So What Are Shiva Lingam’s?

So What Are Shiva Lingam’s?

Shiva Lingam – Linga (plural, Lingam)

shiva lingams


In Sanskrit language Shiva Lingam means phallus which gives us an idea as to how they might be associated with reproduction! The Shiva-Lingam is a symbol of the Hindu deity Lord Shiva who embodies wisdom, a happy marriage and being blessed with healthy children.

 Shiva Lingams come in many sizes from very small to very large.  Typical Shiva Lingams are elongated, elliptical stones – you can buy them separately but I sell them paired – the second shiva is a  “yoni” representing  the female and I call this Shakti, more about this energy below.

Shiva LingamsIn India they’re regarded as being sacred and holy stones and are highly thought of in both Hindu and Buddhist belief systems. Shiva Lingam’s are said to have one of the highest frequency vibration rates of all the stones on earth. As such, the vibration is said to be perfect for purification and fertility purposes and they certainly have their own energy source. The stones are made of crypto crystalline quartz and legend has it that they formed when a meteorite fell to earth several million years ago. True Shiva Lingams are found exclusively in the Narmada river, which is located in the mountains of Mandhata in India.  Their shape is believed to be created and produced from the natural tumbling movement of the river water.  They are only harvested  once each year and are hand polished to give them a smooth and gleaming surface.  The colour and patterning of the stones vary from grey to beige, to brown and a reddish brown so no stones are the same.

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Symbolism of Shiva Lingams:

I believe you can symbolise the shape of the stone in two ways.  The 1st interpretation is that the shape of the stone represents male energy (knowledge) and the markings, which differ greatly from stone to stone, represent female energy (wisdom and Divine feminine).  I have been working with Shiva Lingams for some years now and for me, I prefer this approach – one stone represents male energy and Lord Shiva whilst the one – the yoni stone represents Shakti feminine energy, thus the two stones signify the merging of male and female energy – helping us to recognise that we carry both masculine and feminine energy within our beings and integrate these energies together – into an alchemical marriage to enable balance and create a more harmonious state of being.


Lord Shiva and Shiva Lingams:

Lord Shiva is a Hindu God who is believed to bless one with the precious gift of true love, a stable family life and wonderful children.  Lord Shiva is believed to be devoid of ego and arrogances that destroys relationships, being simple, kind, protective and giving in nature.  In India unmarried women pray and chant to him for a long, stable and happy married life and  Mondays are devoted to Lord Shiva.  They chant his mantra and pour water and milk on the “Shiva Lingam” – the symbol of fertility.

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Shakti and Shiva Lingams:

Shakti embodies the active feminine energy of Shiva and literally means  “empowerment”. It is a Hindu based feminine cosmic energy force representing  the Divine Feminine and creative power that we each hold within us and is particularly associated with the sacral chakra and womb area.  Not only is Shakti energy responsible for creation, it is also the agent of all liberation and change and connects with kundalini energy.  Lord Shiva’s female consort (known as Uma, Sati, Parvati, Durga and Kali)  is sometimes paired with Shakti.

 How to Use Shiva Lingams:

  • To use the Shiva Lingams simply hold in each hand, together they generate energy, connect with Lord Shiva and Shakti  energy to support hormonal balance and release inner tensions.  After using I suggest you keep them together in a “sacred area”, which remain connected with your fertility journey.
  • Use it as an aid to your fertility journey alongside the Creation Fertility Guidance Cards,  Creation Essence,  and kundalini chant to connect with your true self, let the stresses of the day disappear, absorb negative energy and rebalance on a physical (hormones), emotional and esoteric perspective.
  • Shiva Lingams are particularly helpful over the waxing moon and the ovulation period.
  • When you are feeling anxious around a situation and need to relax
  • When working with compassion and  Loving Kindness towards yourself and others
  • When you need to remain positive, focused and balanced
  • During challenging periods of your life
  • Remaining attentive to what you create through the power of your thoughts
  • When you wish to connect with Lord Shiva use the mantra  Om Namaha Shivay, an audio is Om Namah Shivay:

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