• Spring Seasonal Foods

    Working with nature and the seasons here is a list of spring seasonal foods to encourage seasonal eating.  This is particularly relevant for the Spring hormone detox starting Sunday February 26th for 1 moon cycle. Sign up to the Spring Hormone Detox here Spring Seasonal Foods Earth element : brussel sprouts, celeriac, Jerusalem artichoke, kale, leeks, parsnips, Continue reading »

  • Dry Skin Brushing

    Dry Skin Brushing Did you know that more than a pound of waste products are discharged through your skin every day? The skin is an organ of elimination just like the kidneys and the colon.   When the skin becomes inactive its pores become clogged and impurities remain in the body. This includes parabens and petro-chemicals from everyday Continue reading »

  • Support tools for the Spring hormone detox

    Have you registered for the Spring Hormone Detox?  You won’t regret it. We begin at the new moon  on Sunday  February 26th.  This gives me time to offer you a few ideas and support tools. Like most things in life the more you put in to anything the more you gain!  So, whilst the detox Continue reading »

  • FREE Spring Hormone Detox begins February 26th

    FREE Spring Hormone Detox begins Sunday February 26th. Can you join me? This 4 week Spring hormone detox is different! Using moon energy, the 5 elements, seasonal foods and traditional natural remedies my FREE on-line hormone detox is perfect if you are looking for a step by step approach to regulating hormone health. Who benefits from Continue reading »

  • Winter Ritual

    Winter Ritual for the full moon, winter Solstice and New Years Eve  Full moons,  Solstices and the end of a calendar year indicate cyclic completion of cycles.  This month I offer you are winter ritual and meditation which can be used by all the family.  It is particularly suitable for the full moon ( very early Continue reading »

  • Winter Special Offer

    Don’t miss out on this Winter Special Offer! Traditionally, the winter season is a time to rest and go inwards although most people seem to want to detox after Christmas. My winter special offer  has integrated the two – calm Christmas hormones, gently detox from excess and enjoy silence to rejuvenate and rest. Detox in Continue reading »

  • Christmas hormones?

    Does Christmas play havoc with your hormones? Hormonal imbalances are caused by a combination of factors   LIFESTYLE INCLUDING DIET, MEDICAL HISTORY, GENETICS, STRESS, EXPOSURE TO ENVIRONMENTAL TOXINS, AGE and CHRISTMAS. Well, we are in December and it’s officially the festive season – the time for burning the candle at both ends, stressing about money, Continue reading »

  • seasonal recipes

    Seasonal recipes to support your hormones As you know I love to cook and being a naturopath and nutritional therapist I consciously connect my work with the seasons.  As we are now in the party season  and actively trying to avoid “Christmas hormones” today I offer a selection of  easy to prepare recipes to support Continue reading »

  • Traditional autumn remedies

    When I sat down to write this I decided that I  would consider traditional autumn remedies from a slightly different perspective, in line with my autumn special.  First of all, I love the autumn colours – the many shades of green, browns, golds, oranges and yellows. It is such a vibrant time of year but also a Continue reading »

  • Autumn Special

    My Autumn special has been synchronised with the schools as they return after the long summer holiday. Autumn is one of my favourite times of the year. I love the abundance of the harvest, the autumn sun, changing winds and beautiful autumn colours. I am always amazed and totally in awe of nature as it Continue reading »