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The importance of relaxation

The importance of relaxation

The importance of relaxation

New moon SUNDAY 15th NOVEMBER 2020  05.07AM GMT

Creation Fertility Guidance Cards No4Pachamamma
The Scorpio super moon is the moon of transformation.  Personally, it seems to be really highlighting the dreggs of darkness  and I am so grateful that the cards this month gently remind us to introduce  daily relaxation in our lives,  to  take time re-connecting with the  winter season and ground to Mother Earth by working with the winter season and actively support all our hormone health conditions.
Before I share a beautiful peace meditation (about 12 minutes long)  and heart opening yoga practice  (25 minutes) with you I ask you to reflect on these questions – What does relaxing mean to you? Is it a privilege or an essential?  How balanced do you feel at this time emotionally and physically?

The importance of relaxation

Here is a beautiful peace meditation for you.  You can listen to it anytime or before/after the yin yoga practice below.

So this month I ask you to:

Focus on a time for daily relaxation to support your hormone balance. 

Be kind to yourself daily. This moon cycle reminds us to keep our hearts open and find forgiveness for ourselves & others. Things might be uncomfortable but  if we re-connect with the Goddess Lakshmi  (easy with this heart opening yin yoga practice) we may be able to find the courage to light up the darkness, relax and create kindness to enable global and self healing.

Thank you Abra Willis from for sharing this wonderful heart opening practice with us.

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Bonus yoga nidra track!

Justine Evans ND

Justine Evans ND – refers to herself as a Hormone Alchemist.  She connects life with natural cycles and seasons, integrating Western science with traditional medicine and yogic philosophy. A Registered Naturopath, Nutritional therapist, Reiki Master/ Teacher, Justine runs a private hormone health and fertility clinic in Surrey, London and Gloucestershire. or phone 07747 133170 to arrange an online or clinic appointment



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