulled the Creation Fertility cards. This month the new moon really connects us with building strong foundations so let’s use the waxing moon phase to set positive intentions.

Card 24:  Setting intentions with the waxing moon

A few months ago we worked with the waning moon (from full moon to new moon/going downwards and inwards). This month we are focusing on the WAXING moon – the period between the new moon and the full moon – our energy is building, rising both upwards and outwards.


Let’s begin by becoming aware of what we consciously connect to.  What do you read, watch and listen to? Just as our physical bodies are storing up nourishment so too are our mental and emotional bodies. It is time to set your intentions.

This moon phase I invite you 

  1. Ingest only what will raise your vibration. Make that decision to release negative, self-limiting thoughts. For actions to have the affects you desire you must be the change!
  2. Set your intentions and remain attentive to what you are creating through the power of your thoughts. 
  3. If you are looking for a pregnancy then complete my new moon fertility intentions template to identify where you want to focus your fertility intentions during this moon cycle.
  4. If you are looking to balance or support your energies or hormones other than fertility/pregnancy then I suggest you take some time to connect with nature. Go outside and tune into Mother Gaia to recognise your intentions.
  5. Physically: Your body will be feeling stronger as the new moon grows and your appetite rises as your body takes on energy. This is the time to focus on your nutrition programme. 
  6. This is a great time to try something new. Maybe it’s time to sign up for my summer cleanse, or , if you want to learn more about your health (my womb doula course may suit you). 
  7. Gather some sage or lavender and dry it over this moon ready to sage/cleanse your house to release post lockdown trauma. 
  8. Consider planning a daytrip somewhere to create little opportunities for change and creativity in your life.

Seasonal veggies to enjoy this month. Spinach, asparagus, broccoli, carrots, new potatoes, lettuce and salad leaves, peas, radishes, rocket, samphire, spring onions, watercress, rhubarb, kiwi fruit and bananas. Make your self a foraging salad, nettle soup or even wild garlic pesto: dandelion leaves and flowers, parsley, basil, nettles, wild garlic, sorrel leaves, oregano, lemon balm, mint, rosemary, sage, tarragon, chickweed, hawthorn leaves and flowers, red clover flowers, wild chives, daisies.


Card 36. Return to balance with Shiva Lingams:

intentions, shiva's and mandrakeShiva Lingams come in many sizes from very small to very large.  Typically they are elongated, elliptical stones.

In India they’re regarded as  sacred and holy stones.  They  are made of crypto crystalline quartz and legend has it that they formed when a meteorite fell to earth several million years ago. Shiva Lingams are found exclusively in the Narmada river,  India.   The colour and patterning of the stones vary from grey to beige, to brown and a reddish brown so no stones are the same.

The shape of the stone represents male energy (knowledge) and the markings, which differ greatly from stone to stone, represent female energy (wisdom). Together the two elements signify the merging of male and female energy for BALANCE.  Personally, I associate them with sun  (determination and action) and moon energy  (nurture and wisdom). I have been working with Shiva Lingams for some years now and I personally like to work with a pair.  One represents male energy  whilst the other – the yoni stone represents Shakti feminine energy, thus the two stones  merge male and female energy to me.  I also find it really interesting which stone falls into which hand.  Sometimes I am aware that the “male” is in my right and sometimes the left.   I often meditate on whether I am needing more dynamic, doing energy or whether in fact I have been “giving too much of myself”.   To resonate with this fully it is helpful if you work with the energetic frequencies of yin and yang/masculine and feminine.

How to use Shiva Lingams this moon cycle:

  • Sit or lie quietly simply holding them. One in each hand.  Let their energetic vibration release inner tension, rebalance yin/yang – masculine and feminine energy.  Shiva Lingams are particularly helpful over the waxing moon and the ovulation period.
  • Hold them when you are feeling anxious and relax or to ground yourself so you remain focused, positive and balanced.
  • Let them support you  during periods requiring compassion and  loving kindness and challenging periods of your life


Bring magic into your life with  Mandrake Spagyric plant medicine:

“ Feel my warmth and open up. Let me release your internal dragon, honour your individuality. It is time to enter a new consciousness and live harmoniously” 

Mandragora/Mandrake: – also knowns as Satans apple, Herb of Circe, Womandrake, Sorcerer’s root, Witches manikin and Dragon doll.  

intentions, shiva's and mandrakeAbout the plant.  Mandrake is part of the nightshade family and is associated with the goddess Aphrodite, the planet Mercury and dragon energy.  It is steeped in witchcraft, folklore and religion. If  you are a Harry Potter fan will remember that it was grown for its magical qualities and “screamed” when it was pulled from the earth.

The plant is mainly grown in the Mediterranean and Southern Europe so rarely seen within the UK although it is possible to grow it here.  Its tuber/roots looks a bit like a ginseng trunk – both man, woman and child.

Magical herb – when the root looks like both man and woman folklore considers it can be used for  spells  and psychic/spiritual development.  Did you know that Mandrake is believed to have grown under the gallows and folklore says that mandrake root was buried with bodies for protection? This plant needs to be treated with the utmost respect – it is both a sedative and narcotic so I personally only recommend Spagyric remedies which are safe to use.  The tubers can grow into the earth more than 3 feet and traditionally this is the part we mainly use for plant medicine  – usually dried or made into tinctures.   Having said that the leaves are large and can be used to make ointments and poultices (often boiled in milk to apply to ulcers).  Mandrake is often used in love potions and combined with blue lotus flowers and poppies to induce lucid dreams.  As discussed earlier it symbolises fire/dragon energy so it brings light – fire purifies & helps release past memories and old karmic diseases.   People who are drawn to this herb often dream of dragons or have a fear of fire.  So, overall it is a plant that is strong, targeted and considered excellent for throat, thyroid and thymus chakras.

Physically: Pain remedy, sedative, antispasmodic, purgative

Female health:  helps strengthen the uterus and great anti spasmodic for uterine muscle.   Use for severe period pains, that feeling of “bearing down” and also painful intercourse.  It is good for PMT , hot flushes, vaginal dryness and as an aphrodisiac too. Spagyric medicine also uses it for urinary health – specifically dark cloudy painful urine.

Fertility herb – used in witchcraft to make women pregnant.  Mentioned in the bible  Genesis 30 to help Rachel become pregnant but also helpful for male virility and as an aphrodisiac.  Traditionally when a pregnancy was wanted  women slept with a mandrake root which resembled a foetus under their pillow.  These days I tend to recommend mookaite crystal but I do use mandrake as one of my ingredients within my fertility spagyric remedies.

Other benefits of mandrake:

Skin: dry irritated skin with itching. Skeletal and muscles:  rheumatic pain, heaviness, pins and needles or hip pain sciatica, restlessness, fibromyalgia, migraines, cold hands and feet. Respiratory: Often used to support respiratory health conditions such as asthma, colds, coughs

Digestive herb: for nausea & vomiting although it can induce this too.  Acidic belch, gall bladder spasms, difficulty swallowing, metallic taste in the mouth, haemorrhoids (bleeding),  inflamed large intestine. Intense dryness in the mouth and believed to mutate intestinal bacteria and salmonella.

Emotionally: Antidepressant, sleep issues (and also can induce sleep), nightmares, difficult concentrating, hypersensitivity and those with issues relating to money. Mandrake brings stability with gentle force to re-establish order.

Spiritually: we associate it with past lives: raped, burned, hanged or if you have been abused or had significant problems especially with men in this life time or in the past.

This moon cycle I invite you to consider:

Moon water: place a piece of mandrake root in a container of water. Place in the moonlight from new to full moon and then add to spells or tinctures.

Meditate with the plant for enchantment and to increase psychic powers or plant some in your garden and connect with it this way.

Wear the dried root as an amulet for protection.

Use within a Spagyric remedy

Disclaimer: This article has been written for inspiration and education purposes only. It is not intended to treat, diagnose or prevent any disease and it does not replace evaluation, diagnosis, or treatment by  your qualified health care professional.

Justine Evans ND –  Founder of Creation fertility and hormone alchemist.  Justine  is a registered naturopath, nutritional therapist, body worker, meditation teacher and healer.  She integrates functional medicine with eastern philosophy to provide a multi dimensional approach to your reproductive well being.

Contact Justine on 07747 133170 for an online consultation now or sign up to become a member of hormone inspiration

Spagyric remedies: James Naidu

Wicked Plants: The A-Z of Plants That Kill, Maim, Intoxicate and Otherwise Offend by Amy Stewart

Old English Medical Remedies Mandrake, Wormwood and Raven’s Eye  Sinéad Spearing ebook

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