Spring Time and the Equinox is all about new beginnings, releasing that which no longer serves  and being positive. More about this was explained in my Spring newsletter which discussed the importance of liver cleansing and the element of wood.  So, today let’s consider mind health! I don’t know about you but I am a great believer in the Law of Attraction and Manifestation.  In the most simplistic terms this means that on a vibrational level we act as magnets and our wishes come true if we believe in them.  So if you are always dwelling on the past (which you have no control over), have a habit of repeating negative thought processes or just wish to change your life in any positive format then I suggest you consider the following:

Learn meditation – this has changed my life! There are many forms and all work but by learning to calm your mind and find peace within it is possible to live life with compassion, joy and positivity.  Link for the Spring newsletter https://www.justineevans.co.uk/spring-newsletter/ .  If you are interested in learning more about Consciousness and meditation then consider joining one of my groups.  Exploring Meditation term begins in April and Conscious Development in June – here is the schedule https://www.justineevans.co.uk/conscious-development-meditation-schedule/.

If you are into reading then I recommend  Heal Your Life by Louise Hay, The Law of Attraction by Jerry and Esther Hicks and E-Squared by Pam Grout who explains how your thoughts create your reality – www.hayhouse.com

If you prefer to watch things to learn then inspirational clippage from Louise Presley-Turner can be found @ www.thegameoflife.co.uk; watch how to manifest at http://youtu.be/a-diqid5pWk or look at www.source.tv.

With love and blessings!