Mother Mary – Radiant Goddess Print


A print painted from original work by Sam Foreman, exclusively for Creation Fertility. Comes mounted in white board.

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Mother Mary – Radiant Goddess as a print £40

A print painted from original work by Sam Foreman, exclusively for Creation Fertility. Comes mounted in white board.

To help appreciate the Mother Mary – Divine Mother’s energy I thought I would explain  the symbolism of Sam Foreman’s beautiful painting to you so here goes! (By the way prints are available in  greeting card for £7 )

Mother Mary is associated with  9 of the 42 Creation oracle cards,  “Starry silence, Love, Trust, Faith, New Moon, Gratitude, Moonstone, Creation Essence and the mantra Sa Ta Na Ma“.  She also carries her energy into Creation Essence, my hormone balancing aromatherapy blend  through the essential oil  Rose.

Sam Foreman,  my  talented Creation Fertility  spiritual artist told me “ it was a pure joy painting Mother Mary. She gifted me with feeling of peace, serenity and unconditional love while painting her and actually she still does when I look at her”.  I so agree.   She holds this energy within my clinic room and I have her card on my altar.

Symbolism associated with Divine Mother/Mother Mary

White lilies and pink roses, the number 9, a crescent moon, the colours blue, white & pink,  a fleur-de-lis, motherhood, re-birth, a crown.  The energy of gratitude, joy, unconditional and eternal love, hope, faith, compassion, purity & wisdom

White lilies represent purity, compassion, tranquillity and humility.   The scent of the lily represents Mary’s divinity By the way, the fleur–de-lis is the portrayal of the Lily – the 3 petals depict trinity, hope, faith and charity.  In Greek mythology the Lily represents motherhood and rebirth.

Sam placed a crown of roses on her head to represent love, honour, faith, wisdom and devotion.  Wearing a crown of roses represents heavenly joy. Did you know that Mary is also called The Rose Without Thorns?  The pink rose heart centre represents unconditional love and the pink rose signifies gratitude, grace and joy whilst the 9 roses in the painting represent eternal love

The 9 stars symbolise the 9  “Mother/Fertility Goddesses associated with Creation Fertility who  interconnect and form of sacred circle of Energy.   (Taweret, Divine Mother, Shakti Energy, Lakshmi, Durga, Brigid, Lord Shiva, Gaia Water, Mother Earth).  In addition we have Solar and  the 4 aspects of Moon energy  (i.e. yin/yang and the cycle of life)

Mary wears the blue crescent moon of a “Priestess”  on her forehead.   It has been discovered that Mary was in fact a Priestess who trained in the temple of Solomon where she learned the mysteries of the Divine Feminine. The blue of her robes represent trust, loyalty, wisdom and faith – the traditional colours of an initiated Priestess.


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