Autumn cleanse 2023

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Boost your immunity and balance your hormones with my autumn  cleanse.  October 4th – 13th  2023. 10 days
Investment £85 

autumn cleanse 2022

seasonal cleanse with Justine Evans ND

This amazing 10 day  autumn cleanse with Justine Evans ND  comes complete with a box full of goodies including

  • beautiful warming recipes (vegetarian) and a shopping list
  • optional zoom groups which provides a circle of interaction, meditations, guidance and naturopathic discussion
  • personalised hair analysis  (biofeedback), a wisewoman box, personal affirmation and more!
  • mindful meditations

Autumn is the season to connect with Mother Gaia – release all that which no longer serves you and sow seeds for the forthcoming year.  Join Justine Evans ND  and let her guide you through the cleanse, focusing on your immune health .  Let her emotionally and physically support you with natural traditional medicine, nutritional therapy and the beauty of nature.


Autumn cleanse with Justine Evans ND

autumn cleanse 2022

seasonal cleanse with Justine Evans ND

Boost your immunity and balance your hormones with my autumn cleanse.  We begin  Wednesday 4th October – completing on Friday 13th October 2023.   

This amazing 10 day programme comes complete with

  • delicious seasonal recipes and shopping list
  • 5 zoom group circles
  • mindful meditations connecting with the season and Mother Gaia
  • biofeedback hair analysis for food sensitivities and nutrient deficiencies plus a beautiful wisewoman box filled with natural cleansing support and a personal affirmation
  • mentoring by Justine Evans ND,  Registered Naturopath, BSC Nutritional Medicine and meditation teacher


My autumn cleanse  focuses on gentle naturopathic support and zoom interaction. 

I include

a wisewoman box with lifestyle and naturopathic support linked with the season  

 zoom groups   – for  gentle naturopathic support , meditations and interaction 

Hair analysis to identify nutrient deficiencies (biofeedback). For the autumn cleanse I include food sensitivities and nutrient depletions

Your own bespoke vibrational energy remedy and affirmation to support you throughout the autumn cleanse 

Cleansing support – dried herbs and plants from my garden  to bathe/shower in to  support the autumn cleanse


To Nourish –

Herbal tea recipes for hormone balance, colon cleansing and immune support together with plenty of  seasonal vegetables including delicious  traybakes and one pot meals  to help build your immunity.

This is not the season for  fasting so I  provide a sensible eating plan  and immune boosting natural recipes to feed the spleen, colon and your soul.

I also include hair analysis and a bespoke energy remedy using biofeedback.


To Nurture

Autumn cleanse with Justine Evans ND

1.  Connect with Mother Gaia  to boost  immunity and connect with the autumn season.   My mindful practices include connecting with the Goddess,  and mindful meditation using traditional medicine associated with my medicinal herbal garden to  encourage a balanced mind-set, and physical wellbeing.



2. Hair analysis and a   personal “vibrational ”  energy  remedy made specifically for you  using a   remedy based on your  hair analysis and  Asyra biofeedback (included in the price).  The  remedy’s vibration is to identify and release any conscious  or unconscious blocks.



 Join me for a  mind/body approach to a 10 day  Equinox cleanse ! 

October 4th – 13th 2023 (£85 in total UK only). BUY HERE 

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