Workshops and events 2019

This year I am very excited to  share my  workshops and events with you.  These are different to the seasonal health cleanses.

Workshops and Events 2019.

Womb Doula Associate.

As some of you may know my expertise lies in fertility and hormone health.  This year I very excited to  invite you to become a  WOMB doula associate with me. 

If you have an interest in  reproductive health and Eastern philosophy  then this course is for  you. With a strong focus on the physical and energetic approach to reproductive health and fertility it is suitable for all CAM practitioners who have an integrative approach to fertility and womb well being.

This course is suitable for Naturopaths, Nutritionists, Acupuncturists, Reflexologists, Homeopaths, Healers/Reiki Therapists, Massage Therapists, Bodyworkers,  Pregnancy/Neonatal/Spiritual midwives/Bereavement doula’s/Pregnancy doula’s, Yoga teachers/therapists, Midwives,  ART providers,  nurses  or anyone who has a desire to  support reproductive health issues.

What is a  womb doula?   My definition of  “womb doula”   means a kind person who gives support, help, and advice to women throughout their fertility journey.  This  may specifically relate to fertility health and conception but can also include puberty, menstruation; any uterine/womb health  imbalance and covers all hormonal health disorders,  pre-natal/birth/post natal support  and throughout the  peri- menopausal years.

I honestly believe that  my womb doula associate programme will be an asset to  you.  It is  an incredibly powerful  tool  to add to your professional health practice.  Whilst you continue to work within your own professional discipline the intention of my womb doula associate programme is to share my 21 years of clinical experience, academic knowledge  and spiritual development with you.  My womb doula associate programme has been written to help you develop your  professional health practice, broaden and deepen your understanding of reproductive health/fertility conditions and provides on- going mentoring,  referrals;  networking and business skills.  Please note.  You will need to complete 1 or both of the modules below in addition to the business skills module to become an womb doula associate.

If you would like more information about becoming a womb doula associate with me please email me telling me a little about yourself and your skills @ or read more below


Earth Mother Module – May 17th and 18th 2019.  June 14th and 15th 2019.  Effraspace, 21 Effra Parade, London, SW2 1PX London.  Buy it here 

  1. Womb Ecology/The Cycle of Life.  Modern fertility concerns –  age, polycystic ovaries, sperm health, endometriosis, uterine fibroids or cysts, recurrent miscarriage, blocked fallopian tubes, unexplained fertility, womb shapes and sizes,  immunity,   IVF/ART  (assisted reproductive techniques) and assisted conception/donors etc.  Natural fertility.  Western options available and integrating them with CAM.
  2. Nourishing the womb – role of  diet and importance of  preparing for pregnancy.   Essential  nutrients, organic foods,  5-2 rainbow diet, eating the seasons, TTW diet, post  assisted conception failure.  Essential fats and seed cycling.   Importance of prolactin, vitamin D, cortisol/ stress. Methylation and how it influence the liver and hormone balance.  Supplementation.  Vegan and vegetarian fertility options.
  3. Plant medicine for  fertility  –  Understand the 7   main hormone balancing aromatherapy essential oils.    Modern homeopathy,energy remedies and herbals- Spagyric  remedies for womb/fertility health.   Appreciate and learn about the  emotional/spiritual and physical  attributes of  essential oils/remedies,  plant personalities etc).   How to use  and when (tincture and transdermal)
  4. Naturopathy for fertility  –  vagisteams/castor oil packs/ginger packs/Epsom salt baths/Acupressure  points and protocols.   When suitable and why?  How to use alongside assisted conception procedures.
  5. Home study – reflective practice and journaling

Cosmic Mother Module – February 23rd and 24th , March 16th and 17th 2019.  Seale Natural health centre, Manor Farm Craft Centre, Wood Lane, Seale, Farnham, Surrey GU10 1HR.  Buy it here

  1. Moonology  The phases of the moon.  How it influences bleeds, conception, death and (re) birth.   The Wheel of the Year  – seasonal health & its influence on  menstrual cycles  and womb ecology – Understanding the  conceptual window & the role of  hormones; mucus  etc plus options to enable tracking.  Both traditional and modern.
  2. Traditional philosophy and  meditation  The theory of re-incarnation,  soul arrival during a pregnancy,  traditional  forms of “calling your baby” including  meditation .  How to incorporate visualisation and meditation into your  daily practice and natural health practice
  3. Spiritual Midwifery – The Goddesses.  What is spiritual midwifery? Who are the Goddesses?  I introduce you to  the women-honouring deities and archetypes who  I am connected with.  I introduce rituals & living that cultivates  some understanding of this vast subject. What exactly  is Shakti and the  triple aspects of Maiden, Mother, Crone?  We explore  the Goddesses; their  kundalini chants, strengths and energy and how to call them in.   Over the course we connect with Lord Shiva, Lakshmi,  Durga,   The Divine Mother Mary,  the Egyptian midwife Tauret; the Earth Mother herself – Gaia,   and the Celtic Triple Goddess –  Brighid.
  4. Crystals  (rose quartz, moonstone, carnelian,  silver, shiva lingams, mookaite). Their influence on fertility; their connection with the Goddesses and emotional well being.   How the moon influences crystals and when you can use crystals.  Practical  –  programming and cleansing crystals, how to make crystal tinctures and cleansing sprays.  Why, how and when they are appropriate.
  5. Home study – meditation/creative project/reflective practice/journaling

All therapists and practitioner are required to complete the Business Skills Module to become an Womb doula associate.

This Module fees are included within the Cosmic Mother and Earth Mother modules for 2019.

  • Womb doula associate – the nitty gritty.  How it works and what’s in it for you.  This on-line module and webinar  discusses how  becoming a womb doula associate works for you.  How I help you.  How to develop your practice integrating this approach and these products whilst maintaining your own style and individualism.  I include what’s on offer to support your practice – Downloadable meditations, fertility diets and other handouts for your clients.  How to receive referrals.  How to support on-going clinical research in this field, my marketing  approach and  your practitioner discount scheme.  Become a member of a closed facebook group for  additional  community and support.  On going annual  costs, webinars, courses and CPD’s.  Opportunities for group meet-ups and marketing at live events.
  • Home study:  You will be asked to complete case studies and reflective practice.

Workshops and events 2019 –  a series of  natural medicine women’s online workshops

Join me on the last Tuesday evening of each month @ 7.30pm for a FREE LIVE VIDEO WOMEN’S CIRCLE  and NATURAL MEDICINE WORKSHOP on facebook

Each month I will be hosting an hour of  women’s connection and  sharing my knowledge to  support living with the seasons, regaining hormone balance and connecting with traditional medicine and natural remedies.  This women’s circle is  FREE.  The circle is divided into 2 parts – initially we will focus on self healing and naturopathy and complete the circle with a led meditation/visualisation or “reading” of some format. What is a women’s circle via social media? A women’s circle is a safe and sacred space for women to come together. Women throughout history have gathered in circles to empower each other and share wisdom.  My circle offers advice and  provides a place to turn up your positive vibration.


Holistic Fayres and Events 2019

The Holistic Centre Wellness Day  @ G-Live, Guildford . Saturday March 30th  2019 10 am -4pm 

Come along to Surrey’s biggest and brightest health and well-being event. I shall be  exhibiting and selling Creation Fertility products  including castor oil packs, Shakti rituals, Creation Essence, Birthing Kits and Fertility Toolkit.   I WILL ALSO BE OFFERING AN AMAZING COMPETITION TO WIN A FREE HORMONE MOT .  Find out about the diverse range of holistic therapies and products available on your doorstep, with samples, treatments, seminars and workshops.  Book your tickets in advance at


Awaken the Goddess  Festival    – Saturday   27th July 2018 Haverstock Hill London NW3

This is one of my favourite festivals and I am very excited to be  part of it.  I will also be  selling my beautiful products  PLUS  offering an AMAZING FREE DRAW  to win a free Hormone/fertility MOT.   Please come along to the Awaken the Goddess Festival and immerse yourself in a day of exploration, healing and feminine grace. You will learn how to harness your female energies to create the life you were born to live. Delve into subjects such as the divine feminine, creativity, shamanism, energy healing, holistic health, spirituality and sexuality.

Please email me  for more information or call me on 07747 133170


About Justine: 

Justine Evans NDJustine Evans ND is an experienced Hormone Alchemist. Connecting life with natural cycles and seasons,  she blends Western  science with traditional healing methods and  esoteric  alchemy. Justine runs a private Women’s Natural Health and Fertility Clinic in Richmond Borough, Surrey. For more information on Justine please look at her websites: and



MuMu Mumma and Baby Yoga with Reflexology, Sunday 7th February 2016. 2pm – 4pm. £25.00, @ Bullen Hall, Hampton Wick, Kingston upon Thames, Surrey.

Yoga and Baby Reflexology February 2016Muriel Mueller from MuMuYoga and Creation Fertility are collaborating to offer a wonderful Sunday afternoon workshop. During the 2 hours Muriel Mueller will be guiding you through a delicious gentle yoga whilst Justine Evans of Creation Fertility will be demonstrating Baby Reflexology techniques. So we invite you to bring your baby and go with the Yoga Flow! This workshop is suitable for all parents and babies (newborn to 6 months ish) Justine aims to cover #sore tummies, #weaning #colic, #wind, #teething, #sleepingbaby Only £25.00. Pre payment is required to attend so please call me on 07747 133170 if you are wishing to attend! You will need to bring your baby, and a towel. Yoga mats are already there! A Spagyric Baby Cream will be available to use.

Email to reserve your place or call Justine Evans

on 07747 133170

Workshops and Meditation Courses must be pre-booked and paid in full. Please contact me on 07747 133170 or for further information