Lakshmi and Tulsi support reproductive health

Lakshmi and Tulsi support reproductive health

Lakshmi and Tulsi support reproductive healthThis month we link with Lakshmi the beautiful Hindu goddess of prosperity, love, fertility and spiritual abundance.

We also link with card 23. organic foods  (please follow the link for the articles on pre-biotic foods.  It deserves a whole article – so much to talk about).

Finally we look at the benefits of the  plant Tulsi which is also known as Holy Basil and how it can support your reproductive wellbeing.

Rebekah Shaman explains The Scorpio new moon brings hidden unconscious thoughts to the surface which may well trigger us during this moon cycle. Scorpio is one of the most intense signs of the zodiac, and she explains that we may feel things more strongly during this moon cycle.  This new moon helps us find our boundaries and bring to the surface things that are no longer working; overall representing death and rebirth of friendships, relationships and projects.

Overall the feeling this month  is of compassion. We are focusing on supporting stress levels and calming our digestives. I wrote this article originally around Diwali  (festival of light) and synchronicity is at play here because Lakshmi is also celebrated at Diwali. Let’s hope we be able to speak our truth with Lakshmi’s energy of love, fertility and abundance. This moon cycle is also ripe for bringing out the sensual lover in us all.  It inspires passion so don’t be surprised if you are feeling more attractive, loving and sexy during this moon cycle.

Lakshmi and Tulsi support reproductive wellbeing

Here is this month’s video for you but if you don’t have time to watch it then read more below


Lakshmi supports reproductive health:

Lakshmi and Tulsi support reproductive healthLakshmi is a beautiful and much-beloved  Hindu, Buddhist and Jain Goddess.    She is a  Mother goddess, and her energy brings  love,  fertility,  good luck, health, wealth and prosperity and all kinds of material  & spiritual abundance.  Her plant is the Holy basil which is said to bring children (I often suggest holy basil for hormone and stress/adrenal support so it definitely can be used to support fertility too) but I shall be talking about that a little later.  Her story: Lakshmi emerged during the creation of  the universe, floating over the water on the expanded petals of a lotus flower because the Gods were in need of renewal.

Symbolism:  Creation Fertility artist Samantha Foreman has painted her beautifully here; I really can feel her beautiful energy.  She is elegantly dressed and infuses prosperity.  She also brings an owl, lotus and elephant with her and sits like a yogini on a lotus pedestal  holding lotuses in her hands.

The lotus flower is a symbol for fortune, self-knowledge and spiritual liberation. She has four  arms – which represent the four goals of human life – Dharma (virtuous, proper, moral life), Karma ( pleasure, desire, longing in Hindu and Buddhist literature), Arha  (material prosperity, income security) and Moksha (self-realization).  In Indian philosophy rather than pagan or shamanic the owl  represents financial prosperity  & an ability to move and work despite confusing darkness.  Elephants symbolise work, activity and strength, as well as water, rain and fertility for abundant prosperity.

So this month, Lakshmi comes to bring  you good fortune. She asks that you connect with her  energy  to find beauty and love in your life.

As we are connecting with climate and Earth she also asks you to  and connect with  nature and really consider Mother Nature.  One way you can do this is to obviously treat Mother Earth with respect eating pre-biotic foods. You can also dig a small hole in the Earth and whisper all your worries to Mother Earth.  Cover with earth and allow Gaia to take your troubles away. 

She helps you reconnect your throat with your heart, expressing with compassion and love to release and let go.  Why not express gratitude for all those  who you love in your life, for your riches, prosperity and material comforts?  If someone has been triggering you use the Scorpio new moon energy  with the pure love from Lakshmi to let them know how you are feeling.

Use Holy Basil and Lashmi together to bring  positive energy, prosperity; love, fertility, calmness into your life.  You can bring Lakshmi into your home by placing her print or card in a room or on your alter and connect with her daily.

Lakshmi is associated with card 1 – starry silence;  Card 2 – love,  Card 6 – conception ,  Card 7 – sacral centre & finally card 26  –  the new moon from the Creation fertility oracle lifestyle cards.

Tulsi aka as Holy Basil to support reproductive health 

TCM, Ayurveda, nutritional therapy and traditional medicine  all use Tulsi  as a regulator to help bring  balance and harmony. We use it to aid clarity, reduce anxiety,  encourage optimism,  reduce depression. Put simply it’s an adaptogen so wonderful for stress and all forms of adrenal fatigue, memory loss,  circulation/heart health,  aching bones and arthritis, aching muscles, and  can even ease insomnia.

When I pulled the cards  and the Goddess Lakshmi stepped forward her plant Holy Basil which you may know as Tulsi  was clearly the Spagyric plant medicine we were drawn to work with this month.

HOLY BASIL (also known as tulasi, tulsi, bai kaprow and kemangi)  is widely known throughout India and Asia for its culinary uses, medicinal properties and religious use.

In TCM it is known as Sheng Lou Le which is known to nurture the spirit. TCM like Ayurveda and also nutritional therapy and traditional medicine use it for anxiety, to enhance the spirit, to reduce depression. It’s an adaptogen so wonderful for stress and adrenal fatigue, memory loss. It’s also great for the circulation/heart health, for aching bones and arthritis and aching muscles. Put simply it helps regulate and return you to harmony and balance. Essential for reproductive wellbeing.


It is considered the elixir of life in Ayurvedic medicine. For those with a dominant kapha, holy basil is often used to help return harmony and balance.

It’s an adaptogen – it helps us calm down but also  helps us get going. You know that feeling – wired but tired! It’s one of the wonderful herbals which help regulate.

It is a super powerful anti-oxidant and has anti-inflammatory effects.

Did you know that Tulsi it has been proven to be as effective as aspirin and ibuprofen, but without the side effects?  So if you suffer with migraines, PCOS, endometriosis, or experiencing a miscarriage or any painful or inflammatory condition then Tulsi may help you avoid using those Western medicine nasties such as ibuprofen, paracetamol or aspirin.

Traditionally it has been used to promote a healthy central nervous system and support cognitive health. It can be used to support anxiety, depression and sadness.

It is said to strengthen the mind and promote spiritual purity. From a Spagyric perspective we use  Tulsi to uplift and bring a feeling of warmth, safety and comfort – just like the Goddess Lakshmi. It is connected with the throat and heart chakras so helps us re-connect both these areas and release all that weighs us down.

It supports blood glucose levels (great for PCOS syndrome and type 2 diabetes)

Tulsi/Holy basil is a go to for digestive care – it’s a great anti-spasmodic so wonderful for gas, nausea, irritable bowel and gastritis.

It has also been used to help reduce fever, headaches, cough, cold and flu, sinusitis, asthma, lung and respiratory disorders.

So this month

Drink Tulsi tea or take it as a Spagyric tincture to help reconnect and express with love and compassion; releasing that which no longer serves you. (so appropriate right now – Autumn it all about letting go)

You can keep a fresh pot of Tulsi or a Tulsi plant on your windowsill to bring abundance and protection into your home

If you are trying to conceive then drink Tulsi/Holy Basil Tea 3 times per day from day 1 of your cycle until ovulation.

If you are preparing for pregnancy or on one of my cleanses then drink up to 3 cups throughout your cycle.

If you suffer with painful periods then use it during your bleed.

If you are peri or post menopausal or not trying to conceive  right now it is safe to drink throughout the month cycle

If you suffer with inflammation and pain (PCOS, endometriosis, fibroids, rheumatic etc) drink regularly

If you are pregnant then please don;t use it right now. 

If you prefer to connect with Lakshmi energy then why not go on a date night

For more information on pre-biotic foods please see building a healthy lifestyle

Justine Evans ND is a Registered Naturopath and  Nutritional Therapist integrating Western science with Eastern philosophy, the moon, seasons and cycles.  Call Justine  on 07747 133170 to make  an appointment or email

Disclaimer: This article has been written as personal opinion and guidance only and should not be construed as medical advice.  I am not a medical doctor.

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