Far Infrared Thermal Treatment (FITT)

Far Infrared Thermal Treatment – (FITT)

FITT saunas offer an extremely comfortable, relaxing and efficient ways to help detoxify and rejuvenate at cellular level. Simply using low temperatures and safe far infrared rays it stimulates the body’s natural healing and repair processes.  The rays penetrate several centimetres through the skin and heat up subcutaneous tissues which are then mobilised and released. After 24 hours, chemicals redistribute from deeper tissues into the upper layers and the process can be repeated, drawing more toxins out each time.  For this treatment to be truly efficient a course of treatment is recommended. Whilst FITT can be used as a stand alone treatment I combine it with massage and reflexology which I believe intensifies the results.  I also recommend you rent a FITT as part of the treatment plan to get the best from your personal protocol.  I charge £25 per week for rental.

Uses for Far Infrared Thermal Treatments (FITT)
Helps detoxification! Includes poor lifestyle, chemicals, parabens from cosmetics, heavy metals, pesticides, multiple chemical sensitivities,
Excellent support for post operative recovery especially when combined with lymphatic massage and a naturopathic wellness programme
Supports weight loss and cellulite.
Reduces chronic pain and fatigue, fibromyalgia, poor circulation
Eases asthma and breathing difficulties,
Can be used to support fertility and warms the womb over conception period
and much more including maintaining good health!
How To Use A Far Infrared Sauna Properly
FITTThe best results are achieved from a bespoke detoxification and naturopathic wellness programme with lengthening sessions although you may have a one-off session if you prefer.  A  glass of water or herbal tea is offered post treatment to rehydrate.
•Please note – Far Infrared  Thermal Treatment does not damage the skin and it is not essential to sweat to reap the benefits. Health and medical professionals in Japan and Canada have been using Far infrared thermal systems for the past 18 years. They are also popular in the USA.