Menopause (peri) stressing you?

Menopause (peri) stressing you? 

 “ My internal thermostat is on the blink. A prickly sensation of heat begins from my heart  centre  and sometimes the  back of my neck.  Oh no – it is another flush and “glow”.  What’s happening to me? I am either hot or anxious.  What can I do?”  Does this sound familiar?


The peri-menopause is the period  before the onset of the menopause.  This period can last for up to 10 years and is often marked by various physical signs.    Whilst the list below is not  definitive  I hear about these the most in clinic.

  • Hot flashes – anytime/all the time/sometimes/especially at night. 75% of  (peri) menopause women suffer with  this  symptom. The hypothalamus senses and controls body temperature. As oestrogen levels fall the hypothalamus reacts and  causes a response designed to cool the body down.
  • Anxiety/irritability/depression/inability to make a decision
  • Unable to cope with stress
  • Dental and gum decay and inflammation
  • Weight gain  – especially around the middle
  • Vaginal dryness and/or painful sex
  • Low libido/reduced libido/where has my libido gone?
  • Confidence crisis
  • Insomnia and sleep disturbances
  • Overwhelming fatigue
  • Bladder infections/urinary incontinence and urgency
  • Needing a pee in the middle of the night
  • Womb prolapse
  • Random mood swings
  • Reduced strength/painful or stiff joints/back pain and osteoporosis
  • Poor memory/concentration and lack of focus
  • Itching/dry/thinning or tingling skin
  • Breast engorgement/ cysts/enlargement/reduction or pain
  • Dizziness/migraines and regular headaches
  • Heart palpitation/high blood pressure
  • Menstrual changes/shorter/longer/heavier/less/irregular/random/not at all
  • Rapid ageing
  • Chronic health concerns/thyroid/cardiovascular/diabetes/stroke/varicose veins
  • Acne rosacae
  • Lacking motivation and enjoyment for life
  • Hair thinning or loss on the head but more on the body.  Changes in colour and texture of hair
First there’s perimenopause: That’s the few years before menopause when those bothersome symptoms like hot flashes, night sweats and the urgent need to go to the bathroom begin.
Levels of FSH rise during perimenopause as the ovaries fail, presumably as the body tries (and fails) to stimulate more estrogen production.

The average age for the “menopause” in the UK is 52.  The definition of the menopause is “the ceasing of menstruation”.

The NHS class “post menopause” as 2 years without mensturation if over 50 and 3 years without menstruation if under 50 years old.

Does it feel as if an alien has invaded your body?

Is it  taking control of both mind and body with hormonal surges and plunges?   Do you feel as if Western society has  placed you in “dusty bin”?  Your  worthwhile and amazing life experiences which have defined you and provided wisdom and knowledge presently seem to be  ignored.   Why are you  obsessing about your  ageing  and vitality?  Where is this weight gain coming from?   Are you embracing  major life changes  –   aren’t the children off to university? Or are you experiencing  redundancy,  divorce or break up, house move or caring for your parents? This period of your life  can bring with it a strong complex  mix.  Whilst some women take everything in their stride others become super sensitive, needy, anxious and unable to cope with the pressure that it brings. How are you dealing with it?

Don’t worry – this is an amazing time of your life.  You are becoming a Wise Teenager!

So, what’s happening?

Hormones, hormones, hormones!    As the endocrine system re-boots  a period of  surges and drops in hormones occur.  These imbalances can tip your emotions and physical body.  The three intercommunicating  regions of the body (HPA axis)  that’s the hypothalamus in the brain, the pituitary gland and the adrenals all  respond  and release the ‘stress hormone’ cortisol to cope with the perceived “internal or environmental stress” .  This rush of cortisol  can make you wound up and anxious. It’s a vicious cycle the more wound up you become, the more cortisol is released, and so on.  This is where  I can help!

Be honest with yourself.  Are  you allowing menopause symptoms to take you over?

My role is to support hormone health conditions – I often blog about  hormone dis-harmony and the menopause.  Let me show you  how to embrace this amazing time of your life.  Here are links to some of my articles

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Over the next few weeks  I will be sharing meditation techniques, on line courses and naturopathic self-help tools to support some of the main symptoms.   In June I will be running a Summer Juice cleanse and September  an on line Menopause support course – more information available soon

 If you can’t wait or prefer  a bespoke programme then call me now to arrange for a Hormone MOT and nutrition and lifestyle programme!  Skype and clinic consultations are both available.  Email me or call me now on 07747 133170

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