Creation Fertility Guidance Cards


Each pack of Creation fertility guidance cards offer inspirational fertility guidance.  The 42 guidance cards are only £20.00 and help you focus on preparing for a baby and support a healthy conception using eastern philosophy and nutritional therapy. Connect with womb wisdom, yogic mantra chant, nutritional therapy, aromatherapy  and a positive mindset to help you realise your dream of a baby.



Creation Fertility guidance cards £20.00

The 42 inspirational Creation Fertility guidance cards have been developed by Justine Evans to help you focus on preparing for a baby or when trying to conceive.  The creation fertility guidance cards consider mind, body and spirit and support all fertility journeys including assisted fertility procedures.  The cards include fertility nutrition guidance, positive  mindset affirmations and encourage you to honour, and connect with your womb cycles and lunar energy. From a more spiritual perspective they  link with Divine feminine energy and traditional fertility goddesses.  They also include eastern philosophy including yogic kundalini chant options to raise vibration, help call your baby and maintain fertility focus.  This pack is designed for personal use but makes an excellent tool for healers and therapists within their practices. Read more here.

How to use creation fertility guidance cards

There are many ways of using creation fertility guidance cards.  Here are a few suggestions.

Shuffle the creation fertility cards and fan them face down on a table top. Close your eyes and select a card, allowing your intuition to guide you.  Make the message on the card your focus for the next 7 days.

Do the same as above but choose a card daily.  Change the card by repeating the process daily

Work with lunar energy.  My blogs contain 3 card moon readings usings creation fertility cards or draw your own cards at the new moon and  full moon to understand moon wisdom.

I recommend you keep the creation fertility guidance cards in a “sacred” area together with a candle that you light daily, an item that represents a baby and photographs of you and your family.  Collectively this provides intention, a focal area and sacred space

You can also use them alongside Creation essencecreation fertility toolkit, creation mala, fertility crystals or include spagyric remedies



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