Invitation to Women’s Restorative Workshop October 16th

Invitation to Women’s Restorative Workshop – Friday 16th October 12 -3pm in Cobham, Surrey

Restorative Women’s Workshop combining Naturopathy with Yoga

Women's Restorative Workshop with Justine Evans and Ruth McNeil

Women’s Restorative Workshop Friday October 16th 2015

Friday October 16th 2015  12 – 3 pm  £35 @ Yoga Sp8ce, Cobham

After the hectic high energy of the Summer months the Autumn heralds a shift in energy as the days begin to shorten and the year turns through its cycle once more.  This Women’s Restorative Workshop invites you to connect with the Feminine Self.  This is a day to promote RELEASE and NURTURE. Let’s set an intention for transformation and investigate what Autumn represents and how we can work with the season  – working with Nature and also Energetically  to support immunity and detoxification.  Enjoy a few hours of restorative yoga, naturopathic nutrition support,  mindful movement practice, visualisation and meditation in the beautiful surroundings of an idyllic yoga eco lodge in Cobham, Surrey.  During the workshop Justine explains how the Autumn Season is linked with our Feminine Self.   She  demonstrates reflexology techniques to support well being whilst Ruth McNeil guides you through a yoga sequence.  

Breathe deeply, gather energy within, prepare for transformation and enjoy time for YOU

  • Meditate: Connect with the Self and  the Earth Mothers.  Setting  personal  intention  using Creation Essence – an alchemical blend of essential oils for hormone health
  • Appreciate Nature:  How to eat seasonally. Justine introduces the philosophy associated with  Autumn  period –  cleansing foods to support detoxification and build immunity 
  • Enjoy a restorative Yoga Sequence and Mindful Movement with Ruth McNeil (75 mins)
  • Therapeutic Reflexology: Justine shows you how to massage your feet and identify which areas represent the lungs and digestion  from a physical and Eastern philosophical viewpoint  
  • Enjoy a period of  Release and Self Healing  using  Intention and Divine Light  – connecting with the sacral chakra and heart centre,  lungs and digestion, it is time to let go and fill the physical and emotional  body with positivity and  transformational energy.
  • End – In time to collect the children from school, please collect a fresh complimentary  juice when you leave – choose from immune support or  colon clearing 


 Places are limited so please email Ruth to reserve your ticket.   It is only £35.00!

About Ruth 

Ruth is an experienced BWY accredited teacher and in addition has completed the Yin and Restorative Yoga training with Simon Low. She teaches vinyasa flow and restorative yoga in Surrey and Central London and is passionate about sharing these joy-filled practices with you.  

About YogaSp8ce

YogaSp8ce, is an Eco pod built by Blue Forest set in rural Surrey woodland, on private land overlooking a lake, fitting 28 mats and students comfortably. It is a Sp8ce where like-minded Yogis and Yoginis can come to share their passion for yoga, and grow spiritually and mentally… For a community to come together and build a yoga family.

Justine Evans ND is a Hormone Alchemist and Fertility Expert. Her expertise lies in her multi-dimensional approach to women’s health.  In tune with yogic and Eastern philosophy she connects life with Natural Cycles and Seasons,  blending Western Science with Traditional Healing Methods and Esoteric  Alchemy. Justine runs a private Women’s Natural Health Clinic in Twickenham, Richmond, Surrey  and collaborates with yoga teachers to provide balanced and interesting Women’s Health Workshops. For more information on Justine please look at her websites: and or call her on 07747 133170

  • CAM professional,  Naturopath and Nutritional Therapist since 1997. A Registered Naturopath (ND) (2013) with a BSc. in Nutritional Medicine (2009).
  • Complementary Health Therapist,  Reiki Master/Teacher, Intuitive Channel and Meditation Teacher
  • Facilitator at Women’s Health Workshops
  • Author