• Health Tip No 4

    OK – so far we have implemented great health strategies – skin brushing, drinking a glass of lemon juice in hot water daily and being grateful.  So this week lets consider exercise! Naturopathic exercise means being active  – our bodies function more effectively and efficiently when we move!  Here are some ideas: 1) Walking – 10,000 steps per day.  Buy a Continue reading »

  • Covid 19 and natural support

    Covid 19 and natural support March 24th Spring Equinox and new moon guidance using  Creation Fertility Toolkit So – it appears we are in the thick of the Covid-19 virus and it is a time for self care and  immune support.  The coronavirus seems set to cause fear and disruption in our lives – our key Continue reading »

  • 5 natural remedies for fibroids, endo and womb health

    5 natural remedies for fibroids, endo and womb health. A few years ago I discussed womb health and menstruation irregularities on facebook.  The intention, as always, was to support reproductive health using natural remedies  and nutritional therapy.  You can watch the video below (it is about an hour) or simply read more below! So – Continue reading »

  • Reboot your hormones with a cleanse

    Are you ready to reboot your hormones with a cleanse? It’s time to bring the spring back into your step.  Cleanse, detoxify and reboot your hormones  This simple “reboot your hormones” 21 days Spring liver cleanse helps re-connect with nature re-gain hormone balance gently cleanse   prepare for pregnancy cleanse or  support recovery from miscarriage or Continue reading »

  • Ever heard of Divine codes?

    Ever heard of Divine Codes? Read on – this is really interesting if you have a “spiritual side”.  I have been blessed to run 2 Divine codes workshops at  Awaken the Goddess festival . The 1st was during 2018 and I have recently run another one this month – January (workshop notes here Divine Codes – Continue reading »

  • Winter ritual

    Winter ritual for the full moon, winter Solstice and New Years Eve.  Manifesting new beginnings!  Full moons,  Solstices and the end of a calendar year indicate cyclic completion of cycles.  This month I offer you are winter ritual and meditation which can be used by all the family.  It is particularly suitable for the full Continue reading »

  • Mindful Eating

    The Importance of Mindful Eating As a Registered naturopath and nutritional therapist the first place I start with improving my clients’ health is with nutrition. Correct dietary intake is essential to maintain health and so is the body’s ability to absorb nutrients. Anyone can opt to take supplements but if your digestive system is unable Continue reading »

  • Tracking your cycle

    As explained within my video this month we are focusing on tracking your cycle with a difference! If you already follow me you know that new moons are an excellent time for setting intentions for the month ahead or even for a season.  Today, November 26th 2019 I have pulled 2 #fertilityinspiration cards  for us Continue reading »

  • Reiki Attunements 2020

    Reiki Attunements 2020 with Justine Evans What is Reiki?  Reiki is an energy treatment not associated with any form of religion which treats  the whole body, mind and spirit. It is relaxing  and safe to use with any other conventional treatments.  Put simply, natural healing vibrations are transmitted through the hands of a Reiki practitioner Continue reading »

  • Autumn intentions

    Autumn Intentions Yes it’s time to set autumn intentions with the September 28th new moon. Here’s my video if you don’t have much time (it’s only 11 minutes) otherwise keep reading! Our autumn intentions are really simple – we are focusing on  THE most important aspect of our lives –which  is  harder  to  do than Continue reading »

  • Can bees help hormones?

    Can bees help hormones?  September fertility and lifestyle with Justine Evans ND As the new moon cycle  seasonally turns on 30th August  2019 we are linking with BEE  products/wisdom to support  immunity and hormone balance. As I will be flying to Ibiza during this new moon I have drawn the cards early (card 42. Fertility Superfoods Continue reading »