Support tools for the Spring hormone detox

Have you registered for the Spring Hormone Detox?  You won’t regret it. We begin at the new moon  on Sunday  February 26th.  This gives me time to offer you a few ideas and support tools. Like most things in life the more you put in to anything the more you gain!  So, whilst the detox uses nature here are few extra support tools which you may like to consider.

Support tools – Hormone Detox Tincture:  100ml:  60 drops per litre of water £27.00

30ml Hormone Detox Tincture £10.00 – smaller size if you just want to add it to the bath scrubs! 

Spagyrics are little known but offer a branch of  alchemy that enhances healing properties. Developed by Paracelsus, the alchemist of the early 16th century, spagyric therapy promotes healing at all levels – body, mind and spirit. The difference with Spayrics is the harmonising and balancing qualities of the plant remedies. The remedies NOT ONLY include plant’s energetic information but also incorporate the salt of the plant without the toxicity.  My 1st support tool for the Spring Hormone Detox  is an exclusive Spagyric. So what’s in it? 

Hormone balancing : Archillea – one of the greatest remedies for women, helps brighten the chakras, and supports liver and gall bladder drainage. Agnus castus – an amazing hormone regulator, Sasparilla (aka wild liquorice) is a remedy for the liver, intestines, digestive system and encourages acceptance of the self, Discorea villosa (wild yam) the plant of balance.  These ingredients support  hormonal imbalances  including PMS, menopause,vaginal dryness, ovarian pains, weight gain and fertility.  The ingredients below are more focused on cleansing the body: Artichoke to help remove metabolic waster, stimulate the appetite and balance intestinal flora. Dandelion encourages self respect, cellular detoxification & clear acne. Nettle, a wonderful womb cycle regulator and supports blood and circulation. St Mary thistle lifts emotional blocks, relieves the spleen, liver and pancreas, Allium to lower blood glucose. Chelidonium  is for Spring time and the genito urinary tract, Eupatorium for the cause of the matter and liver cleanse, fucus (kelp) supports the thyroid, lymphatic and metabolic functions whilst okabaka releases and purifies the body.  Finally Nicotiana has been included to calm the nervous system and “go beyond”.

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Support tools 2. Drink Tea!

Fantastic support tools during the Spring Hormone Detox are living teas. So what are these?   Put simply, potent plant medicines which have specific energetic qualities. I have offered them because they are effective and link with the elements beautifully. Whilst any of the Elixir living teas are suitable I connect particularly well with jasmine green tea, oolong tea and raw sheng puerh. By the way, Elixir tea leaves can be used more than once.   1 teaspoon of  tea leaves per day will easily provide you with 3  mugs of tea.  You could also add the leaves to your body scrub!

Half moon jasmine green tea.  I associate jasmine with female health. Jasmine lifts the mood and enlivens the senses. A cup of this tea soothes, settles refreshes and relieves.  Because it is a green tea it is also cleansing.

Osmanthus Valley oolong tea: This tea makes me smile! It adapts to whatever the mind and body needs and it is very harmonising.

Yunnan Peak raw sheng puerh tea.  Great if you have started the detox feeling sluggish, heavy or in a need of a lift. This  invigorating tea is very detoxifying so daytime drinking only please!

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Support tools 3. Aromatherapy

Fabulous during the Spring hormone detox.  Creation Essence is a wonderful aromatherapy essence. The aromatherapy oils connect with the Divine Feminine (Shakti) and help restore wellbeing.  

Rose Essential Oil in Creation Essence Rose: nurtures, unconditional love: Long a symbol of love and purity rose essential oil is an excellent tonic for hormonal health.  Considered to soothe the skin,  opens the heart and restores balance and sweetness to body and soul.

Geranium: ultimate hormone balancer:   I have found it to be one of the best balancing oils – harmonising conditions such as anxiety, tension, moods and fears.  Geranium helps relieves fluid retention and acts as a tonic for the liver. The perfect oil for this detox.

Jasmine Essential OilJasmine: love and aphrodiasic: The delicate white flowers of the jasmine plant are picked at night when the aroma is most intense.  A valuable remedy for the skin,  calms nerves and soothe emotions.

Clary Sage: regulates hormones and emotions: Distilled from lilac flowering tops this oil has sedative, aphrodisiac and hormone balancing properties. Believed to reduce cramps, muscle spasms, insomnia from over-work, headaches and migraines, this oil is particularly indicated for times of change.

Frankincense: supports intuition and insights through meditation and Universal Consciousness:   This oil has a spicy lemony aroma.  Frankincense helps release –  so let go! Forget nostalgia, obsessive thoughts, mental fatigue  and  burn-out.  Acting as both a tonic and sedative it is perfect for this Spring hormone detox.

Bergamot: uplifting, encourages trust: Its sedative character is excellent for anxiety, depression and nervous tension plus acts as a tonic on the uterus and urinary tract. Cedar: grounding, calming, harmonizing:  Distilled from the wood of cedar trees, it is one of the oldest essential oils and connects with Mother Earth. Deeply relaxing and calming it offers a woody aroma.  Cedars  properties are believed to help discourage negative thoughts, help focus  attention and support stillness – connecting with Gaia.

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Anoint, bathe, body exfoliate, moisturise, perfume,  refreshing spray tonic or massage  during the Spring hormone detox 

Creation Essence for the Yoni - Creation FertilityUse Daily. Before beginning the anointing process imagine the outcome you wish for in your mind’s eye.   Place 1-2 drops of Creation Essence  into your palm. With your index finger apply the oil to the temple (mind), throat (body) and heart centre (spirit). Now place your hands in prayer position at your heart centre, bowing your head towards your hands so you can inhale, drawing in the aroma of the essence together with your  positive intention and outcome into your heart centre. As you exhale open your palms upwards and blow the aroma and intention into the ether to  manifest.

Bathe*:  Sacral bath: 2 dessertspoons organic coconut oil/butter, 300 grams Epsom Salts or Dead Sea Salts  or Himalayan Rock Salt,  1-12 drops of Creation Essence   (add essence  after running the bath so as not to “bruise” the oils).  Light candles, dive in and soak for 20 minutes in warm bath water.

Foot Bath and Reflexology with Creation Essence Foot Bath*:  Add up to 5 drops of Creation Essence to a bowl of hand hot water.  Add a large handful of Epsom Salt and soak feet for 10 minutes.

Body Exfoliate*:  1 cup sea salt, Dead Sea Salts, Epsom Salts or Himalayn Rock Salt 1-6 drops Creation Essence to 1 cup grapeseed oil or olive oil or coconut oil.  Mix to combine and place in a glass jar with lid.  Rub the mixture onto your body and rinse off in bath or shower.  Your body will smell beautiful and also be very soft! You can also add the Spagyric hormone detox to this !

Moisturise*: Add 1-12 drops of Creation Essence to 30 ml of unperfumed body lotion or cream and use to moisturise your body. Perfume :  Creation Essence is a blended oil diluted into a carrier oil which means you can place 1 drop of Creation Essence behind the ears and inside of the wrists to offer a subtle aroma.

Refreshing Water Spray Tonic: Add 10 drops  of Creation Essence to 50ml Spring Water in a bottle with a vaporiser and spray around aura, or body to revitalise and refresh.  

Massage with Creation EssenceMassage: Massage is a very effective support tool to relieve stress, detoxify and release muscle tension.  Massage encourages circulation and enables the essential oils to be absorbed. Choose a vegetable based carrier oil and add 1-2 drops of Creation Essence  to 5 ml (1 teaspoon) of carrier oil.

It’s not too late to register for the FREE Spring Hormone Detox.  It starts on 26th February! Email me at

Support Tools 4 & 5

Go the whole hog and personalise the detox with a Nutritional Therapy consultation or consider my seasonal health programme as additional support tools.  This month it’s   Rejuvenate and relax –  only £300 for 6 treatments, and dove-tails beautifully with the hormone detox!  I invite you to 30 minutes hot stones massage, followed by  30 mins of  lymphatic facial massage  in the Far Infrared “Cocoon”.  End with a cup of living herbal tea. For more information on this Winter Seasonal Offer click here