Health Tip No 6 – Start Sprouting at Home!

Freshly sprouted  pulses, grains and seeds are highly nutritious. They are literally germinated seeds that are bursting with energy and flavour. In fact pound for pound they are more nutritious than any other food. They are ...

Health Tip No 5 – Juicing For Health

So what’s so special about juicing for health and why do I recommend it? My philosophy is based on maintaining health through natural foods and a healthy lifestyle. I consider juicing a natural, simple and ...

Health Tip No 4

OK - so far we have implemented great health strategies - skin brushing, drinking a glass of lemon juice in hot water daily and being grateful.  So this week lets consider exercise! Naturopathic exercise means being active  - our ...

Health Tip No 3

Welcome back to my easy to incorporate health tips.  Each week I offer an additional health tip for you to incorpoate into your life.  To recap week 1was dry skin brushing, week 2- drinking lemon and ...

New Mp3 meditations

A selection of  Mp3 visualisations and meditations have be uploaded under "meditation on line".  They are FREE! click here!  

Health Tip No 2

Appreciating that changes are often difficult to implement I have decided to offer a health tip weekly to encourage you to make simple changes in your life to support well being. Dry skin brushing was health tip ...

Special Offer – Far Infrared Lymphatic Massage

Click here for this great new treatment @ The Conscious Health Centre Special Offer March 2013

Naturopathy for Dogs

I thought I would share my protocol towards animal health - specifically for dogs suffering with arthritis. Our gorgeous dog, Sausage has been with us for about 6/7 years, a rescue from Battersea Dogs Home. ...

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