Follow-up Nutrition and Lifestyle Consultations


Follow up lifestyle and nutrition consultations with Justine Evans

After you have had your initial consultation with me you can organise additional follow up consultations via zoom.  Asyra analysis is also available within the appointment together with functional laboratory test result analysis, NHS testing interpretation and much more. These follow up appointments are only available if you have already received an initial consultation with me.


Follow up  nutrition and lifestyle consultations with Justine Evans

After your initial consultation I offer additional follow up nutritional and lifestyle consultations when required.  Follow up consultations are via zoom and include Asyra health screening or considerations of any functional medicine test results that have been recommended .

They are useful to progress your personalised lifestyle and nutrition programme,  when you are looking for seasonal support, help understanding functional laboratory testing or NHS testing, supporting your wellbeing or during any assisted reproductive procedures.

Once paid I  will contact you to arrange your consultation .

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