Winter Solstice Ritual

Solstice Ritual -December 21st

Solstice Ritual

Winter Solstice Ritual – Sunday 21st December 2014

Friday 19th December is my last working day before closing for the Christmas period.  With such a busy and eventful 2014 I am looking forward to taking some time out to be with my wonderful family. The clinic will be open again Monday 5th January -although of course I will check my emails!

It seems a perfect time to close the clinic for the seasonal break because the Winter Solstice – the shortest day of the year, falls on Sunday 21st December.   I do enjoy acknowledging the day because, for me, it gives me the opportunity to reflect on the significance of the cycle which is ending.  It helps me to set intentions for 2015.  I find this period of the year is often turbulent  – a time of extremes – weather, finance, social life, darkness and the Solstice seems to be the catalyst that change is imminent.  It is a great time to accept change through letting go – a time to acknowledge any learnings from experiences including people and beings of significance that has happened over the year and to welcome more light into life.

So, the Winter Solstice is a place where I release anything that has happened over the year with a ritual.   This year I am very happy to be attending a wonderful Solstice Yoga Workshop @ TheHeart  Centre in Twickenham during the afternoon.  Later, with my family I will be using this ritual – perhaps you would like to try some of it or all of it at home too?

Winter Solstice Ritual

You will need: A couple sheets of paper
                  3-6 envelopes and paper/pen
                  An open fire or flame
                  Tea Light or floating candle
                  Flower heads or petals
                  Celebratory meal and friends (optional!)


Part 1. Between now and Sunday take a few minutes each day to reflect on these questions.

What have you achieved during 2014?

What has been a learning experience for you?

What would you like to release?

Now take a few minutes to think about what you would like to happen over 2015.  It can be anything from a tiny step to a massive leap.  Perhaps you would like to attend more social events, change your life balance or make a complete career change? Have a baby, get a pet,  move house or country, travel, get married, lose weight, return to University ? Think carefully about this – you may need to make a 6 point step by step plan to achieve one thing. e.g. weight loss – step 1 . Decide on how much you want to weigh and when you are going to start your plan. Put you present weight and goal weight down.  Step 2. choose exercise programme, 3 See a nutritionist/Weight Watchers etc, Step 4. etc etc

Part 2. Sunday – The Winter Solstice 21st December

I would like you to write yourself a letter in some format – releasing anything that have happened over 2014 which no longer serves you. You do not need to show anyone. Now place this in the flames – we are going to have a chiminea in the garden but if you are lucky enough to have a real fire then use this or if not a match will work!!

Part 3: Now  think about 2015 and make a decision as to what you wish to achieve/change.

Write 3-6 things down and place them in different envelopes.  Write a different month on each  envelope so you know when to open it. Seal the envelopes and as you do so say “So be it – in light and love”. Place them somewhere where they will be safe.

Part 4: Send your intentions into the open space!

Either: place a bowl of water with some petals on your table.  Bless your thoughts and intentions as you light the floating candle and recognise that life is light and bright

Or:  Make a makeshift paper/cardboard/foil boat.  Add a flower head to the boat.  Light a tea-light , blessing your thoughts and intentions a above and  place  into the boat. Set it off down the river somewhere or on a pond.

Part 5: Celebrate!

Celebrate that you are open to new beginnings and that there will be more light in your life.  Spend time with friends and enjoy a home cooked meal.

For a printable version of this click Winter Solstice Ritual

If you are interested in this you may also be interested in Clearing Your Energy Workshop on January 12th 2015  and Lunar Awareness starting March – Conscious Development



Happy Solstice everyone and see you in 2015! With love and light

Justine x