Nepal Earthquake Natural Disaster

Nepal Earthquake Natural Disaster

I do find life amazing and totally weird!  I have been very busy within my clinic and also developing some amazing products recently but when the Nepalese Disaster struck it had a significant impact on me – talk about a reality check! A series of synchronicities have occurred to ensure that I would not be allowed to forget this terrible tragedy.

Firstly, I have been working with Debbie from New Forest Aromatics, this year who have produced my wonderful Creation Essence.  Debbie has just returned from Nepal and  I know she has been affected by this tragedy.  In fact if you wish to help please donate here  Nepal Earthquake Appeal.

Secondly a friend who is a yoga teacher text me last night asking if I would be interested in leading a channelled meditation if she organised a charity yoga event.  As soon as I received the text my spiritual guide Melchizadeck connected and confirmed support.  Amanda  of Amanda Wilkes Yoga has now organised this event – more details at the bottom of this page. It will be held at Twickenham Heart

Thirdly, today I  attended my Thursday morning yoga class. Nothing special here but as soon as we began practice Clare, my yoga teacher reminded us all that she had been to Nepal 8 weeks ago and had also been deeply affected by the Earthquake disaster.  Even before she had reminded us of this I had been drawn to work with my Creation Essence.  I had some in my bag as I was due to treat a client for labour reflexology straight after class.  In truth the Essence has been developed to support hormonal balance and new beginnings but I felt the anointing process was important today and would help me set my intention.  Just before class I had anointed myself with the intention of dedicating my practice to Nepal and sending it healing light.  This was obviously meant to be because throughout my yoga practice this morning I  connected with Lord Melchizadech who was sending his Rainbow Light to Nepal throughout the practice.  Once home I began meditation and  have recorded the channelling that I received from him today.


Chanting Meditation

Reiki2In the meantime my final chanting meditation group practice for this year is  Sunday May 10th @ Heart Twickenham 10 am – 11 am. £10 on the door.  We will be dedicating the meditation practice to Nepal and our chant will be Om Gam Gunapatay Namah – related to Lord Ganesh who we call upon to help clear all obstacles and hurdles from our paths.  This chant was decided before the Earthquake Disaster but is evidently most appropriate.  I will also be connecting with Lord Melchizadeck, offering a channelling and inviting the group to send some Rainbow Light to the disaster zones.   If you wish to attend please arrive by 9.50 am on Sunday May 10th.

Nepal Earthquake Yoga and Meditation Event


The programme for the evening includes a  slow, juicy Vinyasa Flow suitable for all abilities with Amanda Wilkes, I will lead a guided channeling meditation to send love, light and support to those affected and Sonya Kanchan-Lal will finish the evening with a delicious gong bath.  There will be time for chai and chat afterwards!

Space is limited at Heart Twickenham and it’s filling up fast, so to secure your space please make a donation through the Just Giving page with a SUGGESTED donation of £20.  I know lots of you have probably already donated money elsewhere so if this isn’t feasible for you then please just give as much as you can afford.  Amanda will confirm your attendance and final details.

Amanda’s friend Kishori will be at the event to tell us about the relief effort from the Nepalese community here in London and we would love you to bring ONE of the following life saving items with you, if you can afford to do so:

Medicine, Tents , Sleeping bags, Blankets, Water proof clothing, Women’s sanitary products , Water purifying tablets, Medicine, Face masks, Surgical gloves .  These items will be sent via cargo to Nepal in the coming weeks and will go straight to those who need it.

If you have any questions please do get in touch. Please feel free to share this with anyone you think might be interested in attending and/or donating money or life saving supplies. Thank you.

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With blessings and an abundance of Rainbow Light.