Are you ready to reboot your hormones with a cleanse?

It’s time to bring the spring back into your step.  Cleanse, detoxify and reboot your hormones 

This simple “reboot your hormones” 21 days Spring liver cleanse helps

  • re-connect with nature
  • re-gain hormone balance
  • gently cleanse 
  •  prepare for pregnancy cleanse or  support recovery from miscarriage or failed assisted conception
  • re-balance after contraception removal
  • encourages weight loss
  • regulate cyclic/menstrual emotional roller-coasters
  • encourages menstruation balance
  • reduce PCOS symptoms
  • reduce peri-menopause symptoms including fatigue, anxiety, sleep disturbances, hot flashes etc 
  •  *(sorry not suitable if  you are pregnant or lactating)

If you already follow me you know I  am an integrative nutritional therapist who follows the Wheel of the Year; considering hormone balance with cycles and seasons.  

This amazing “reboot your hormones” 21 day programme comes complete with

  • a closed  interactive facebook support group
  • therapeutic nutritional  supplementation
  • mindful meditation exercise
  •  seasonal healthy recipes
  • an integrative approach to reboot hormones including gentle exercises to support the liver
  • a dietary  programme based on  5: 2 dietary philosophy
  •  A short questionnaire will need to be completed to ensure your health is suitable for the programme.

 Hormone Alchemist and Fertility ExpertTo register with Justine Evans ND, Hormone Alchemist and Fertility Expert simply email  or sign up to reboot your hormones here.

By the way – it’s only £100