• Health Tip No 4

    OK – so far we have implemented great health strategies – skin brushing, drinking a glass of lemon juice in hot water daily and being grateful.  So this week lets consider exercise! Naturopathic exercise means being active  – our bodies function more effectively and efficiently when we move!  Here are some ideas: 1) Walking – 10,000 steps per day.  Buy a Continue reading »

  • Fancy a warming winter detox?

    Do you fancy a warming winter detox?  Whilst walking the dog the other day I  was pondering on a seasonal special  and thought – yes, time for a warming winter detox. Christmas silliness is upon us and the weather has definitely become “chilly”. So, alongside my alchemical seasonal offer I invite you to this special  Continue reading »

  • It’s alchemy season

    It’s alchemy season!  During late Autumn the evenings draw in whilst winter offers an opportunity for gentle nurturing,  a time for reflection and a space to be.  Since everything is a reflection of our minds  this season my special offer helps you connect with alchemy,  moon energy,  follow the  seasons cycle of  “letting go”,  connect Continue reading »

  • Let’s eat

    Let’s eat well during the autumn season.  There are some tasty healing seasonal vegetables and fruits to ease your digestive health,  maintain healthy gut ecology and support your hormone health.  Beetroot, mint, parsley, nettle, artichoke, dandelion, fennel, garlic, celery, apples, pears and leafy greens such as kale are all available. Today I am sharing a few Continue reading »

  • Menopause (peri) stressing you?

    Menopause (peri) stressing you?   “ My internal thermostat is on the blink. A prickly sensation of heat begins from my heart  centre  and sometimes the  back of my neck.  Oh no – it is another flush and “glow”.  What’s happening to me? I am either hot or anxious.  What can I do?”  Does this sound familiar?   Continue reading »

  • Equinox Cleanse

    Equinox Cleanse:  Join me for a  mind/body approach to a 10 day  Equinox cleanse !  September 24th – October 3rd 2018  £150.  contact@justineevans.co.uk to secure your place!   Between the Autumn Equinox  (Sunday September 23rd) and Samhain ( October 31st /halloween)  my  last  seasonal cleanse  this year focuses on the spleen and colon  meridians to support  emotional wellbeing, Continue reading »

  • Ever heard of Divine codes?

    Ever heard of Divine Codes? Yup, I know what you’re thinking but read on – this is really interesting if you have a “spiritual side”.  Today’s musings come about after my workshop on this subject at the Awaken the Goddess festival on Saturday July 28th 2018.   I was so touched and happy to meet so Continue reading »

  • Join me for a Summer Solstice Cleanse

    Join me for a Summer Solstice Cleanse   JUNE 21st – JUNE 30th   It’s time to get summer body ready! 10 day  Summer solstice cleanse June 21st – June 30th 2018 We begin by gently  preparing  your body for 7 days using fresh  seasonal healing foods and smoothies  to gently  release toxins and detoxify * Now your body is ready we Continue reading »

  • Release menopause meltdowns with meditation

    Release menopause meltdowns with meditation.  Over the last couple of weeks I have been discussing womb health and the menopause. As promised, I am continuing this theme with introducing 5 meditation exercises to support menopause symptoms.  “Honestly, it is possible to reduce menopause meltdowns with meditation and mindfulness.  Even better, meditation is simple to learn and Continue reading »

  • Let’s talk about womb health

    Let’s talk about womb health. Last month I discussed womb health and menstruation on my FB live video.   The intention, as always, is to help you learn natural health remedies to support your hormone balance.  You can watch the video by  visiting my FB page and also read some  of the information I shared during Continue reading »

  • 21 day Spring Cleanse begins March 19th

    21 day Spring Cleanse  March 19th  –  only £100   Join me for this Spring seasonal health programme.  Bring the spring back into your step.  Cleanse, detoxify and rebalance Suitable for most* the  21 day hormone cleanse  helps you re-connect with nature and Spring energy to  re-gain hormone balance and gently cleanse.  Great for anyone who feels Spring arriving Continue reading »