Yin meditation and yoga practices

 Yin meditation and yoga practices

“Re-connect with your goodness within, find your truth and radiate love”

We are in full moon energy and it was no surprise when I pulled this months guidance from the Creation Fertility Oracle cards.

This month I  began the guidance by connecting with Mother Mary; one of the 13 goddess/moon energies from the oracle cards.  I then intuitively pulled a Spagyric remedy – it’s number 24 –  Euphrasia  and finally I drew card 39 from the pack – Goodness within.  What a beautiful message from the 3 which quite simply guides us to

Connect with yin energy, spend time re-connecting with your core, acknowledge your goodness within and find your truth.

This month my guidance is simply to enjoy any of the meditations of yoga practices regularly and be at peace with yourself.

Yin meditation and yoga

Let me begin this month’s #fertilityinspiration by introducing the Divine Mother also known as Mother Mary – Radiant Goddess

Mother Mary has been coming forward to support reproductive wellbeing  through me for some years now – even more so since I trained  as a “Priestess of Avalon” in Goddess energy.

Let me explain the symbolism of Sam Foreman’s beautiful painting to you. (By the way prints are available in  greeting card form for £7 and a larger print form for £30 or £40 when mounted. You can buy them from my website creationfertility.com/shop

Mother Mary is associated with  9 of the 42 Creation Fertility Oracle cards.,  “Starry silence, Love, Trust, Faith, New Moon, Gratitude, Moonstone, Creation Essence and the mantra Sa Ta Na Ma.  She also carries her energy into Creation Essence, my hormone balancing aromatherapy blend  through the essential oil  rose.

Sam Foreman,  my  talented Creation Fertility  spiritual artist told me “ it was a pure joy painting Mother Mary. She gifted me with feeling of peace, serenity and unconditional love while painting her and actually she still does when I look at her”.  I so agree.   She holds this energy within my clinic room and I have her card on my altar.

Symbolism associated with Divine Mother/Mother Mary

White lilies, pink roses, the number 9, a crescent moon, the colours blue, white & pink,  a fleur-de-lis, motherhood, re-birth, a crown.  The energy is gratitude, joy, unconditional and eternal love, hope, faith, compassion, purity & wisdom

White lilies represent purity, compassion, tranquillity and humility.   The scent of the lily represents Mary’s divinity By the way, the fleur–de-lis is the portrayal of the Lily – the 3 petals depict trinity, hope, faith and charity.  In Greek mythology the Lily represents motherhood and rebirth.

Sam placed a crown of roses on her head to represent love, honour, faith, wisdom and devotion.  Wearing a crown of roses represents heavenly joy. Did you know that Mary is also called The Rose Without Thorns?  The pink rose heart centre represents unconditional love and the pink rose signifies gratitude, grace and joy whilst the 9 roses in the painting represent eternal love

The 9 stars symbolise the 9  “Mother/Fertility Goddesses associated with Creation Fertility who  interconnect and form of sacred circle of Energy.   (Taweret, Divine Mother, Shakti Energy, Lakshmi, Durga, Brigid, Lord Shiva, Gaia Water, Mother Earth).  In addition we have Solar and  the 4 aspects of Moon energy  (i.e. yin/yang and the cycle of life)

Mary wears the blue crescent moon of a “Priestess”  on her forehead.   Whilst most people connect her as mother to Jesus she was in fact a Priestess who trained in the temple of Solomon where she learned the mysteries of the Divine Feminine.

The blue of her robes represent trust, loyalty, wisdom and faith – the traditional colours of an initiated Priestess.

So here is the 1st  yin meditation this month. This takes about 30 minutes. You can see one of my Mother Mary prints in the background.

Now we have connected with Mother Mary let’s move onto card 39 – Goodness within which seems so appropriate.

Meditation 2 

So, this meditation takes you on a journey to “smile within”. Recognising yourself for your true beautiful self.  It is so uplifting and lasts  about 20 minutes .

The Yoga practices for this moon cycle

This month I thought I would offer 2 yoga practices to support your fertility and reproductive wellbeing.  Fundamentally we are connecting with YIN energy – that wonderful nurturing energy which helps reduce anxiety, cortisol and helps rebalance hormones.

I recommend this short heart opening yoga practice when working with Mother Mary  – led by a great friend  Abra Willis .

The final yoga practice for this month is from my beautiful friend Fiona Hughes – a most enjoyable yin yoga practice which takes about 90 minutes.

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Disclaimer: This article has been written as personal opinion and guidance only and should not be construed as medical advice.  I am not a medical doctor.

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