Love Your Womb Workshop

Love Your Womb Workshop 

Wednesday June 17th 2015  7.00 to 9pm £20 in Twickenham

Love Your Womb

Love Your Womb

Calling All Women!

However you feel about this area of your body – love, hate or feel indifferent tonight Justine Evans and Amada Wilkes help you re-connect and honour your womb!

preparing for pregnancy, trying to conceive, recovering from a failed assisted conception or miscarriage, have fertility or sub-fertility issues, been diagnosed  with fibroids, polyps, cysts, endometriosis or any other women’s womb  health issues, travelling through the peri-menopause, post menopause, lacking sexual enjoyment, or just had a baby this workshop works for every woman!

The evening begins with Justine explaining womb health and a nutrition natter.  Learn how to identify womb health issues and support this sacred area using nutritional therapy, yoga, meditation and practical naturopathic support – using  functional testing to assess it’s health and  natural remedies including how castor oil packs can support the womb and when they are useful.

We then move into movement and experience the Miscrocosmic Orbit Breathing Exercise before  connecting with the sacral chakra (the area of reproduction and creativity) and your Womb Goddess through Anointing Using Creation Essence, breathing in this amazing aromatherapy essence for women and experiencing a Womb Goddess visualisation.

Finally Amanda Wilkes of Amanda Wilkes Yoga  provides a deliciously gentle but flowing vinyasa yoga sequence to support and tone the womb and uterus.

We end the evening with a period of relaxation/meditation and chai.     £20.00

Limited spaces! More information can be found at Love Your Womb Workshop Facebook Page or click LoveYourWomb for the PayPal link

07747 133170 or email me to book your place! All tickets must be bought prior to the evening!


The event is at Heart Twickenham a wonderful yoga centre in the Heart of Twickenham.  The address is First Floor,  67a Holly Road,  Twickenham TW1 4HF (opposite the entrance to Holly Road Car Park).  Yoga mats are provided!