Let’s Talk About Fertility

Let’s Talk About Fertility! April 22nd Wednesday Evening @ Twickenham Heart 67a Holly Road, Twickenham

Let's Talk About Fertility

Let’s Talk About Fertility

Are You Preparing for Pregnancy?

Trying to Conceive?

Suffering with Recurrent Miscarriage?

Preparing for Assisted Conception?

Suffering with Unexplained Infertility?

Has Your Partner a Low Sperm Count or Menstrual Irregularities such as PCOS, Endometriosis, Fibroids, Cysts?

If this resonates with you  then please come along to Justine Evans ND FREE talk – Let’s Talk About Fertility on Wednesday 22nd April @ 7.30 pm.  Tonight Justine Evans ND, Hormone Alchemist and founder of Creation Fertility  covers the Importance of Preparing for Pregnancy at Heart Twickenham http://www.heart-twickenham.co.uk/.   The  evening includes:

The Importance of Preparing  Your Body for Conception – how this supports a healthy conception, pregnancy and healthy child

Why your liver is so important to Fertile Health – it’s impact on hormonal health,  detoxification and storage of nutrients

Fertility Diets,  Plans and Food Supplements – the essential foods needed to increase your fertile health – the best supplements and super natural foods to help you conceive a child. How nutrition plays a part with assisted conception procedures

Conception Awareness – how to identify when you are likely to conceive.  OPK (ovulation prediction kits), the use of thermometers and ovulation tracking and why apps don’t always work

The Role of Complementary Therapies and Meditation – how these support conception, reduce prolactin and support stress reduction and a positive mindset.  The best form of meditation during the 2 week wait! How complementary therapies – specifically fertility massage and reflexology and Reiki can support conception and assisted conception procedures

The Use of Bio-Regulatory,  Energy Essences  Creation Fertility Guidance Cards – the “alternatives” and how they can support your fertility journey.

If time we will also discuss forms of fertility testing including assisted conception and exploratory tests

Seats are limited – so please call 07747 133170 or email Justine Evans ND on contact@justineevans.co.uk to reserve your FREE place today

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