Summer juice videos

Summer juice videos

First of all let me thank you for joining the summer juice cleanse 2020.  Whilst full information is available via my private  FB group I thought it would be useful to include some of the videos during the cleanse to help you understand a little more.

Summer juice video 6 – Q&A


Summer Juice video 5 – Donna’y yoga practice


Summer juice video 4

The solstice ritual – June 20th 2020

Here I am talking you through the summer solstice ritual. Its more or less the same as the ritual I have already sent you with the recipes etc. Please allow yourself some time to complete and do not judge yourself! I have actually found it very cathartic and realised how much 2020 has helped me grow so far…..and it has helped me focus on my goals. Enjoy. Solstice blessings to you all


summer juice video 3 – introductions

Introducing the cleanse

option a) a smoothie 3 day cleanse
option b) a juicing 3 day cleanse
For everyone:  herbal vinegar to support digestion; detoxification and emotional well being; summer solstice ritual; connecting with nature; yoga practice with lovely Donna


summer juice video 2 –

Donna Gerrard  (yoga) offering a heart warming short video explaining how she will be working with us through the cleanse

Donna Gerrard introductory video


summer juice video 1 – demonstrates my new cold press juicer and how it works.

More information on my upcoming spleen cleanse to support your immunity  can be found here.

The spleen cleanse focuses on warming foods rather than a raw food cleanse.

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