Cosmic Mother Workshop


£600.00 £400.00

Cosmic Mother Module as part of the Womb Doula Associate Programme.  This 4 day live event  February 23rd and 24th , March 16th and 17th  2019 includes some home study and on line assessment.  

Where? Seale Natural health centre, Manor Farm Craft Centre, Wood Lane, Seale, Farnham, Surrey GU10 1HR



Cosmic Mother Module  (part of the Womb Doula Associate programme)

February 23rd and 24th , March 16th and 17th  2019. 

Where? Seale Natural health centre, Manor Farm Craft Centre, Wood Lane, Seale, Farnham, Surrey GU10 1HR

Over the 4 days we cover

Moonology  The phases of the moon.  How it influences bleeds, conception, death and (re) birth.   The Wheel of the Year  – seasonal health  & how this influences  menstrual Cycles  and womb ecology – Understanding the conceptual window & the role of the hormones and mucus during the menstrual cycle.

Traditional philosophy and  meditation . An important aspect of this Cosmic Mother module.  We cover the theory of re-incarnation,  soul arrival during a pregnancy,  traditional  forms of “calling your baby” including  meditation .  How to use/teach meditation and incorporate into your clients protocols and complementary practice

Goddess energy –    (theory and practical )  Cosmic Mother Goddess  Theology/Mythology. Thealogy for me is studying women-honouring deities and archetypes, and practising rituals & living that cultivates deeper understanding. What exactly  is Shakti ?  The triple aspects of Maiden, Mother, Crone. Understanding the  Cosmic Mother Goddesses associated with Creation Fertility and their  associated kundalini chants.  Background of strengths and energy of  Lord Shiva, Shakti, Durga, Mother Mary, Tauret, Mother Earth/Gaia, Lakshmi, Triple Goddess –  Brighid,

Crystals  (theory and practical) (rose quartz, moonstone, carnelian,  silver, shiva lingams, mookaite). Their influence on fertility and emotional wellbeing.   How to  use  and when.  Practical  – making crystal tinctures and cleansing sprays.  Why, how and when they are appropriate.

You also receive a Creation Fertility Toolkit worth £50.00


To become an Associate you also need to complete a business skills module which includes 

  •  The Associate Programme:  Being a Justine Evans/Creation Fertility Associate.  What it means and how you will be supported including networking & mentoring.  How to integrate products and sales within your complementary health practice.    Client care, consultations and case hisotries, reflective journalling and practice, research projects.  You also receive downloadable meditations, fertility diets and handouts for your clients.    Referrals.  Practitioner discount scheme.  Member of closed facebook group.  On going training and CPD’s.  Opportunities for group meet-ups and marketing support at live events.
  • You also have the option of attending the Earth Mother Module