• Health Tip No 4

    OK – so far we have implemented great health strategies – skin brushing, drinking a glass of lemon juice in hot water daily and being grateful.  So this week lets consider exercise! Naturopathic exercise means being active  – our bodies function more effectively and efficiently when we move!  Here are some ideas: 1) Walking – 10,000 steps per day.  Buy a Continue reading »

  • Hormone balancing recipes for early summer

    4 Hormone balancing recipes for early summer.   Continuing the theme from my last  blog when I  introduced  May’s focus to  remain hormone happy;  this article  introduces you to 4 hormone balancing recipes for early summer.  As you may remember my last article discussed  the use of herbs for vagisteams and herbal teas so this Continue reading »

  • Summer juice cleanse begins soon!

    Summer juice cleanse begins soon.  Can you join me?    Summer juice cleanse – June 20th 2019 7 days incorporating a fully led 3 day juice fast Only £125 With the warmth of the sun we focus on the kidneys. This AMAZING 7 day Summer solstice juice fastIncludes 3 DAYS preparing your body  BEFORE a Continue reading »

  • Balancing hormones using herbs

    Balancing hormones using herbs During 2019 I am helping you build a healthy hormone happy diet and lifestyle using a series of videos which I provide FREE at each new moon.  Why the new moon? Because the moon cycles and a new moon represents new beginnings. This month I am helping you balance hormones  using Continue reading »

  • Release menopause meltdowns with meditation

    Release menopause meltdowns with meditation.  I often discuss womb health and the menopause  but today I am introducing 5  easy to incorporate meditation exercises to support  menopause symptoms.  “Honestly, it is possible to reduce menopause meltdowns with meditation and mindfulness.  Even better, meditation is simple to learn and free.  You can do it anywhere!” Justine Can Continue reading »

  • Castor oil and hormone balance

    Hormonally Challenged? Whilst we are all different (I recommend everyone is assessed individually) I have found many women’s health conditions benefit from castor oil packs.   When these are used appropriately this traditional form of natural medicine supports symptoms  multi- dimensionally.     Did you know castor oil is considered to bring white light into Continue reading »

  • Building a healthy lifestyle

    Building a healthy lifestyle Hello, Justine here.  At the beginning of this year I decided to offer a FREE month by month approach to “building a healthy lifestyle” using my Creation Fertility guidance cards.  Each new moon (which represents the beginning of a new cycle) I provide a short video introducing 2-4 healthy lifestyle tools Continue reading »

  • Reboot your hormones!

    Are you ready to reboot your hormones? It’s time to bring the spring back into your step.  Cleanse, detoxify and reboot your hormones  This simple “reboot your hormones” 21 days Spring liver cleanse helps you re-connect with nature re-gain hormone balance gently cleanse   prepare for pregnancy cleanse or  support recovery from miscarriage or failed assisted Continue reading »

  • Home remedies to boost immunity

    Home remedies to boost immunity Over the Christmas break I heard of so many people suffering with either the ‘flu or an upset stomach.  It seems that nobody is prepared for illness these days – we just don’t have time!  In truth illness is your body’s way of telling you to STOP, TAKE TIME AND Continue reading »

  • Fancy a warming winter detox?

    Do you fancy a warming winter detox?  Whilst walking the dog the other day I  was pondering on a seasonal special  and thought – yes, time for a warming winter detox. Christmas silliness is upon us and the weather has definitely become “chilly”. So, alongside my alchemical seasonal offer I invite you to this special  Continue reading »

  • It’s alchemy season

    It’s alchemy season!  During late Autumn the evenings draw in whilst winter offers an opportunity for gentle nurturing,  a time for reflection and a space to be.  Since everything is a reflection of our minds  this season my special offer helps you connect with alchemy,  moon energy,  follow the  seasons cycle of  “letting go”,  connect Continue reading »