raise your vibration

Raise your vibration

 So, as we come close to the winter solstice and complete 2020 this moon cycle I help you raise your vibration: 

Raise your vibration with Brassica Nigra – also known as black mustard seeds:

This healing plant and Spagyric remedy is a joy to introduce you to today.

It is the most pungent of the mustard seeds

contains the nutrients selenium, iron, phosphorous, magnesium, zinc, phytonutrients and antioxidants

A fabulous plant for mankind’s present global situation because it reduces lung congestion and soothes lung membranes. In fact it relieves most respiratory disorders including bronchitis and also used to support convalescing post respiratory illness too

Aids in managing diabetes and cholesterol.  According to a study done by the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, including mustard oil in your regular diet could prove to be beneficial to your heart health. Being a rich source of MUFA (Monounsaturated fatty acids), and alpha linolenic acid it  helps lower bad cholesterol, helps  circulation and reduces the risk of developing IHD risk (Ischemic Heart Disease)

Promotes a clearer complexion; eases symptoms of contact dermatitis,  psoriasis and skin fungal infections

Reduces pains and spasms (I am thinking all sorts here from muscle to IBS to ovulation to labour)

Stimulates the metabolism and helps burn stored fat and detox

Supports hormone function including thyroid function, urinary tract and dysmenorrhea (painful menstruation)

Stimulates hair growth, supports bone loss during menopause, eases migraines and believed to support sleep patterns too.

Spagyric therapy also considers the energetic vibration  of the plant – it is a black plant which lets the light pass through our shadows but in a protective way to help us release both physical and emotional toxins that  may be congesting us .  It also is believed to encourage self love and openness to new life (doesn’t this dovetail with the chant sat kar tar well) helping us raise our frequency to new beginnings and positive energy shifts.  As we are reaching the winter solstice and the Age of Aquarius this seems so relevant right now.

How to take it:

Use as a salad dressing  or include mustard seeds in your diet or grow your own black mustard seeds on your windowsill and eat daily

Use the spagyric remedy or I can add to any of the remedies I may make up for you.  Spagyrics can be used internally or in the bath or vaporise into your aura. 

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Use carnelian to raise your vibration

I find crystals fascinating.  I love their colours,  feel and energy and have been using them within my healing and meditation practice for many years now.  I actually worked with a skin company a few years ago helping them develop a range of face serums which imprinted crystal remedies into their products and I have to tell you they are amazing and chemical free! Anyway, before I digress let’s refocus – put simply crystal healing is a modality used to bring the vibration of the body back into harmony.  If you have an interest in Quantum physics you may understand this because every being in the planet is part of a universal energy field that consists of electromagnetic or light energy.

The red-orange colour of the carnelian represents the sacral chakra and is a power stone which has evolved with the cycles of the earth. No wonder this stone is associated with Mother Earth herself aka as Gaia, Pacha Mamma and  connects with Shakti energy.  It stimulates a deep love and appreciation of nature and the gifts of the earth,  symbolising strength and beauty.  It represents the golden-orange dawn of new beginnings, red sunsets, and the deep richness of the fertile ground.  It is believed to guide you to find your own path and manifest  personal power.  With its strong physical red/orange colour  it is stimulating.   Red is the colour of empowerment, action, expansion to reach out and initiate something new whilst orange helps to balance the emotional body and self forgiveness. So, carnelian brings  joy, happiness and blessings.  It serves as a grounder of energies,  a manifester on the physical plane.

Working with carnelian: wear  my beautiful carnelian/moonstone bracelet  or  place the stone around the naval (sacral chakra). The red-orange stimulates the sexual chakra and assists in blood purification to cleanse the reproductive organs and release energy blocks stored in this area so wonderful for all women – wherever they are in their personal season.

Revitalising and raises your vibration representing  the golden-orange dawns of new beginnings and the deep richness of the fertile ground.

Stimulates a deep love and appreciation of nature and the gifts of the earth

Symbolises strength and beauty

Stimulates the metabolism

Influences reproductive health,  the sacral chakra and promotes sacred sex

Soothes lower back problems

Cleanse reproductive organs and assist blood purification

Release energy blocks

Helps you to find your personal path, confidence and power

Grounds your energy and  can be used to help manifest your dreams.


Raise your vibration with the chant Sut Kar Tar/Satkar tar

When I developed  the creation fertility toolkit  I knew that mantra, sound and vibration were important but I  find it one of the harder aspects to include within my monthly guidance – simply because I lack confidence in my voice!  If you already attend a yoga class you may be used to chanting – such as the primal sound of Aum (also written as Om) to align and open the chakras & heart centre.

Put simply, mantra chants similar to singing  are powerful tools for  raising kundalini, clearing and restructuring  the subconscious mind and releasing known and unconscious blockages including trauma (e.g.  relationship breakdowns, grief, redundancy etc)  plus they really help “lift the spirits and bring us back to equilibrium”.   I consider mantra chant as a form of mindful meditation and a fundamental part of yogic philosophy. Whilst sanskrit is no longer spoken it is still widely used in yoga, Hinduism and Buddhism mantras which are traditionally chanted rather than to sung to music (this is kirtan).

So this month I  drew the card 11. Sat Kar Tar – a wonderful heart opening  chant whose meaning is simply  “unconditional love”.

You say it like this Sut = sat ; Kar = ker ; Tar =  tar

If you chant this mantra I am sure you will feel its vibration and energy and notice how the kundalini energy builds helps release conscious or unconscious blockages and re-align us to peace, love and connection.

Please feel free to listen to this heart meditation or  hum along to the mantra from the video.


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Justine Evans NDJustine Evans ND is a Hormone Alchemist and Fertility Expert.  She is a registered naturopath,  nutritional therapist and healer.  Justine considers women’s health not only from a functional medicine perspective but also bio-dynamically considering the impact our health has with lunar and seasonal energy.


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