Spagyric essences  are a unique and harmonious blend of  “plant medicine ” which combines  herbology, homeopathy, aromatherapy and mineral therapy. This ancient but ever evolving natural healing  system  compliments all  forms of medicine and  remain completely non-toxic! – even safe for children and during pregnancy.

Spagyric medicine is based on a holistic healing system which takes into account many traditions including The Four Elements, Fire, Air, Water and Earth, the dual principle of Male/Female, Light and Darkness  and considers the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of health.

Essences are generally taken orally, 20 drops three times per day for a set period of time ( I tend to recommend 60 drops in a litre of water and drunk throughout the day);  but it is possible to use them as a room spray, add to the bath or  apply topically as a cream. Whilst there are many  pre-blended essences I am able to personalise essences using numerology and  your name. Bespoke personalised essences need to be assessed face to face, pre-blended essences can be assessed via phone or skype. I have been working with Spagyrics since 2009.

Spagyric energy essences work particularly well when there is an "unconscious element" to your health or emotion.  They work particularly well when combined with Nutritional Therapy and Reiki and also my Spring hormone detox

How Are Spagyric Essences Produced?

Each essence is prepared alchemically in licensed laboratories in Germany and Switzerland. The preparation process utilises the elements and energy of the plant including mineral salts & trace elements, water and essential oils. These are produced in a tiny amount of alcohol, similar to Bach flower remedies and homeopathic tinctures. There are many different brands of Spagyrics and there can be more than ten distinct ways of making them – all with different philosophies. I study the Phylak-Spagyrics essences which are made at PHYLAK laboratories (method of Dr Zimpel) in Germany and Switzerland. For more information see More information can also be seen here: Spagyric medicine – safety

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