About me – can I help you?

About me

Hi there.  My name is Justine Evans ND and I thought it was about time I told you a little bit about me. It seems a long time ago since I introduced myself and I have  just realised that my website seems to be devoid of me – focusing only on my work!


About me – nutrition and clinic based

I never really know how to refer to myself but “Hormone Alchemist” seems to fit! I have been a qualified health practitioner since 1997  with multi-disciplinary body work qualifications including manual lymphatic massage, Swedish massage, numerous sports massage techniques, Indian head massage, Thai foot massage, reflexology, womb & well woman yoga to name but a few.   The physical body really is fascinating. Having said that – whilst I love and remain passionate about body treatments I felt something was lacking.  During 1999 I addressed this by training in  Spagyric medicine, nutritional science, far infrared therapy and biofeedback.  Wow, this was the shift I needed and by 2009 I had a science degree in Nutritional Medicine  from The University of West London and found me! This additional training completed my clinical approach and I married all my skills together  in 2014 & registered as a Naturopath (ND diploma) where I still sit.  Although I have been working with  plant energy medicine since 1999  I used the “pandemic” to train in Homeotoxicology (Dip. Hons 2021).  Whilst my clinical expertise  initially linked with (auto) immune health you probably know me for my expertise in endocrine, fertility and hormone health.  I have been specialising in this area for many years but apply a more seasonal approach to it these days.  Just for your information,  I also taught anatomy and physiology, nutritional medicine (level 6) and naturopathy for the School of Health for 8 years. This may all sound like a lot of training but as nutritional medicine and science is always evolving being a practitioner means never ending post graduate training and seminars to keep up to date.


About me – spiritual based

about me - Justine Evans NDMy spiritual history is long.  I have seen Spirit, aura and elementals since a young child.  I trained in energy medicine via Reiki & Tera-Mai around 1998; eventually becoming a Master/Teacher in 2009.  Since attuning to Master I have studied many forms of healing, become a Priestess of New Avalon, written my own oracle lifestyle cards, developed a fertility toolkit and authored 4 e-books. 2  on meditation, one focusing on a natural  approach to fertility,  plus a recipe book.  I continue to follow my path integrating science, nature, the bodymind and spirit to maintain wholeness.  I also teach workshops and medicine woman nature based programmes (the patriarchal influence insisted that I obtained a teaching diploma in adult education). From previous past life experiences I believe I have followed the healing medicine woman pathway many times. During this life time I cannot remember a time when I was not drawn to “the alternative way”. Whilst I have always been aware of my “sensitivities”; like many who tread this path, I did not really recognise them until I hit an “emotional barrier”. With the help of some wonderful human guides and spiritual masters I was shown how to “connect”, and continue to study to strengthen my intuition and interpretation methods.


About me – can I help you?

Whilst modern day medicine prefers you to focus on one modality to support wellbeing I can’t agree with this.  Instead I embrace blending all my modalities to provide health programmes. Western science has many benefits, especially surgery but it has its limitations. The germ theory was discovered in the mid 1800’s and western science as we know it is in its infancy and remains one dimensional.  Scientific research  can only answer the questions it is asked and unfortunately research questions can be biased.  Until we have questions answered in a format science can demonstrate fully I cannot only consider the western way but I think it’s good I understand it.  For me, bodytalk, Spiritual science and Mother Gaia’s ancient wisdom, knowledge, plant medicine and practices are equally important.


About me –  can I help you?

If you are drawn to my clinic I  offer consultations from my home in Stroud, Gloucestershire and a clinic near Twickenham, Greater London providing  nutritional medicine, energy healing consultations, health screening, functional medicine and testing, womb healing, psychic and oracle readings plus run “Learn Tarot groups” here in Stroud.

Online I facilitate wisewoman  health courses, wisewoman goddess courses, manifesting moon courses and seasonal on line cleanses. 

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