Wintering and Emergence Programme


Wintering and Emergence Programme

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Wintering and Emergence Programme (part of the 13 moons wellness programme)

wisewoman goddess programme logo by Justine Evans, Hormone AlchemistWintering and Emergence  is part of my 13 moons wellness programme but this year I  am offering you the opportunity to buy  it in modules if you are not ready to immerse yourself into a year programme.

Wintering and Emergence introduces you to seasonal living focusing on traditional wisdom between Samhain (November 1st) and Beltane (May 1st).

What’s included?

As we follow the Wheel of the Year we go inwards as we winter so wintering and emergence begins with a personal numerology reading based on your date of birth and birth name.

To help you set your intentions for 2025 I include a Wheel of the Year Oracle card reading

We explore traditional moon wisdom.  Let me show you how to ebb and flow with the moon

Together we explore sacred symbolism and I show you how to use  6 symbols for healing and  empowerment

Traditional plant wisdom – such an important part of seasonal living and naturopathy.  Together we explore 6 plants and I help you appreciate their value by showing you how you can use them to nurture and nourish yourself and others.

I invite you to a one day workshop here in Stroud, Gloucestershire making your own natural wellbeing toolkit (lotions, potions, oils, balms) and  include restorative yoga nidra and pranayama

Join me over the 6 moons cycles to flow with seasonal living and learn how Mother Gaia  naturally nourishes and nurtures you with 2 seasonal cleanses (January and March) to support  your  wellbeing, colon and digestive health.

I include 2  hair analysis  over the 6 moon cycles –  analysing food sensitivities, nutrient depletions digestive/metabolic screening and emotional wellbeing

I introduce you to seasonal recipes and how and eat and live the seasons

Join me for Zoom meet ups

Enjoy your Wisewoman boxes which include personal affirmations, energy medicines, natural health care products and more!

I even include membership to a private what’s app group. All this for only £650


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