Summer cleanse 2023


Summer Cleanse 2023

With the warmth of the summer sun join Justine Evans ND, B.Sc Nut Med for a summer  cleanse.  19th June – 25th June 2023.

Cleanse and re-balance with a fully  led  7 day summer cleanse which incorporates a 3 days juice fast with a professional therapist.

Once you have registered Justine will ask you to  provide some hair for your health screening analysis and offer more information as to how to do this.  You will be sent via email a  shopping list for the juices and smoothies, plus recipes for the complete 7 day cleanse. She will also provide the links to join her  zoom groups (optional). Just before the summer cleanse begins Justine will send you a “wisewoman”* box with additional lifestyle support for the cleanse.


  • This summer cleanse provides plenty of support via zoom group interaction to ensure you feel comfortable at all times
  • plenty of supportive guidance including  naturopathic reasoning, how and why use lymphatic facial massage daily,  and connect with nature  with your wisewoman box and hair analysis for environmental sensitivities!

*wisewoman boxes are only available for UK mainland residents




Summer cleanse with Justine Evans ND.  June 19th – 25th 2023  

summer juice cleanse

Join Justine Evans ND for a short summer juice cleanse June 14th 2022

Have you ever wanted to experience a 3 day summer juice cleanse but need some support and guidance?

Simply register here to join me, Justine Evans, Hormone Alchemist for a  professionally led summer cleanse which incorporates a 3 day juice fast.

I actually support you for a full 7 days – preparing you throughout the summer cleanse but provide additional support  helping you enjoy a 3 day juice fast and add additional support to help bring you out of  your  fast.

Once you have registered for my summer cleanse I will contact you to ensure any health concerns you may currently be experiencing will be supported by the cleanse.

I really loved this summer cleanse, I felt so well and energised after” LO, Wales 


  • Over the 7 days we
  • Spend 3 days consciously preparing our bodies for a juice fast, slowly reducing foods whilst still eating!  (very important to reduce cravings and support blood sugar regulation)
  • Once we are ready we immerse ourselves into a full  3 day juice fast enjoying  5 nutritionally balanced healthy juices and smoothies daily
  • I include health screening within my summer cleanse using hair analysis.  For this cleanse I offer  an environmental sensitivity profile which is useful for seasonal allergies and environmental pollutants which may be impacting your health.
  • I include my exclusive “wisewoman” box which provides a personal affirmation for the season.  This wonderful box of goodies is sent direct to your door and includes  lifestyle and naturopathic support suitable for this summer cleanse and juice fast.
  • You receive an exclusive link to my  zoom group guidance circle for 7 days.  Each year I share my knowledge and understanding considering nature and our wellbeing and will be here to answer any questions or concerns you may have.   My zoom groups also includes  reasoning  for including a 3 day juice fast over summer, why solstice is so important and how mother nature provides us with the foods we need each season  plus I am showing you how to use lymphatic facial massage to support anti-ageing and seasonal symptoms to allergies
  • You are able to download a shopping list for  all the juices and smoothies
  • Justine Evans ND is a Registered naturopath and nutritional therapist.  She has been teaching and facilitating seasonal on line cleanses for almost 7 years – each year Justine offers new recipes and naturopathic reasoning making her cleanses fun and informative.

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