Re-orientate Your Eating Habits

Sometimes it really is a good idea to re-orientate your eating habits.  We all fall victim to eating the same foods day in and day out – often without thinking about how or why we are eating – not to mention actually tasting our food or considering where it has been sourced from.

Here are a few tips to consider.

1. Start the day with a fresh vegetable juice or smoothie with added wheatgrass, barley grass or spirulina for additional nutrient and protein value. Drink/Sip your juice slowly and savour the taste! Allow 30 minutes to elapse before eating or drinking anything else to allow the nutrients to be absorbed. A juice recipe together with some seasonal recipes are available on my blog “August newsletter”

2. When eating chew foods until them turn into liquids and remember to include a good source of protein with your meals.

3. Avoid eating between meals since this slows down the stomach’s emptying and encourages food that is still in the stomach to ferment! Try to leave 3-4 hours between meals.

4. Make meal times a pleasure and look at your food, paying gratitude to it before eating!

5. Drink as much water as you like but don’t drink with meals.  Give yourself 15 minutes before and after a meal before drinking as this supports digestion.

6. Don’t eat too late in the evening – otherwise your sleeping habits may become altered.

Disclaimer: This article is meant for general information only and  should not be construed as guidance or recommendation. It does not take into account  any medication you may be taking, food sensitivities or allergies, nor any form of health issue. Naturopathic consultations and assessment are recommended on an individual basis and it is important to speak with a health professional or your GP before changing your diet.