Fertility yoga and womb meditation

Fertility yoga and womb meditation

Fertility yoga and womb meditation

If you are a regular reader of #fertility inspiration you know I am a fertility expert (aka fertility doula) using natural traditional medicine  (naturaopthy) to  help you become  baby-ready.  Being “all about the moon and the womb” I invite you encompass a traditional medicine approach by taking time to connect with your  internal and external cycles and seasons.  You can do this by:

a) joining my  FREE #hormoneinspiration group.  We meet each moon cycle – the 1st Thursday evening at 6pm after the new moon via zoom for about an hour.  Together, we focus on 3 steps to support your hormone balance using traditional medicine – that’s moon energy, crystals, kriya yoga chant, nutrition, plant medicine and much more. It’s free – so sign up now.

b) if joining a group does not rock your boat then I invite you to  set an intention to support your cycle with each new moon.  This way you focus on your individual needs which helps your fertility journey no end and also helps maintain a positive mindset.

Fertility yoga and womb meditation

So, today I invite you to enjoy this short kriya fertility yoga sequence and womb meditation.  If you are unsure about these poses or would like to add some others then please take time to connect with some of the additional links at the bottom of this article.

You will note that I often use the word kriya when I discuss yoga, pranayama, meditation and my approach to your health.  The word kriya means action. I interpret it as an action that leads to a shift. In Kundalini yoga a kriya is a series of postures, breath, and sound that works toward a specific outcome.  Most therapists recommend kriya’s for 40 days but I tend to work for them for 29 days – that’s a moon cycle.  Put simply regular kriya encourages physical and mental change.  It affects the body, mind, and spirit so it works on all levels of your being. The creation fertility toolkit is based on the kriya philosophy.

This  fertility yoga kriya sequence takes about 15 minutes. The womb meditation lasts about 22 minutes!  

This moon cycle:  Try to include some kriya every day.  If you cannot commit to the complete sequence then decide on how much time you can commit to daily and set your intention to do what you can. Even one pose or listening to the meditation will help!

Part 1.  Prepare the space for fertility yoga

Fertility yoga and womb meditation

Fertility yoga and womb meditation

Preparing the space for your practice is very important.  This preparatory  period  takes about 5-10 minutes encourages you to ground your intentions,  connect with your body & “consciously connect with your future  baby” – a real mind body approach  to fertility.  Please take time  – switch your phone off & ensure you will not be disturbed.  Take time to settle in to your body – gently swing your arms and twist gently from side to side when standing to loosen up the body and let the day go. Gently allow stillness to connect with your breath whilst standing on your yoga mat or floor.

1. Deepen your intention

Draw a Creation Fertility Card. This helps you “set your  dedicated intention to  this practice”.  In yogic terminology we call this a  “sankalpa”.  Read the card and place on the floor in front of you.

Anoint yourself with 2 drops of Creation Essence. To do this place 2 drops of Creation Essence into the centre of your palms.  Bring your hands together and up to the front of your face.  Open your hands slightly and breathe the essence in deep and meaningfully.    You may even repeat the mantra/intention/ affirmation on your card at the same time.

2. Fertility yoga – mountain pose

Let us begin.  Stand in mountain pose as the illustration suggests.  Take three long and deep inhalations – exhale completely.  Take your time.  This is an important  grounding exercise.  Relax your shoulders and ensure your back is straight and you feel grounded and strong.


3. Fertility yoga – clear your aura

Now let’s begin by clearing the day from your aura and take a moment to connect fully with your body, connecting with the crown, throat, heart and sacral chakra (uterus).  I have drawn some simple diagrams below but if you don’t understand them here they are:

With your hands downwards as in mountain pose turn palms upward and lift your arms outwards and above your head (as in angel wings).  Place your hands together in prayer position above your head and gently arch your back to tilt your head upwards towards them.  Now draw your hands downwards (remaining in prayer position) to your third eye chakra where your thumbs touch your  third eye (centre of your forehead slightly above your  eyebrows).  Repeat your affirmation if you have one.  Now bring your hands downwards ( in the same position) to your throat chakra.  Repeat the affirmation.  Now bring your hands to your heart centre.  Repeat the affirmation.  Now turn your hands downwards  into this position  let them flow downwards through the solar plexus (torso) to your sacral chakra (between tummy button and pubic bone).  This is where your uterus/womb resides. Repeat your affirmation or say something positive to yourself such as “I am ready to conceive”).  Repeat this 3 times

4. Fertility yoga –  use the infinity symbol for balance

Remain standing  – add the infinity symbol.

Fertility yogaThe infinity symbol is also called a leminscale and is represented on the Creation Fertility guidance card BALANCE.   This sideways eight represents love, balance, equilibrium, perfection and unity between male and female. It is an eternal movement of balance.  When you draw this card from the Creation Fertility Lifestyle cards then the guidance suggests you may be feeling a little un-balanced spiritually, emotionally or physically. However,  in this womb yoga practice I am offering  the symbol to help you begin  and close your daily womb yoga  practice.    Occupational therapists &  psychologists use the infinity symbol for their patients to ease anxiety and balance the CNS (central nervous system) and PNS (peripheral nervous system).  Use the tip of your tongue to draw the infinity symbol of the roof of your mouth ( I recommend 3 times)  If you prefer draw the infinity symbol with your hands onto your yoga mat  or visually in front of you in the air three  times. It’s important to do it clockwise and then anticlockwise.  Healers and yogini’s connect the Infinity sign spiritually or via the chakras.  If this resonates then try this – In your mind’s eye, as you are  standing on your yoga mat  imagine drawing the sideways infinity symbol above your head.  Now imagine  it flowing downwards over your whole body and aura – clearing negativity whilst offering unconditional love.  Let Gaia Earth take the negativity away as it meets the ground and receive positive UNCONDITIONAL POSITIVE LOVE as it returns up your body to the Crown chakra.    Repeat  3 times.  

Part 2: Fertility yoga asana sequence

Fertility yoga asana sequence1. Butterfly Pose. Sit on the floor.  

We begin by opening the hips and thighs to increase circulation to the pelvic area.    Start by sitting with your legs straight out in front of you.

As demonstrated by my dear friend Muriel Mueller or MuMuyoga draw the soles of your feet together with your knees out toward the sides in a diamond shape.   Hold onto your ankles or the soles of your feet.

Keeping your back nice and straight, lift your breastbone upward (this helps keep the back straight), and draw your shoulders away from your ears.  If you suffer with a bad back then please sit on a folded towel or a small yoga block.  Breathe gently, and flutter the knees up and down like the wings of a butterfly for 30 seconds.  Repeat 3 times

2. Spinal rotation

Now let us relax, release tense energy  and   improve  circulation throughout  your  body.  All nerves travel through the spine and feed every organ in our bodies.  This easy yoga pose encourages not only a healthy body  but a daily emotional connection with your body and womb.  Synchronising the breath helps you focus the mind and release the blocked energy!

Spinal rotation yoga for dertilityPlace your legs in a comfortable cross-legged position.

Place your left hand on your right knee. Inhale deeply.

Keeping your spine long and your chest open engage your abdominal muscles.  Now  twist to your right, reaching your right fingertips to the floor behind you. Let your neck follow; do not strain. Continue to lengthen your spine as you inhale, and gently twist further to the right as you exhale. Hold the pose for 8 to 10 breaths.

Release and twist gently in the opposite direction.

Reverse the crossing of your legs and repeat on the opposite side.

3. Spinal side stretches  

Side stretches lengthen the muscles between the ribs and the pelvis, including the lower back, and improve rib cage mobility and expansiveness of the lungs, making breathing  easier whilst ensuring your  rib cage remains supple and flexible.  This stretch also works the quadratus lumborum (QL) muscle.  This sits deep in the back of the waist and attaches to the top of the back  of the pelvis and the lowest rib in the back. When it contracts, it pulls the bottom rib and the pelvis closer together. The QL can become short and stiff if you regularly spend long hours sitting in chairs, and it can  also become tight and painful, and even go into spasm, with lower-back and sacroiliac injuries.  It is also  super relaxing and releases tension!

  • You can intensify this asana and stretch the latissimus dorsi muscle (which extends from the back waist to the armpit) by stretching your arm overhead whilst in your  side bend.

Sit  on the floor/yoga mat  with in a cross legged position.  If your pelvis feels tight then place a folded blanket under your sitting bones or sit on a small  yoga block.

Now place right hand on right hip and left hand on floor at the left side.

INHALE, sit tall

EXHALE – bed to the right side, keeping chest open and right hand on the floor.

Swap hands and repeat on the left side.

Alternate between sides to repeat seven rounds.


 Part 3:  Ending the fertility yoga practice 

Fertility yogaReturning to the infinity symbol now  draw it with your hands as in the number 8.  Beginning above your head (connecting with the Crown and associated higher chakras) use 1 hand to start drawing the  top of the 8.  Bring your hand down as you imagine drawing the first half of the 8, letting your hand cross over “mid point of the 8” between your heart and solar plexus chakra.  Continue downwards to just below your root chakra before beginning the upward journey on the opposite side of the body to complete the bottom half of the 8, once more crossing over at the mid point to then complete the top half of the eight.

To complete this short fertility yoga asana practice I invite you to lie down with a pillow and blanket for relaxation.  If you are in the first half of your cycle you can include  the acupressure techniques we discussed a few weeks ago.

Complete the practice with a womb balancing meditation

This meditation is best lying down in Savasana  – the pose of total relaxation so please make yourself comfy.

You will need a yoga mat, two blankets – one folded to support the back of your head and neck and another to cover you.  You can also place a pillow or a bolster under your knees for additional support.

Begin by lying on your back, ensuring your  spine is against the floor.  Your legs  and feet should be on the floor to – angled evenly and  relaxed and turned out  equally.   Raise your arms toward the ceiling, perpendicular to the floor and gently rock slightly from side to side to broaden the back ribs and the shoulder blades away from the spine before returning your  arms to the floor, angled evenly similar to your legs and feet.  With your palms pointing downwards let your fingers take a few baby steps towards your feet.  This enables your shoulders to drop a little more.  Now turn your arms outward and stretch them away from the space between the shoulder blades. Rest the backs of the hands on the floor as close as you comfortably can, making sure your shoulder blades are resting evenly on the floor.

If you’re interested in diving into a  comprehensive fertility programme then please call me on 0777133170

Justine Evans ND B.Sc Nut. Medicine is a Registered Naturopath and Nutritional Therapist.  I have also completed the BWY Foundation Course as well as studied Well Women Yoga and Womb Yoga Training with Uma Dinsmore-Tuli.  In tune with mother nature, western medicine, the seasons and Eastern philosophy I  offer a multi dimensional approach to fertility, hormone  and pregnancy health.   I run a clinic in Twickenham and also offer on line consultations. 

email justine@creationfertility.com or call 07747 133170

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Disclaimer: This article has been written as personal opinion and guidance only and should not be construed as medical advice.  I am not a medical doctor.

Muriel Mueller from MuMuYoga is a British Wheel of Yoga Teacher, yoga therapist, pregnancy and fertility yoga teacher and chakra dance teacher. She has been teaching women of all ages and during all stages of their lives for over 18



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