Winter Special Offer

Don’t miss out on this Winter Special Offer!

Traditionally, the winter season is a time to rest and go inwards although most people seem to want to detox after Christmas. My winter special offer  has integrated the two – calm Christmas hormones, gently detox from excess and enjoy silence to rejuvenate and rest.

Detox in a warming far infared sauna whilst enjoying a hot stones back neck and shoulder massage PLUS a facial lymphatic massage.

Release.  It is time to rest and rejuvenate 

Come home. Find balance and equilibrium, regardless of where you are in your cycle of life.

The Winter Special Offer – Only £300 for 6 treatments

Available: December 1st – February 28th/29th
December Special OfferWith short days and long evenings this seasonal signature programme offers you a chance to rejuvenate, relax and re-balance. Calm those Christmas hormones, take stock and relax.

Each treatment includes

30 minutes back neck and shoulders hot stones massage

30 minute lymphatic facial massage

Rest and detox in the warm far infared “Cocoon” sauna throughout the treatment

A restorative cup of home made turmeric tea

December special offerManual lymphatic massage is an incredibly gentle but super powerful form of massage.  It is particularly useful post Christmas detoxification and for hormonal upset but without the agony of fasting or using nutritional supplements. It is a gentle but remedial form of massage.  Lymphatic drainage (also known as MLD) boosts immune health, cleanses the body  and when used on the face it seems to reduce the appearance of ageing!

Facial lymphatic massage helps to relieve  symptoms such as sinus congestion, headaches, myalgia, hormonal skin conditions  including roseacea and acne, soothes the face and jaw line, and reduces facial bloating and puffiness.

Relax & Detox in the Cocoon 
The direct heat from the Cocoon SystemTM allows for gentle relaxation of the muscles, cellular rejuvention and detoxification all at the same time in a comfortable temperature. It gently warms the lymphatic tissues which encourages a deeper and more effective massage. I have found far infared therapy useful post operative care as clinic stats indicate faster healing.  I have also used it as an aid to fertility and conceptual support including womb cleansing post miscarriage or failed assited conception.  I have also used it to support endometriosis pain and reduce fibroids/polyps/cysts when used alongside hormone wellbeing programmes

 Who will benefit from this winter special offer? 

Encourages detoxification and  supports recovery post Christmas excess

Boosts the immune system post respiratory viruses and ‘flu

As a stress support – encourages deep rest and relaxation

Calms the skin after hormonal breakouts

Supports symptoms associated with  peri menopause, poly cystic  ovaries, post assisted conception failure, when preparing for pregnancy and other hormonal issues

Here is some more information about the far infared Cocoon

And my personal Christmas gift to you!

When you  sign up to the Winter Special offer and subscribe to my newsletters I am offering  you a FREE numerology reading or angel card reading!

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Natural Health Tips for the Festive Season

Meditate daily: FREE mediations available here

Hydrate: Begin each day with a cup of steaming hot water with quarter of a juice of a lemon added to it. Sip slowly. This supports your liver and helps it to release excess hormones and toxins . Drink a glass of filtered water in between each alcoholic or caffeine based drink. Aim to drink 1.5 litres of pue filtered water daily.

Choose natural foods when possible. If you wish to avoid Christmas hormones try when you can. All food should be recognisable in its natural state. If you can manage this then it’s unlikely Christmas will cause hormonal hell because you will be avoiding sugar based, refined & processed convenience foods.

Click here for seasonal recipes.

In line with the 5-2 approach I recommend that 2 non-consecutive days per week you “cleanse your system”. Don’t drink alcohol or caffeine on these days, enjoy a deep, restorative massage or an Epsom salt bath. Eat veggie for the day or have a “bone broth day”. These days are not to be taken post party because your blood sugars can’t support you so I recommend you pencil the days in your diary right now to maintain hormone balance.

 I have plenty more nutritional therapy suggestions and recipes here to keep you on track.

If you need additional support because sugar cravings become too much click here

Maintain your exercise schedule – hopefully outdoors. This encourages vitamin D absorption and fresh air plus exercise is a fantastic metabolism boost. Talking about exercise Amanda and I are collaborating to provide another wonderful LOVE YOUR WOMB EVENT for all women of all ages on February 4th , more about this below.

Coming Home and Finding Balance £37.50 per person.

Book your ticket here with eventbrite

2 pm – 5 pm @ Heart-Twickenham . Saturday 4th February

Seasonal ProgrammesJustine and Amanda Wilkes Yoga invite you to another Love Your Womb workshop. This is an amazing womb yoga workshop for women at all stages of their life. Today we include elemental practices, deep restorative rest, gentle yoga movement and balancing pranayama. We explore natural remedies to balance hormones, offer nutrition guidance and discuss the use of essential oils.

Come home. Find balance and equilibrium, regardless of where you are in your cycle of life.

The womb centre is a women’s feminine core and generator of creative potential.  Through connecting with the sacral centre you can restore  balance and loving power, whatever your age and whether you have a womb or not! Womb yoga integrates Eastern and healing philosophy, gentle movement and much more. Enjoy 3 hours of deep restorative relaxation, yoga, naturopathic philosophy, kirtan chant and healing.

Email to reserve your place, call 07747 133170 or book through Eventbrite.

Disclaimer: Justine Evans ND is a registered naturopath and nutritional therapist.  These opinions are suggestions and should not be considered advice.  Justine  does not accept any responsibility towards your health through reading this blog.  If you have any concerns about your health please receive the advice of a health professional before applying any changes to your lifestyle programme