Mookaite crystal palm stone

Mookaite palm and tumble stones are known as fertility stones because they are associated with the Earth goddesses, base chakra and family survival.  Mookaite is a form of Australian Jasper. The palm stones are beautiful, a combination of earth colours from deep red/purple to ochre, each one different.  Think Ayer’s rock! Palm stones are slightly larger than tumble stones and sit in the palm of the hand comfortably.  Mookaite crystals are used for soothing and nurturing emotions and negative thought.   Mookaite palm stones purchased from Creation Fertility are only £5.00 each.  All products are charged with positive intent by Justine Evans and lunar moon energy



Mookaite Crystal Palm Stone £5.00 each

An Australian form of Jasper, mookaite crystal is known as the supreme nurturer.  It is one of best fertility stones because it is believed to support circulatory, digestive and sexual organs.  From a yogic and esoteric perspective, mookaite is associated with the base chakra and the Earth goddesses.  Palm stones are larger than tumble stones and come in many colours, anything from ochre to purple or a combination of wonderful earth colours.  Palm stones are smooth and fit into the palm of the hand comfortably.

Psychologically, mookaite imparts a desire for new experiences and points you towards positivity and right choices. It stimulates the imagination and is an excellent ‘worry bead’connecting with Gaia/Pacha Mamma, nurturing your mind, removing negativity, and is believed to offer insights into difficult situations.

How to use Mookaite palm stones

Place the mookaite under your pillow.  This is believed to nurture you while you are asleep, offering comfort and releasing worry

Carry the mookaite stone with you throughout the day, touching and holding it when you are looking for comfort

Each stone markings vary so the photograph may not offer a true representation of the stone you receive. This is because there are natural variations to stones, colours and sizes.

Use alongside creation essence as part of your fertility journey

Use as part of the creation fertility toolkit

Use with shiva lingams stones , creation fertility wrist mala and spagyric energy remedies


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