Fertility MOT for couples


Initial fertility MOT couple consultation which includes 1-hour follow-up appointment to prepare you both before pregnancy.  Via zoom.


This includes as 12 week programme.  Our follow up is 4-6 weeks after the initial consultation.



Fertility MOT for couples.  Identify and cleanse. Initial  couple consultation +  1 hour follow up appointment to prepare you both before pregnancy.  

The importance of preparing for pregnancy cannot be ignored. We often hear from couples who wish they had considered both of their fertility health before trying to conceive. I believe that all fertility journey’s require individual assessment to reduce miscarriage risk, long term health risks, emotional pain and often sub-fertility. The fertility MOT for couples  provides a full nutritional consultation together with  Asyra Health Screening  as  a form of fertility MOT. The house screening includes nutrient absorption & deficiencies, food sensitivities & toxic burden such as heavy metals.  Together we discuss additional options such as the use of laboratory tests and ultrasounds if additional womb health and sperm viability is necessary – all this in the comfort of your own home as it’s a zoom consultation.

TOGETHER WE BUILD A PREPARE-FOR-PREGNANCY  COUPLES PROGRAMME   which supports you both.   Nutritionally, this is built individually & aimed at sperm optimisation,  detoxification and addressing  21st century  lifestyle stress that may be impacting on your conceptual health. As a couple I recognise that you work as a team and build a  lifestyle programme to support you together.   I also  give you a FREE set of  Creation Fertility Guidance Cards. (please note supplementation or additional laboratory tests incur additional costs).

For more information please visit our Fertility Nutrition page

Justine Evans ND is a registered naturopath, seasonal wellbeing guru and fertility expert.  I provide clinics in  Greater London on the borders of Surrey and Stroud in Gloucestershire in addition to my online presence. For those who prefer face to face meetings please email me contact@justineevans.co.uk to organise and for costs.   For those who require out of hours consultations I run my evening consultation on a Wednesday.



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