Summer juice cleanse begins soon!

My Summer juice cleanse begins soon. Can you join me? 

Fully led 7 day cleanse which includes a 3 days juice fast with me, Justine Evans - Hormone Alchemist

June 19th - June 25th 2023.

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If you are reading this then you will probably know I facilitate 4 seasonal cleanses a year to support your well-being.
Caring for your health and supporting your emotional well-being is so important so please join me for this year's summer juice cleanse




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With the warmth of the sun and the energy of the summer solstice we focus on hydrating the body whilst flushing the system.  This AMAZING 3 day fully led  juice cleanse begins June 19th 2023.  
  • Have you ever wanted to take part in a juice cleanse but felt a little unsure as to whether you could complete it?  Let me help you -  I am a professionally trained nutritional therapist and registered naturopath.
  • We begin the cleanse with bio-resonance Asyra Health Screening for environmental sensitivities.   You simply send me some of your hair for analysis and I provide analysis results for  food sensitivities, air borne  sensitivities (including grass/tree/flower pollens), animal danders,  insect sensitivities, harmful chemicals, fossil fuels and rays,  sensitivities to wools and other materials plus heavy metals.  Wow - this test alone is worth £100
  • We begin the cleanse preparing your body for  3 days  using fresh seasonal healing foods, a daily smoothie or juice and plenty of water to encourage your body to adapt to a juice cleanse.  This period also helps you recognise your level of cleansing.  My cleanses are non competitive and everyone works at their own pace.  A preparation period is very important - it helps you re-connect with your inner self, ease your body into a state of release, recognise what you can and can't manage at this moment plus it reduces the risk of developing difficult detox symptoms.
  • When we have prepared ourselves we  step the cleanse up - for 3 days we immerse ourselves into a juice fast which includes 5 smoothies/juices daily.  Please note this  juice-fast uses fresh ingredients and is NOT supplement based.
  • The final day I gently help you return to food and close the cleanse
  • I invite you to join me daily for a  zoom group meeting.  During the zoom groups I shall explain how to interpret your hair analysis results and share some DIY lymphatic massage techniques to support your cleanse and also teach you a rejuvenating "face  lymphatic yoga massage"
  • I provide recipes, a shopping list  plus  a WISEWOMAN BOX OF GOODIES" (more about this below)
  • you will need a juicer or blender - see more about this below.

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This  is the third  seasonal health programme for 2023.

My summer  juice cleanse is fun and easy to follow

It's led by  me - a professional naturopath and nutritional therapist.

This short summer juice cleanse  encourages your body to release and hydrate.  The summer season offers the perfect time for cooling foods and fresh ingredients.  My summer cleanse encourages your whole body to be cleansed - feel lighter, hydrated and energised!

Includes: a Wisewoman box which includes:   full recipes, a shopping list, an environmental sensitivity test via hair analysis, a personalised energetic remedy based within a Spagyric plant tincture to support your hair analysis results, a personal affirmation, a plant based bath soak and additional mystery products appropriate for the cleanse plus my professional support.  

Zoom meet ups - learn how to massage your lymphatic system to support seasonal sensitivities. Enjoy learning a lymphatic facial massage for anti-ageing, to boost your skin tone and reduce sinus, ear, eye and throat inflammation.

Hydrate at cellular level whilst flushing the body of toxins to help you re-balance, calm hormonal issues such as  PMS,  &  (peri) menopause symptoms,  reduce bloating, calm skin issues and seasonal sensitivities. Release a little bit of weight or SIMPLY  join  my summer juice cleanse purely because you want to!



*terms and conditions:  You need to  be in good health to undertake this cleanse and  you may be asked to complete a short health questionnaire if you have not worked with me before.  This cleanse is not suitable during pregnancy or if you are lactating or have recently undergone surgery.  It is also not suitable for chronic health conditions such as type I or II Diabetes.

By the way if you don't have a juicer you may wish to watch this short video (apologies about the quality of the picture)


Sign up to my summer  juice cleanse here 

Hormone Alchemist and Fertility ExpertJustine Evans ND B.Sc Nut. Medicine is a Registered Naturopath and Nutritional Therapist.  In tune with mother nature, western medicine, the seasons and Eastern philosophy Justine offers a multi dimensional approach to hormone  and pregnancy health.

Justine Evans runs a hormone health clinical practice in Twickenham, Greater London and also Stroud in Gloucestershire.

  email or call 07747 133170

Here’s some feedback from past cleanses


"I must say I enjoyed this cleanse - it felt good"  MF, 2023

"Thank you for your wonderful  Spring liver cleanse. I am trying to keep lots of the elements of it going without the intensity even now" CB 2023

"Thank you for the cleanse. It has really helped me realise how little I was taking care of myself.  I loved the wisewoman box too and the affirmation"  SB 2023

“Loved this cleanse and the zoom format too.  I always learn lots of new interesting stuff about how my body reacts”.  AK - Norfolk

“I have thoroughly enjoyed the  summer juice cleanse.  I am feeling much lighter, focused and energetic because of it.  I have enjoyed being able to think about something other than lockdown too”. CH Twickenham

“I really loved this summer juice cleanse. I felt so well and energised, and the recipes are fabulous and they will be part of my every day cooking now”  LO, Wales

“I have thoroughly enjoyed it and thank you so much for being so enthusiastic, knowledgeable and putting on such a full and varied programme”  Phil from Bristol