Workshops and events 2018

This year I am very excited to introduce a series of  interactive  natural medicine women’s circle workshops and events throughout London and Surrey.

Women’s Circle

Join me on the last Tuesday evening of each month @ 7.30pm for a LIVE VIDEO WOMEN’S CIRCLE  and NATURAL MEDICINE WORKSHOP on facebook

Each month I will be hosting an hour of  women’s connection and  sharing my knowledge to  support hormone balance.  This women’s circle is interactive and FREE.  The circle is divided into 2 parts – initially we will focus on self healing and naturopathy and complete the circle with a led meditation/visualisation.

What is a women’s circle via social media. A women’s circle is a safe and sacred space for women to come together, use their voices, be heard and be seen. Women throughout history have gathered in circles to empower each other and share wisdom.  My circle offers advice and  provides a place to turn up your positive vibration.

Tuesday January  30th  @ 7.30pm –  Immune balance using traditional foods and remedies




Tuesday February 27th   – Moon  magic – it’s energy and rituals

Covering how and why the lunar cycle affects hormones, menstruation, emotions and wellbeing.  I will be offering simple rituals to help you connect with the moon and her energies to support not only your health but mind-set.  We will also be enjoying a lef meditation visualisation.  Please join me


March 27th  –  DIY massage techniques for   gut health, detoxification, headaches and ovulation pain

Today we discuss how abdominal massage can help digestion and menstruation.  I will show you easy techniques to use at home!  We will also be discussing supporting digestion and menstruation using natural remedies and complete the live video with a relaxing led meditation.  I hope you can join me.


April 24th :  How to use a pendulum and plant medicine/Spagyrics guidance readings!

This is something a little bit different.  Learn how to use a pendulum to help you make decisions and choose healthy foods.  I am also offering Spagyric readings using my test kit. Simply listen to the event live and I can tune in and choose a spagyric to support your well being.    I will discuss it’s emotional and physical support.  It will be interesting if you resonate with the plant medicine.  Plus of course we will finish with a led meditation.  I hope you will join me.Each month throughout the year the circle  (workshop) I will be focusing  on a different aspect of  mind-body alchemy using natural and traditional healing techniques.  Please join me for  feminine connection and let this circle evolve.

Tuesday May 29th:    How to use Divine Healing Codes.

In preparation for my workshop @ AwakenTheGoddess Festival in July , tonight I am introducing the concept of Divine Healing Codes.   Put simply Divine Codes are a form of quantum healing.  (quantum healing is a connection with consciousness i.e. everything is connected).  These numerical codes are a gift from Spirit, the Divine Mother and Archangel Raphael.  This form of energy healing uses intention and numerical sequence of  natural foods, plants,  & emotions to balance the energetic body. Join me and I will explain more!

Tuesday June 26th 7.30pm – Aromatherapy oils for hormone balance

Tonight I am discussing the use of essential oils for hormone balance.  How to use them and which ones! I hope you will join me


The Holistic Centre Wellness Day  @ G-Live, Guildford .

Saturday March 10th 10 am -4pm 

Come along to Surrey’s biggest and brightest health and well-being event. I shall be  exhibiting and selling Creation Fertility products  including castor oil packs, Shakti rituals, Creation Essence, Birthing Kits and Fertility Toolkit.   I WILL ALSO BE OFFERING AN AMAZING COMPETITION TO WIN A FREE HORMONE MOT .  Find out about the diverse range of holistic therapies and products available on your doorstep, with samples, treatments, seminars and workshops.  Book your tickets in advance at


Seasonal Health Programme: 21 day hormone Cleanse  £100. Begins March 19th 2018!  

The 21 day hormone cleanse is suitable for any woman who has hormone imbalances, especially suitable for students, preparing for pregnancy, recovery from miscarriage, failed assisted conception, rebalance after contraception removal, pms symptoms, menstruation disorders, pcos  and during these peri-menopause years.  


Awaken the Goddess  Festival    – Saturday   28th July 2018 Haverstock Hill London NW3

Awakening  Self Healing using Spiritual Codes.

Quan Yin’s Parlour.  12.30 -1.30 pm

Are you interested in  awakening your healing potential? Let’s experience alchemy together.  Let me show you how to choose and use  divine spiritual codes. This interactive workshop  will focus on hormone and mind/body  emotional balance.  I will begin by introducing specific hormone balancing plants (such as ginseng) together with their Divine codes.  Then  I will demonstrate how to intensify their powerful vibration using Divine sacred spiritual codes linking the etheric mind/body/spirit.   Draw these codes onto your body,  imprint into crystals and jewellery,  draw onto flowers, your garden,  pets,  home and enhance food, water and drinks to  self heal.

This is one of my favourite festivals and I am very excited to be  part of it.  I will also be  selling my beautiful products  PLUS  offering an AMAZING FREE DRAW  to win a free Hormone/fertility MOT.   Please come along to the Awaken the Goddess Festival and immerse yourself in a day of exploration, healing and feminine grace. You will learn how to harness your female energies to create the life you were born to live. Delve into subjects such as the divine feminine, creativity, shamanism, energy healing, holistic health, spirituality and sexuality.

The Holistic Centre Wellness Day  @ G-Live, Guildford . 

Saturday September 22nd  2018 10th 10 am -4pm

Come along to Surrey’s biggest and brightest health and well-being event. I shall be  exhibiting and selling Creation Fertility products  including castor oil packs, Shakti rituals, Creation Essence, Birthing Kits and Fertility Toolkit. I WILL ALSO BE OFFERING AN AMAZING COMPETITION TO WIN A FREE HORMONE MOT .  Find out about the diverse range of holistic therapies and products available on your doorstep, with samples, treatments, seminars and workshops.   Book your tickets in advance at


Please email me  for more information or call me on 07747 133170


Equinox Cleanse: 

Join me for a  mind/body approach to a 10 day  Equinox cleanse ! 

September 24th – October 3rd 2018  £150. to secure your place!


Between the Autumn Equinox  (Sunday September 23rd) and Samhain ( October 31st /halloween)  my  last  10 day cleanse  for this year focuses on the spleen and colon  meridians to support  emotional wellbeing, boost  immunity and help to restore hormonal balance.  Why?  To help us  welcome  the change of season and prepare us all  for the winter months.

The spleen meridian  physically is associated with the spleen, pancreas and immune health.   By emotionally  balancing the spleen meridian  we can metaphysically release anxiety about the future and once balanced  regain trust and have  faith and confidence for the future.  I feel this is so important  during this change of season as Mother Nature cycles  onwards, releasing and preparing the  way to  sow the seeds of transformation.

This particular cleanse dives deeper –  I am adding a gentle colon cleanse .  Chinese medicine believes that  we carry  the burden of guilt in the large intestine/colon  so cleansing this area helps the spleen meridian release, encourages forgiveness whether that is personal or directed at someone or a past trauma  and gently lets go of guilt.  Through  restoring   our own sense of self-esteem and self worth we surely can sow the seeds for our future and  enjoy the winter months sowing our seeds of transformation!


Embracing the menopauseEmbracing the Menopause  (women’s circle)

For anyone within the peri or menopausal  age range or those who have recently had oestrogen related health issues or a hysterectomy. Embracing the menopause is a  one day women’s event  helping you understand the changes in your body and embrace them!

I am offering wisdom and advice to support this cycle of your life and will be discussing and answering your questions on:

The emotional feelings generated by the peri-menopause  (confidence, anxiety, irritability, ageing fears, depression)

How foods and fluids regain balance and ease  symptoms  “The Hormone Balancing Diet”

Reducing symptoms –   womb bleeds, menstruation changes, flushes, sleep disturbances, nervousness, stress symptoms,  low libido,  weight gain

A the end the day with gentle relaxation and  a led meditation.

Please bring a bottle of water, warm socks if you are the chilly type and a lunch

Invest in yourself:  Please email me for more information and to reserve your place.  Places are limited!

or call me on 07747 133170.


 About Justine: 

Justine Evans NDJustine Evans ND is an experienced Hormone Alchemist. Connecting life with Natural Cycles and Seasons,  she blends Western Science with Traditional Healing Methods and Esoteric  Alchemy. Justine runs a private Women’s Natural Health and Fertility Clinic in Richmond Borough, Surrey. For more information on Justine please look at her websites: and



MuMu Mumma and Baby Yoga with Reflexology, Sunday 7th February 2016. 2pm – 4pm. £25.00, @ Bullen Hall, Hampton Wick, Kingston upon Thames, Surrey.

Yoga and Baby Reflexology February 2016Muriel Mueller from MuMuYoga and Creation Fertility are collaborating to offer a wonderful Sunday afternoon workshop. During the 2 hours Muriel Mueller will be guiding you through a delicious gentle yoga whilst Justine Evans of Creation Fertility will be demonstrating Baby Reflexology techniques. So we invite you to bring your baby and go with the Yoga Flow! This workshop is suitable for all parents and babies (newborn to 6 months ish) Justine aims to cover #sore tummies, #weaning #colic, #wind, #teething, #sleepingbaby Only £25.00. Pre payment is required to attend so please call me on 07747 133170 if you are wishing to attend! You will need to bring your baby, and a towel. Yoga mats are already there! A Spagyric Baby Cream will be available to use.

Email to reserve your place or call Justine Evans

on 07747 133170

Workshops and Meditation Courses must be pre-booked and paid in full. Please contact me on 07747 133170 or for further information