Intuitive readings and insights

Intuitive readings and insights provide psychic guidance to help you see the way forward. Justine Evans is a psychic channel and medium. Using her clairvoyance and chanelling ability Justine connects with spirit to provide gentle guidance, wisdom and card readings. Justine is a Reiki-Seichem Master/teacher, a meditation teacher and has taught spiritual and psychic development for many years. Whilst connecting with all Spirit Justine is closely affiliated to Goddess & the Divine Feminine.
Intuitive readings and insights are offered remotely, via skype or in clinic.

"During the intuitive reading and to help me connect and offer insight guidance I may use a variety of tools to help you see the way forward. Working with the Goddess and being a registered naturopath I connect with the seasons, nature and moon energy so please do not be surprised if I recommend a moon ritual or an energy remedy to support your well being."

Other intuitive tools I use

  • An item of jewellery, a photograph or clothing for psychometry
  • Scrying (reflective mirror or crystal ball)
  • Insightful cards such as angel cards, tarot, spirit animal cards, wisdom, unicorn, dragon or goddess oracle
  • Crystals
  • I may just “connect” with an energy using clairvoyance
  • Aromatherapy or Spagyric essence which I may choose intuitively, through dowsing or determine through your birth date

  • Numerology
  • Touch and healing connecting with meta-physical awareness
  • Many people who consider life from a more “Conscious or Universal” perspective find that my intuitive insightful readings, chanelling, guidance and healing support them on their path.

Intuitive readings and insights

  • Intuitive readings and insights are available remotely (via email), skype or in clinic. They are charged at – 45 minute reading for £60 and £70 for a 1 hour 15 minute reading
  • Please feel free to record the reading if you wish
  • Intuitive Insights and Guidance Readings combine well with Reiki healing and Spagyric essences

  • I offer 1-2-1 consultations, reading “parties” and workshops. Please contact me at for availability and fees

  • You may also wish to join me for my “Monthly Women’s Circle” – free on facebook which combines meditation with traditional medicine

  • You may also be interested in attending one of my healing workshops

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It's alchemy season

"A few weeks ago I went to Justine for an intuitive reading, with no major expectations since it was a first-timer for me. The last 2 years of my life had been very consuming and I knew something needed to change but didn’t have the energy to fight or the courage to start again. Without knowing any details of my situation, Justine’s tarot reading has very vividly painted the situation I was in and reassured me of the steps I needed to take going forward. Immediately after this experience, I had the courage to step away from a toxic work environment and reshuffle my finances in order to better look after myself. It hasn’t been long since this decision was made and I’m already starting to feel like a new person. I am very grateful to Justine for sharing her gift and guidance, it was nothing short of lifesaving for me!"


London, September 2018

"Dear Justine, thank you for my reading. What you revealed to me touches on things that I probably don’t naturally like to consciously admit to myself, but nevertheless are there in the background. It’s been really useful to have the opportunity to reflect on these areas and I feel more settled for it and hopeful that I can actively steer myself and my path. Thank you also for my numerology information – I found this really illuminating and again I’m really grateful that you have pushed me to take the time to reflect. Many many thanks for your kindness."


Horsham, September 2018

“Thank you so much, that was amazing and so worthwhile”


October 2017

“Thank you for an amazing afternoon or cards and healing”


November 2017

“I was meant to do this – it explains so much”


November 2017