Winter ritual

Winter ritual for the full moons, Solstice and New Years Eve.  Manifesting new beginnings! 

Full moons,  solstices and the end of a calendar year indicate cyclic completion of cycles.  This month I offer you are winter ritual and meditation which can be used by all the family.  It is particularly suitable for the

Winter solstice on December 21/22nd 2021

or New Years Eve on December 31st 2021.

Full moons for 2022: January 17th, February 16th, March 18th, April 16th, May 15th, June 14th, July 13th, August 11th, September 10th, October 9th, November 8th, December 7th.

It is great to do alone, with friends, family, outside or inside!


Before celebrating  the full moon/solstice/festivities associated with the end of the year spend some time to go inwards, to reflect on  your successes and examine what you wish to achieve during 2021.

This symbolic ritual acts helps let go of anything that no longer serves you AND helps you release your dreams and aspirations  for 2021.

Winter ritual: What you need

 To complete this winter ritual you will need:yule-log

A dried log appropriate for burning

Evergreens and pieces of vegetation

Raffia or something to tie it up with

A burning fire

Pen and paper

An alternative to a Chinese Lantern as they are not environmentally friendly.

I have read a great article called eco friendly alternatives to balloon releases and sky lanterns.  Please read the full version but here are some alternatives suggested.

A balloon or bubbles!

Divers love blowing bubbles underwater, and it’s just as fun topside. Bubbles are cheaper than balloons, better for the environment, and just as fun and floaty. You can even “go big” with giant bubbles. Here’s a recipe for a bubble solution made with eco-friendly dish soap.

Confetti alternatives

Instead of plastic confetti, throw something natural like birdseed, flower petals or dried autumn leaves. At a wedding, picturesque ribbon wands or small tinkling bells are a fun alternative (and a nice wedding favor for guests).

Flying wish paper

Write your wishes on this special paper, light it on fire and watch it fly up and burn away. Enjoy the floating light effect of a wish lantern without the fire hazard.

Luminarias or reusable luminaries

Luminarias made from paper bags and tea candles create a beautiful ambiance of flickering fire, as do reusable mason jars with solar lights.


Winter Ritual: first make the Yule log 

Feel free to prepare this before the winter ritual if you prefer

To begin go for a walk and collect your materials.  Find a log from the garden or a walk and  the materials you wish to decorate it with.  You may wish to consider some mistletoe; holly, Echinaceadandelions, or other plant material.  I find this part of the ritual very interesting.  It is strange how I am drawn to plants that connect with my emotions or hormones.   When you have collected your material then sit mindfully, there is no rush.  Lay your material out and quietly  add sprigs of  them (lavender, rosemary, herbs, holly, ivy etc, pine cones, flowers, berries etc) to make your yule log.   Tie them all together with thread/raffia/baker twine etc. Please make your log mindfully  – contemplating nature, how you have been feeling this year, what you wish to let go of and the cycles of the moon.  Once it is completed set it to one side.

winter ritual Now, get a piece and paper. Write a list of the things that are holding you back from being you and following your path.  This may be on the emotional, mental, spiritual or physical level or connected with all of them. The more in touch you are with your fears and feelings, the easier it is to let go of them.  Do not dwell on anything just write with the intention that you wish to release it. Once written fold the note and attach or place it to/with the log.


Fire for Yule LogIf you are able , light a fire  outside and when you are ready throw your log and list onto the fire.  See the smoke rising up  and just focus on the release of letting these barriers burn away – creating space for new beginnings.  Know that seasons and cycles support renewal and regrowth – it is recycling at it’s best.




Winter Ritual: listen to this meditation.


Here’s a written meditation if you prefer 

Take a few moments to get comfortable, have a little wriggle around on your chair, give your shoulders a roll, gently roll and turn your neck. Shake any tension out of your hands, your ankles and feet and take a few deep breaths in and out.  Breathing in deeply, exhaling completely.  Let go.  Relax. Close your eyes and listen to the sound of my voice. Relax  – opening yourself to silence. Breathe .

Let us begin by opening our chakras. See them open like flowers blooming, like stars expanding. Begin at the root chakra, move up to the sacral centre, solar plexus, heart centre, upper heart, throat, third eye and crown.  Sense them open, feel the emotion and tingling as each chakra opens. Let peace reign.  Breathe.

moonskyI would like you to imagine that you are outside on a star filled full moon evening . The sky is midnight blue, clear and bright from the full moon.  Spend a moment bathing in the silvery blue light of the full moon. Connect with the energy. Feel how it flows through and around you body.  Close your eyes and merge with this magical moon light shower, cleansing, healing, nurturing you with its gentle light.  The illuminating silvery light of the moon showers you with its feminine healing light, see how her shining light  begins to fall. It races down towards you, flowing and spiraling like a river,  down, down, down  through the crown chakra above your head – It flows into and around your crown chakra and head shimmering –  shining brighter than ever. A diamond stream of moon blue- white light.  This light awakens transformation and change.  Down  the stream of  moonlight energy continues to pour –  into your Third eye releasing doubts and fears leaving your insights for 2021 clear. Down the light falls to the throat chakra filling your mouth and throat with light. This is the light of courtesy, kindness and respect , – powerful energies often forgotten and ignored. The energy flows down now into the heart chakra filling it with compassion, forgiveness and supportive love to fill and empowers you. Feel  how it flows within and around your heart chakra –  releasing past hurts that no longer serve you. Replacing hurts with power vibrations of forgiveness.

The moon light descends further – into the solar plexus – the area of will-power, and strength. Sense it releasing fear and replacing it with empowerment – an ability to believe you can manifest your dreams.  The shimmering light descends into the sacral centre, strengthening your creative abilities setting you free from doubt. Embrace this light, let it fill you. Down the light flows,  into the base of your spine – the gift of self values and ethics.  You own personal principles. Breathe it in, breathe it down, down into the base chakra, down into the base of the spine, accept this gift, this power, this connection.  Now send it  deeper, down through your legs and the soles of the feet back into the Earth. Feel the light descending into Mother Earth and then ascending back through you, back to the sky and returning to the moon.  Feel it flowing from within and outwards filling you with positive energy.

When you are ready notice how the light begins to fade, the moon shower is complete. Breathe in and out, in and out and down into your feet. Ground yourself – closing your chakras  – the crown, third eye, throat, heart centre, solar plexus, sacral area and base chakra. Release the connection with the Earth as you start to return to the present time.  Becoming aware of your feet, your hands and your breath.  Take your time. Stretch  your limbs and wiggle your toes, breathing  in and out. Return, return, return, slowly and gently and open your eyes.


Winter ritual – short alternative

floating lanterns

Whilst you are feeling so clear, positive, balanced and nurtured –  I would like you to go out into the moonlight with your  alternative to a sky lantern.

Connect with the full moon energy.

Fill your alternative to a sky lantern with all your hopes and aspirations for the forthcoming year and when you are ready send your prayers, hopes and dreams out into the great Universe by  letting the alternative to a sky lantern go. Release it into the full moon’s nights sky, watch how it disappears into the World  to build your dreams!  Surrender and wait for manifestation!

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